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A Present For Albert

Another total non-surprise…

Albert Bourla of Pfizer is the CNN Business CEO of the Year

In a year of crippling uncertainty for small and medium sized businesses, the amazing business skills of Albert Bourla have enabled Pfizer to navigate the perilous path of… sorry I can’t keep that up any longer.

CNN announced on the 25th December that Pfizer’s top man is their Business CEO of the Year, which given that Pfizer’s share price has ballooned as Governments all over the world steal from their populations and line Pfizer’s already very full pockets should be a shock to no-one.

In this puff-piece that spends half it’s time fawning over Pfizer and Bourla, the other half is making claims about parents begging for an mRNA injection for their infant children and babies and assuring the audience that Pfizer are doing their very best to deliver.

Albert “understands the frustration of parents who are fully vaccinated but cannot get their youngest kids protected” and wants the world to know, shareholders mainly, that Pfizer are “working very intensively on that”, as if there was any chance of them not.

Pfizer shareholders will also be pleased to hear that there is the “possibility” that “Pfizer will need to launch a new vaccine to specifically target Omicron or any other future variants”, possibly by March 2022. Possibly.

CNN also reported that Bourla acknowledged there are “cynics” that think Pfizer might just be looking to make as much money as possible. Cynics, can you imagine that? The idea that a multi-billion dollar corporation fined multiple times for illegal business activity that revolved around making more money could possibly be milking this jackpot… how cynical.

“After all” concedes CNN, Pfizer have announced they expect to make $36,000,000,000 in profit this year. It would be perhaps naïve to completely dismiss the possibility a company might want to keep the gold-rush going as long as possible. The benevolent Bourla explains that they are charging poorer countries less than wealthier countries, so clearly this is just a simple case of helping humanity and the idea there could be a financial motivation is just pure cynicism. Right-ho Albert.

As our potential cynicism is completely disarmed by the assurances of King Pfizer, he does “stress that the vaccine is safe and that the only way for life to return to normal is for people to get the shots”. So no veiled threats there at all, this is just a humanitarian effort from a company bordering on charity, that just happens to be making enough money in a single year to produce the top 75 most expensive (costs adjusted for inflation, list here) films of all time twice over and have billions in change.

In case we were unaware, CNN points out that Pfizer do way more than just COVID injections. As this is a business report we see the use of pharmaceutical business terminology when describing some of their upcoming products. The word “blockbuster” seems to be an industry term bandied around in pharmaceutical circles, especially when getting excited about something often just bought in that looks like being a big seller in the near future. The discussion in this article about Pfizer’s top investment managers and Barclays Bank’s biopharma analyst discussing Vyndaqel is an example of this, and it is used in this article too. On this topic we see in the CNN article that:

Pfizer announced plans for a nearly $7 billion deal earlier in December to acquire Arena Pharmaceuticals (ARNA), a company developing drugs to treat immuno-inflammatory diseases. The acquisition came just one month after Pfizer completed a more than $2 billion purchase of cancer drug maker Trillium Therapeutics.


Interesting to see the direction Pfizer sees it’s acquisitions needing to head in to “remain successful”. After the year they’ve had, with Governments pushing their mRNA injections that by definition (i.e. the mechanism by which they are intended to work) create auto-immune conditions, and well documented side effects of various inflammations including myocarditis and pericarditis amongst others, they bought an entire company for $7 billion that focuses on “immuno-inflammatory diseases”. This is presumably because just like they saw the effects of their COVID injections as a chance to boost their marketing of Vyndaqel as it was just recently approved to treat a broader set of heart inflammation diseases, the surge in auto-immune conditions and general inflammatory issues likely to also come as a result of billions of doses of mRNA injections creates the perfect marketing conditions to again, sell the public the alleged treatments for the very ailments they created.

Hardly a new trick, and most certainly immoral on every level, but this is Big Business and such things are to be rewarded in the sociopathic circles these types of people move in.