We live in a corrupted system. The way to tackle corruption is to first acknowledge it exists. Only then is it possible to come up with ways of dealing with it, but don't make the mistake of believing the system can or will uncorrupt itself.


Here you’ll find articles and information relating to things, events and people, current and historical that are affecting us all now and possibly shaping our futures.

UK Government Ending More Lives

COVID-19, Government

On the 12th November 2021 the UK Government published a contract on their website titled “The Supply of ITU Medicines and End of Life Care Medicines for Covid-19 Preparedness”.As it states in the “contract opportunity”:The Authority seeks to top up the Stockpile holdings of Midazolam 50mg/10ml vial (EOL) and Noradrenaline 8mg/8ml for infs Amp (ITU) […]

Behavioural Insights Team Net Zero Report – Published in Error

Climate, Propaganda

On the 19th October 2021 the UK Government published a report from the Behavioural Insights Team. Very soon after that it was removed as according to the Government website, it was “published in error”. Not that the report was erroneous, just that it was an error that it was published. The title of the report […]

And Another One…

COVID-19, Propaganda

The Daily Mail published this article titled “New Botswana variant with 32 ‘horrific’ mutations is the most evolved Covid strain EVER and could be ‘worse than Delta’ — as expert says it may have emerged in an HIV patient” yesterday, the 24th November.Note the “could be worse than Delta” and “may have emerged…”, typical weasel-words […]

Whistleblowers Report on Problems with Pfizer Trials

COVID-19, Pharma

A peer-reviewed (for those that care about such things) article on the British Medical Journal website (PDF mirror) published on the 2nd November titled “Covid-19: Researcher blows the whistle on data integrity issues in Pfizer’s vaccine trial” has revealed some shocking yet unsurprising failures during the Pfizer trials for their so-called COVID-19 “vaccinations” that will […]

The Plan To Push mRNA


We can often theorise about intentions. Sometimes there seems to be at the very least circumstantial evidence to support those theories. That evidence might come in the form of a person or group that has a stated goal, then engineering the means to achieve that goal, and the goal then being achieved. There are numerous […]

Freedom of Information… and Midazolam

COVID-19, Government

A Freedom of Information request into the Office for National Statistics (ONS) asking about yearly death rates per year in the U.K since 1990 up until the end of December 2020 was responded to with a table of data available here.The data there is presented below, with “Crude Mortality Rate (per 100,000 population)” for the […]

COVID Madness AKA Athletes Dropping Like Flies


So we’ve seen how scientists are “mystified” at how unaffected Africa has been from COVID-19 despite less than 6% of it’s population having the injections, and we’ve also seen how the medical establishment is baffled at the rise in cardiac issues in previously healthy young people.We have seen young, healthy athletes collapse including many professionals, […]

Symptomless Variant… Really?

COVID-19, Propaganda

On the 18th November 2021 the Wales Online media outlet published an article titled:“Delta Plus ‘symptomless’ variant driving Covid back to January levels”Never mind the utter absurdity of the idea of a “symptomless” illness, this is obviously a push for vaccines for kids. The article quotes Christl Donnelly, professor of statistical epidemiology from the reliable […]

The African Mystery…


Today, the 20th November 2021 the NZ Herald published an article titled:Africa avoids Covid disaster – scientists are mystified and waryWhy are they mystified? Well the article explains…But there is something “mysterious” going on in Africa that is puzzling scientists, said Wafaa El-Sadr, chair of global health at Columbia University. “Africa doesn’t have the vaccines […]

Pfizer adding Tromethamine to Injections for 5-11 year olds

COVID-19, Pharma

Pfizer are continuing their march through the population, injecting younger and younger groups as was expected by anyone who understands how predatory, merciless corporate vultures like Big Pharma work.There was a committee meeting and a document was produced and published on the FDA website dated 26th October 2021 titled “FDA Briefing Document – EUA amendment […]

Facts Win… Or Do They?


