We live in a corrupted system. The way to tackle corruption is to first acknowledge it exists. Only then is it possible to come up with ways of dealing with it, but don't make the mistake of believing the system can or will uncorrupt itself.

It’s Anything But The Jabs

As the media scrambles to obscure the huge uptick in heart-related issues and deaths, especially high profile and otherwise unexpected ones like the huge number of professional athletes collapsing and some even dying, it seems their desperation knows no bounds.

Here is a collage of media articles that are all attempting to blame or direct attention towards highly unlikely (and that is being generous with some of them) causes…

From the semi-reasonable “stress and poor diet”, through the slightly mundane and less likely “cold weather” to the absurd “climate change” and “physical activity” all being touted as reasons for increased heart attacks you can see the desperation on show.

Of course we know that stress and poor diet can cause heart problems and indeed many other health issues. This is why the Government’s deliberate terrifying of the public for almost two years straight, along with banning people from going outdoors and incentivising people to get their “jabs” with bribes of cheap and unhealthy fast food shows you they never cared about Public Health.

Attributing an uptick in heart attacks over an extended period of time to “cold weather” is completely stupid, especially when Climate Change™ previously known as Global Warming™ is also allegedly to blame.

Nobody is claiming it is ALL the injections, and that they are the ONLY cause. They are the main difference between 2021 and every other year previously that have the medical potential to affect people adversely, and should be properly and independently investigated instead of brushed aside or normalised. It should be recognised that the Government’s interventions including the withdrawal of care, fearmongering and gaslighting of the public with the explicitly stated goal of increasing the levels of perceived personal threat will 100% be a part of the massive decline in health, and the rise in major health problems. The fact that this is not headline news and demands for accountability being made of the people who have led this campaign of fear from the start tells you we cannot rely on the establishment to police itself.

To any logical thinking person this is so self-evident is seems astonishing it ever requires stating, but for the majority it seems, this isn’t even on their radar let alone something they are demanding with any real intent. That is because the campaign of fear is still very much ongoing and we’re at a point now where the stuff coming from Government is so ridiculous they appear to be trolling the nation. When you see news items like this…


…you know the Government has no actual science to offer, and no legitimate evidence or reason. They are wheeling out the likes of Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury and World Economic Forum mouthpiece to lecture us “that getting a COVID-19 vaccine and booster dose are a moral issue” and nothing to do with our right to choose not to take an ineffective and potentially dangerous injection, we need to join the Holy Church of Covid because…

“To love one another as Jesus said, get vaccinated, get boosted.”

Justin Welby – https://uk.news.yahoo.com/top-church-england-cleric-getting-150007696.html

They, like every tyrannical regime in history be it that a religion-based tyranny or a secular tyranny, want you to stop asking questions and just believe. Believe and Get Boosted Now.

It has long been said that the belief in Authority dressed up as Government and Science is simply a new religion for those who think they are too smart for religion. Now we are seeing the overt proselytising and outward signs that this is just another attempt to utilise neo-religious fanaticism and the dismissal of reality to get people to obey.

Sure there is an obvious financial motive for the likes of Bill Gates, Pfizer et all, but there is more to this than simply making a few extra bucks. To think this is just about money is to miss the bigger picture and to forget why Central Bank fiat money exists in the first place.