We live in a corrupted system. The way to tackle corruption is to first acknowledge it exists. Only then is it possible to come up with ways of dealing with it, but don't make the mistake of believing the system can or will uncorrupt itself.

Whistleblowers Report on Problems with Pfizer Trials

A peer-reviewed (for those that care about such things) article on the British Medical Journal website (PDF mirror) published on the 2nd November titled “Covid-19: Researcher blows the whistle on data integrity issues in Pfizer’s vaccine trial” has revealed some shocking yet unsurprising failures during the Pfizer trials for their so-called COVID-19 “vaccinations” that will have compromised trial data. That data of course was presented to the FDA and probably other regulatory bodies around the world, and led to the approval for emergency use pretty much everywhere.

This report is well worth a read, and to give you an idea of why here is a quote from it:

A regional director who was employed at the research organisation Ventavia Research Group has told The BMJ that the company falsified data, unblinded patients, employed inadequately trained vaccinators, and was slow to follow up on adverse events reported in Pfizer’s pivotal phase III trial. Staff who conducted quality control checks were overwhelmed by the volume of problems they were finding. After repeatedly notifying Ventavia of these problems, the regional director, Brook Jackson, emailed a complaint to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Ventavia fired her later the same day. Jackson has provided The BMJ with dozens of internal company documents, photos, audio recordings, and emails.


Ventavia calls itself the largest privately owned clinical research company in Texas and is a company used by Pfizer to carry out trials on Pfizer’s COVID-19 injections. They have a history of substantiated complaints about the way they manage clinical trials, and unsurprisingly the FDA is said to be “under-resourced” when it comes to oversight of clinical trials and the companies that perform them.

You would think that this particular set of trials, considering this is not some niche medication for a rare disease but something intended to be given to every person on Earth multiple times it would have been stringently managed to the highest standards and the FDA would be there every step of the way ensuring all the proper standards were adhered to. Well, you would if you naively believed these companies and regulatory bodies actually cared about anything other than getting mRNA into everyone and making billions of dollars.

According to this whistleblower, and others, there have been issues with…

  • Participants placed in a hallway after injection and not being monitored by clinical staff
  • Lack of timely follow-up of patients who experienced adverse events
  • Protocol deviations not being reported
  • Vaccines not being stored at proper temperatures
  • Mislabelled laboratory specimens, and
  • Targeting of Ventavia staff for reporting these types of problems.

There were also reports of symptomatically ill people not tested. I wonder which group they would have been in, jabbed group or placebo group, what do you think?

Since these issues were reported to the FDA, who did nothing and the person who reported them got fired, Pfizer has used Ventavia for other trials including COVID-19 injections for children and young adults, pregnant women, and a booster dose, as well an RSV vaccine trial.

These “clinical trials” are just for show, they are unscientific, failing to keep to almost every standard, unblinding participants which leaves it open to the placebo effect and as we already know, manipulating statistics with so-called “relative risk reduction” figures that bear little or no resemblance to real-world figures to overstate efficacy.

But none of this should come as a surprise when you know just how much money is at stake. Billions upon billions of dollars as it gets “approved” for younger and younger age groups, and boosters and more boosters are pushed on the public who are still falling for this scam.