We live in a corrupted system. The way to tackle corruption is to first acknowledge it exists. Only then is it possible to come up with ways of dealing with it, but don't make the mistake of believing the system can or will uncorrupt itself.

The “Untact” Society

On the 10th December 2021 the Guardian published an article titled “South Korea cuts human interaction in push to build ‘untact’ society”. In this uncharacteristically neutral-sounding article from the Guardian they describe this new society with human interaction carved away and replaced with unstaffed shops, robots ordering people about and lonely old people being kept company by an “AI speaker”. The main motivations? Well it’s “to increase economic efficiency” and the Guardian who normally rages against the machine of “capitalism” and the relentless drive for economic growth no matter what seem to have, for this article, suspended all their usual biases and ideological slants and reported “just the facts”. Interesting.

Some of those facts reported were that despite the economic success so far of this refactoring of society in this Untact New World, there are still “concerns over feelings of loneliness and social fragmentation”, but not to worry as there are plans to spend over £25 million “to research a digital treatment platform for depression, a project kickstarted as a result of not having human contact due to the pandemic”. Yes that’s right. One of the largest harms caused by the scam that has been perpetrated over the last two years, that being the mental abuse of billions of people via lockdowns, forced isolation, mandated mask wearing etc. is to be cured by more isolation where your future interactions specifically to assist you with the trauma and damage caused by keeping people apart, is a digital system where you will not actually interact physically with people.

If that seems utterly perverse to you, then good because it should. Just the same as the claim by a spokesperson from SK Telecom, the company producing these AI speakers to keep lonely old people company, that “These technologies are not replacing humans. It’s about coexisting with humans.” is utterly insane. They are literally replacing human company with machines and telling you it’s not replacing humans.

Unsurprisingly the Seoul Government is creating a “Metaverse” for it’s citizens to “interact with digital representations of people and objects – and avatars of public officials will resolve complaints”.

With companies as powerful and influential as Microsoft, Facebook etc. also going down this “Metaverse” route, where they are reshaping society to live and exist within a digital world, replacing all physical human social interactions with “avatars” and a virtual reality, this is exactly where many Governments will want to take things. Some are further down the road than others due to often centuries of cultural shaping and conditioning by their respective Governments. Others will take a bit longer where freedom and humanity is held in slightly higher esteem. That is being relentlessly chipped away at though by the usual suspects, mostly under the guise of Public Health right now. But things like Climate Change™ and artificially engineered shortages, including that of people will all be brought to bear on the push for “transformation”.

As always, we can say no to this. No matter how “powerful” these companies, Governments and individuals appear to be, there is a tiny amount of them compared to the rest of us. No in enough numbers and this all stops.