An article published (PDF) on the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health website on the 14th September 2021 titled “Why are we vaccinating children against COVID-19?” should be the final nail in the coffin of the COVID/vaccine narrative being pushed the world over by globalists, Governments and billionaires.I say “should be”, because […]

Another Bank Caught Rigging the Game


Reported by Reuters (so it must be true) on the 20th November 2021, JPMorgan Chase & Co have agreed to settle a class-action lawsuit worth $60,000,000 for “spoofing” in the precious metals futures and options markets. Spoofing in this instance is where traders place orders they intend to cancel in order to manipulate market prices […]

It Had To Happen…


The Independent on 8th November 2021 reported that…Canadian becomes world’s first patient to be diagnosed as suffering from ‘climate change’Yes, you read that correctly. The article goes on…A Canadian facing breathing issues was diagnosed as possibly the first patient in the world suffering from “climate change,” as doctors said heatwaves and poor air quality were […]

Long COVID – Is It Mostly Imaginary?


One of the most overhyped aspects of the fake pandemic has been “Long COVID”. Even if you are able to get people to accept that mild respiratory aliments that occur more in the winter than summer have been something humanity has dealt with for millennia, and this one is no different, “ah but what about […]

BBC Booster Propaganda

COVID-19, Government, Pharma

As we now watch the media and Government grapple with the dual task of convincing the “unvaccinated” to have the COVID injections because they’re so effective, and simultaneously convince the already double-jabbed to have a booster (the first of many we can safely assume) because their jabs now don’t work after mere months, the BBC […]

Are mRNA Injections Gene Therapy?

COVID-19, Propaganda

One thing people like to claim about the COVID-19 injections is that they are “vaccines”, and they don’t alter you or change DNA. They claim this because they are either ignorant, or because they are trying to disingenuously imply or state that these injections are just like any other so-called vaccines and there is no […]

Marburg Virus, The Next Scary Thing™

Eugenics, Globalism

So naturally even before they have finished with the current fictional pandemic they are preparing the next one. According to the GAVI Alliance (Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation) the next pandemic is going to happen. They have thoughtfully provided a scary list of the candidates they have selected, with the reminder that “We already had […]

UK MP Complains About Google Censorship

Government, Tech

British Conservative Party MP David Davis was upset the other day as a speech he’d made at the Conservative Party conference against domestic vaccine passports was censored from YouTube as Google claimed he’d been spreading “medical misinformation”.Reported on the 17th October 2021 by a Conservative website, David Davis had written about his experience of being “deliberately silenced”. […]

WHO Behavioural Insights and Sciences for Health Report

COVID-19, Propaganda

On the 15th October 2020, so over a year ago, the Behavioural Insights and Sciences for Health technical advisory group of the World Health Organisation had a meeting and published a report on the outcome of the discussion that revolved around three questions. The report is titled “BEHAVIOURAL CONSIDERATIONS FOR ACCEPTANCE AND UPTAKE OF COVID-19 […]

“We’re not going to be reporting on that”

COVID-19, Propaganda

Yesterday the 28th October 2021 an Australian news website reported that “Victorian officials refuse to release vaccination status of virus deaths”.The article explains that:The Victorian health department has refused to release the vaccination status on the 25 coronavirus fatalities. The spike in new deaths were reported on Thursday, which was the highest number of daily […]

AstraZeneca Cures Death

COVID-19, Pharma, Propaganda

Doing the rounds today the 11th October 2021 is the big news that AstraZeneca have solved a problem that has troubled humanity for quite some time, that being death.Reported by pretty much every media outlet going, and in almost word for word breathless excitement is the “New antibody treatment that ‘both prevents and treats COVID-19′” […]

Scotland Yard Protects “Prince” Andrew


Yesterday the 10th October 2021 the Daily Mail reported that the Met Police in the UK have dropped their investigation into the accusations by Virginia Roberts regarding being sex-trafficked into London by Andrew’s good friend, Jeffery Epstein, the convicted paedophile famous for not killing himself by suicide on the 10th August 2019.As the Mail article […]

666 Problems and a Virus Ain’t One

COVID-19, Government, Tech

Whether you or I believe in an actual Devil, or the significance of the number 666 i.e. the Biblical “Number of the Beast” is much less important than understanding that there are hugely influential, powerful and rich people who do, or at least regularly use the symbology and numerology associated with it.Some relatively recent examples […]

More Fearmongering From the Cult of AI


Yesterday, 29th September 2021 the Times deluged Twitter with a sequence of tweets about Mo Gawdat, someone who they refer to as a “former Google supremo” (whatever that is), and a “Silicon Valley supergeek who believes we face an apocalyptic threat from AI”.The work of Kurt Gödel and also Alan Turing has proven the “AI” […]