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Pfizer… And The Money Keeps Rolling In

In a completely unsurprising turn of events, the CEO of Pfizer Albert Bourla has declared that “a fourth jab may be needed a year after a third injection”, but that “the emergence of Omicron may mean people require a total of four injections faster”.

On the 9th December 2021 the Daily Mail published an article titled “Pfizer’s boss says FOURTH Covid jab will be needed next winter but warns Omicron’s spread could see top-up vaccine required SOONER than 12 months after third dose”.

Bourla is quoted as having said “I think we will need the fourth dose. I’ve said that multiple times.” to CNBC. In that interview with CNBC Bourla says when asked about whether Pfizer will need to produce an Omicron-specific product or if the current boosters will work…

The data that we received are data that we got from what we call pseudovirus, so this is not the real virus. It is a virus that we have constructed in our labs and it is identical with the Omicron virus. This is a very well-known study and the first data that are coming up from this. We are working to produce, also will produce the same results with the real virus and that will come in maybe a week or two and those typically are more accurate because those studies are, those essays are more sensitive.

Albert Bourla – https://www.cnbc.com/2021/12/08/cnbc-transcript-pfizer-chairman-and-ceo-albert-bourla-speaks-with-cnbcs-squawk-box-today.html

A “pseudovirus” eh? Constructed in their labs? Why not use the “real virus” if each and every person is a walking virus factory even when they’re not ill? Or why bother with the “real virus” if the “pseudovirus” is “identical”? Is any of this making sense? “You’re not a virologist so you don’t understand” would be the retort of the Science Cultists, but that is obviously an ad hominem and does not explain this nonsense. Bourla then continues…

The ultimate proof is coming from real world data. We need to see where people that they have received the three doses, people who have received the two doses, if we have enough breakthrough cases, the severity of the cases, etc., etc. And that will come again I think by the end of the month, so by the end of the month we’ll enough data to say if Omicron the solution will be just a third dose and they won’t monitor to see when the third dose wains or not or if we need to go to specific against Omicron variant vaccine.

Albert Bourla talking about the global experiment that is happening

Is this sounding like one gigantic experiment, where Pfizer are using the “real world” data to monitor efficacy data to then decide on whether to “go to specific against Omicron variant vaccine”? Clearly monitoring “real world data” is important, especially on adverse reactions which is being completely ignored by Pfizer et al, along with the media and Governments who just refuse to even go there, but we were all told that the Pfizer jabs were 95% effective, get your two shots and we’re “back to normal”. Obviously anyone who trusted that was conned by criminals who are the recipients of the largest fines in history and the salespeople for them, i.e. media and Governments.

Albert is then asked about the situation on “boosters” and “updates” for people and how effective all this will be. His response contains so much Science it hurts…

The best way to see it is the virus is the enemy if we want to protect ourselves, should build that wall. The first dose builds a wall but it is not very high. The second dose builds a wall on top of the first that’s really high and now and it was very good for other variants. Now it looks like the Omicron has the ability to jump over this wall. The third dose takes the wall very high and should stop, expect to stop the Omicron. So people that they have two doses, they should get the third one. But if they have two doses it’s very likely that you are better protected than if they don’t have any or if they have only one because there are different elements of immune responses that the vaccine is creating like the memory cells and those cells recognize a spike in Omicron that it is almost 80% identical so they should give protection, against severe disease protection.

Albert Bourla talking so much of the Science

Here is why these analogies of Alberts about ever increasing wall heights and “memory cells” that recognise the “spike in Omicron” is not just a very smart man putting complex science into “layman’s terms”. There is literally no data or scientific proof that supports these statements. None whatsoever. The claims about efficacy are not supported by actual “real world data”, and neither are the safety claims, most of which are hidden for the next 55 years. The only thing backed up by empirical data are the financial gains made by Pfizer and how this was all discussed between Pfizer’s Investor Relations guys and international finance houses and banks, including the move to annual “boosters” or better.

Going back to the Daily Mail article referenced at the start, they have a big colourful graph showing a “25 fold” drop in COVID antibody levels against “variants” including Omicron. The absurdity that a product could so spectacularly fail at providing the one thing it was claimed to, and this be just accepted by the media and public is almost unfathomable. But to then have the CEO of the company who produced this enormous failure blame the people who never took it, and then demand, with the full support of the media and Governments, that you should to have another injection, or maybe two… maybe next winter or maybe sooner which will net them billions more in profits is not surprising to anyone who knows Pfizer’s history, or understands what’s going on, but it is startling to see the passivity with which this naked fraud is accepted.

The Daily Mail has a bunch of other graphs and stuff, presumably to give the illusion that there is science and evidence to support this scam, and wouldn’t you know it…

Pfizer announced results yesterday based on a laboratory study using the blood of 20 people, who were either double-jabbed three weeks earlier or triple-jabbed one month earlier with its vaccine, which Britain is using for its booster programme.

The results showed the third dose may provide a ‘more robust protection’, triggering a 25-fold jump in antibody levels.


No links of course to the results or this Pfizer lab study, but what a fortunate coincidence that having seen the “antibody levels drop 25-fold against Omicron” graph in the Daily Mail article, the third dose “may provide” a “25-fold jump in antibody levels”. Gosh, how lucky are we? The exact drop in COVID antibody levels against Omicron is made up precisely by a third injection from Pfizer.

This is utter nonsense and continues to be the biggest wealth transfer in history, along with all the other aspects of the global takeover this is part of. Surely even just the financial side of this scam is obvious by now?