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Molnupiravir, Just In Time For Omicron/Xmas

Sky News reported on the 5th December 2021 that a new “game changing” drug the UK NHS is about to roll out called Molnupiravir. The hyperventilating headline screeches “COVID-19: NHS planning to roll out ‘game-changing’ coronavirus pill – and it could happen ‘before Christmas'” and with almost child-like excitement the article states:

Health Secretary Sajid Javid is reportedly preparing to announce the start of a national pilot of the drug, which Britain became the first country to approve last month.


It sounds like this “game changing” wonder-pill called Molnupiravir is new then, right? Only approved last month, this must be cutting edge stuff. Well actually no, it’s not new. After watching the media attempt to discredit cheap and well established medications like Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin with arguments like those medications are not made to deal with COVID-19 and any suggestion that they could have multiple uses, or that doctors have had some success in using them to treat people affected by what we’re told is COVID-19 was misinformation, it turns out that Molnupiravir was first created back in 2014 by Drug Innovation Ventures at Emory, a drug innovation company based at Emory University in Atlanta in the US. It was first intended to “target” Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus. Yes, that’s allegedly a horse virus. The irony that the main slur used to discredit Ivermectin was that it is a “horse de-wormer” is off the charts. Then it was altered to become what is now known as Molnupiravir and it was claimed to be effective against the usual suspects… “influenza, Ebola, chikungunya, and various coronaviruses” as stated on Wikipedia.

Molnupiravir is listed as a “prodrug”, the same as Remdesivir. A “prodrug” is described on Wikipedia as:

…a medication or compound that, after administration, is metabolized (i.e., converted within the body) into a pharmacologically active drug.


Remdesivir is another drug that was initially claimed to treat Hepatitis C, turned out to be ineffective and has been touted as the cure for every subsequent high profile “virus” like Ebola and Marburg Virus, and naturally was then repurposed for “COVID-19” treatment. The problem with Remdesivir as a “treatment” for COVID-19 is that the list of “common side effects” as listed on Wikipedia is:

  • respiratory failure
  • blood biomarkers of organ impairment
  • low albumin
  • low potassium
  • low count of red blood cells
  • low count of thrombocytes
  • elevated bilirubin (jaundice)
  • gastrointestinal distress
  • elevated transaminase levels in the blood (liver enzymes)
  • infusion site reactions
  • electrocardiogram abnormalities
  • low blood pressure
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • sweating
  • shivering

If any of those sound familiar to you, that’s because you’ve been hearing of most of those symptoms for almost two years now, along with a host of others as being caused by COVID-19. The idea you’d treat a respiratory disease with a drug that has “respiratory failure” listed at number one on its “common side effects” list is obviously absurd.

This didn’t stop it getting used on people including in the UK and elsewhere. The MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) supported it’s use as you can see from the following links:





It was then kind of unrecommended by the WHO according to the Wikipedia entry just in time for the COVID injections to be launched. No surprise there. The company that owns Remdesivir is called Gilead Sciences, and is no stranger to controversy and inter-governmental connections. Politician and Government official Donald Rumsfeld (twice US Secretary of Defence, three-term Congressman, Council on Foreign Relations member) was a board member and in 1997 was appointed as Chairman of Gilead Sciences. He was also previously president and CEO of G.D. Searle, LLC which in 2003 became a wholly owned subsidiary of Pfizer. Isn’t it a small world.

It should be no surprise that as Gilead Sciences had made a loss in 2003, something happened in 2004 that changed everything for them. As stated on Wikipedia…

In 2004, during the Avian Flu pandemic scare, Gilead Sciences’ revenue from Tamiflu almost quadrupled to $44.6m as more than 60 national governments stockpiled the antiviral drug, though the firm had made a loss in 2003 before concern about the flu started. As stocks soared, US Defense Secretary and Pentagon chief Donald Rumsfeld sold shares of the company, receiving more than $5 million in capital gains, while still maintaining up to $25m-worth of shares by the end of the year. Sales of Tamiflu almost quadrupled again in 2005, to $161.6m, during which time the share price tripled. A 2005 report showed that, in all, Rumsfeld owned shares worth up to $95.9m, from which he got an income of up to $13m. Rumsfeld profiting from his investments in Gilead during a pandemic scare while in office sparked controversy, with many mainstream news outlets reporting his investments as a conflict of interest, particularly after the Pentagon ordered $58m worth of Tamiflu for US troops in July 2005. On October 27, 2005, Rumsfeld recused himself from any official decision making about the drug; the New York Times reported, “Mr. Rumsfeld will remain involved in matters related to the Pentagon response to an outbreak, so long as none affect Gilead.”


Note the words “Avian Flu pandemic scare”. This is because there was no pandemic, it was entirely Government and media hype which just happened to massively benefit Gilead Sciences who’d made a loss the year before, and of course Rumsfeld himself. The corruption and conflicts of interest were so blatant that Rumsfeld was forced to make a show of distancing himself.

We’re looking at this to show just how corrupt and connected all this stuff is, and has been for a very long time. The COVID-19 scam pandemic is a tried and tested wealth transfer, the difference this time is the consolidation of the media and tech world that controls the flow of information is way more advanced than it was in 2004, so it has been much easier for the orchestrators of this to keep the majority of the public deluged in disinformation, propaganda and outright lies.

Remdesivir is a gene therapy, although the “therapy” aspect is clearly highly debatable. The fact that it is a drug that operates at the genetic level, described on Wikipedia as:

a prodrug that intended to allow intracellular delivery of GS-441524 monophosphate and subsequent biotransformation into GS-441524 triphosphate, a ribonucleotide analogue inhibitor of viral RNA polymerase.


…where RNA polymerase is part of the process our DNA is transcribed and “is essential to life, and is found in all living organisms and many viruses” according to Wikipedia, which is a noteworthy delineation between “living” and “viruses”.

Remdesivir is intended to inhibit the process of RNA polymerase, which is “essential to life”. Of course we’re supposed to believe this is targeted and only affects the “virus”, but the list of “common side effects” suggests the targeting is woefully inadequate, if it exists at all.

Back to Molnupiravir. It was abandoned by it’s original creators because of “mutagenicity concerns”, then acquired by Ridgeback Biotherapeutics who have received millions of dollars from federal agencies including the NIH and are now partnered with Merck. According to Wikipedia in March 2020, the research team pivoted to studying SARS-CoV-2. Another massive surprise there. Just like with Remdesivir, the team behind Molnupiravir saw an opportunity right near the start of the scam pandemic (and possibly before) to take a useless and potentially harmful drug that has been worse than ineffective for everything they previously touted it as a treatment for, and “pivoted” to COVID-19 as a way of selling their junk.

Looking at Molnupiravir on Wikipedia and going through the citations that allegedly back up all the statements in the article, the single citation that is a reference to a clinical trial not coming directly from the manufacturers titled “Efficacy and Safety of Molnupiravir (MK-4482) in Non-Hospitalized Adult Participants With COVID-19” leads to a “Forbidden” error page. How convenient.

Beware of this “game changing” genetic and mutagenic drug. One suspects it will be pushed hard, especially in the direction of those “anti-vaxxers” as it’s just a pill. The reality is people saying no to the COVID injections are just as likely to say no to this drug, for the same reasons. Safety concerns, efficacy concerns, long-term data absence etc.

Hold the line everyone. We can beat this.