We live in a corrupted system. The way to tackle corruption is to first acknowledge it exists. Only then is it possible to come up with ways of dealing with it, but don't make the mistake of believing the system can or will uncorrupt itself.


Here you’ll find articles and information relating to things, events and people, current and historical that are affecting us all now and possibly shaping our futures.

Prescient Preparedness Plans

Eugenics, Health, Pharma

When will humanity learn? We should always listen to billionaire eugenicists and their respective “foundations” and “non-profit” organisations when they make such incredible predictions that just by pure coincidence happen to align precisely with their global initiatives and the solutions they had all geared up to use but were lacking the appropriate problem to solve.They’ve […]

The Ukraine Show Continues

Corruption, Globalism, War

Considering this is supposed to be the hottest war in the world, and as far as the media and politics is concerned, the only hot war in the world, tourism for high ranking politicians from all four corners of the earth appears to be focused on Kyiv/Kiev as they flock to the capital of Ukraine […]

The Hepatitis Coincidence, and the “Science” of Virology

Government, Health, Pharma

The World Health Organisation (WHO) announced on the 15th April 2022 in a “Disease Outbreak News Item” titled “Acute hepatitis of unknown aetiology – the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland” that…On 5 April 2022, WHO was notified of 10 cases of severe acute hepatitis of unknown aetiology in children under the age […]

The Russia vs Ukraine Thing – Part 2

Banking, Government, Tech, War

Continuing our look at some of the less well-reported aspects of the Russia vs Ukraine conflict and motivations.As the Ukrainian celebrity president Volodymyr Zelenskyy continues his virtual world tour of Parliaments to rapturous applause and standing ovations as you can see described in this bizarre publication on Yahoo News where the headline is almost as […]

Masks – Not Stating The Obvious

Health, Propaganda

On the 6th April 2022 the Guardian published an article titled:“Microplastics found deep in lungs of living people for first time”In this article it is reported that:Microplastic pollution has been discovered lodged deep in the lungs of living people for the first time. The particles were found in almost all the samples analysed.…and:Samples were taken […]

The Art of Misdirection

COVID-19, Government, Tech

As the situation evolves with the Ukraine/Russia charade and many people’s attention is on that or elsewhere, like getting back to “normal”, we are witnessing one of the greatest distraction efforts ever conducted. The headline “war”, complete with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson popping over to war-torn Kiev for a “suprise ;)” visit is going […]

COVID-19: The Most Inclusive Illness

COVID-19, Government, Propaganda

Not only is COVID-19 the most contagious disease ever despite millions of people not getting it, including the mysterious cases of one household member “testing positive” and the others not, it is one of the most inclusive. It has embraced all kinds of people, including those not actually ill. By means of this inclusive process […]

COVID Stupidity Continues

COVID-19, Propaganda

If you’re fed up with WW3 already there’s no need to fret, as the media’s coverage of the COVIDS truly is the gift that keeps on giving.On the 25th March 2022 a website called “Interesting Engineering” published an article titled “A hidden immune feature may have spared unvaccinated people from COVID-19 infections”.Yes, the innate immune […]

The Russia vs Ukraine Thing – Part 1

Corruption, Government, War

So while most of the world collectively “Stands With Ukraine” without understanding the slightest thing about what or who they might be supporting, it turns out there is some interesting stuff coming out now about some biological labs in Ukraine that are potentially connected to the Pentagon.Please note, this article, it’s author and this entire […]

More Evidence For COVID-19 Vaccine Effectiveness

Corruption, COVID-19, War

Rochelle P. Walensky is the Director of the CDC, the CDC that has been directly involved with pushing PCR tests that don’t work to diagnose “COVID-19”, discrediting off-patent, safe and effective medicines that work for respiratory illnesses that were/are diagnosed as “COVID-19” and pushing an experimental genetic medical product only given emergency use authorisation with […]

British Doctors Are The Best


According to Blick.ch, the Swiss news portal in an article published on the 26th February 2022, the headline reads:Politicians claim: Putin has gone “crazy”https://www-blick-ch.translate.goog/ausland/hat-long-covid-damit-zu-tun-politiker-behaupten-putin-ist-verrueckt-geworden-id17272237.html?_x_tr_sl=de&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en-US&_x_tr_pto=wappIn this hilarious article the assertion is that Putin is crazy because… are you ready for it?British doctors are now certain: his behavior is related to Long CovidWho knew that “Long Covid” […]

Fact-Checker Ammo


There is a document doing the rounds, part of the data release from Pfizer’s trial data the FDA was reluctant to release. It is titled “5.3.6 Cumulative Analysis of Post-authorization Adverse Event Reports” and there is a 9 page section at the end that is getting some attention (mirror).The section in question is “APPENDIX 1. […]

Upcoming Cyber-Pandemic?

Globalism, Propaganda, Tech

With the escalation of things in Ukraine and global politics, resulting in more sanctions being placed on Russia, the warnings about retaliatory cyber-attacks by Russia on US banks are also part of the narrative. On 28th February 2022 the Reuters website published an article titled “U.S. banks prepare for cyber attacks after latest Russia sanctions”. […]

MHRA – Not Fit For Purpose

Corruption, Government, Pharma

The UK Government Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) is the regulatory body that is supposed to assess drugs for their safety and effectiveness before they are marketed and inflicted on the general public. We have shown previously how the MHRA is funded which means they cannot possibly be objective and free from conflicts […]

mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines – Are They Bio-Weapons?

COVID-19, Pharma

Big question. It should be noted that it is a separate question from “are they deliberately created bio-weapons?”. Intent can be difficult to prove in a court of law, and I am not attempting to prove intent here but I will provide some potential indicators. We can all make up our own minds based on […]

The Weaponisation Of The Term “Anti-Vaxxer”

COVID-19, Government, Propaganda

We have seen this term used as an insult. It is used as a synonym for “Anti-Science” and has been for a very long time. Ironically the public that end up believing what an “anti-vaxxer” is are usually just that, believers. The whole “Trust The Science” or “Trust The Experts” or “Only Listen To Authoritative […]

Facebook/Meta Manager of Community Development – Paedophile


A group called Predator Catchers Indianapolis caught Jeren A. Miles “allegedly” soliciting sex from a 13 year old boy. This is not being very widely reported, and as of today 21st February 2022 it only appears on the Independent website behind a subscription wall. Nothing on the BBC after searching for “Jeren Miles”. You might […]

We Need More Censorship

COVID-19, Government

As time goes by and the evidence mounts up that the COVID scam is just that, and the “vaccines” are not just ineffective as far as protecting people but actively harmful, naturally instead of Governments and public health “experts” admitting they were wrong, we just get more censorship.On the 17th February 2022 on Yahoo News […]

Everything Causes Heart Attacks… Except The Jabs

COVID-19, Propaganda

As the public watches athletes collapse regularly from cardiac arrests and heart attacks, the normalisation of the demolition of people’s health continues. Every excuse you can think of, and some you really wouldn’t have, is being promulgated by the Government public health officials and the media.On the 12th December 2021 the Express published an article […]

Theory – The Game of Two Hemispheres


This article is another that just contains a theory.I am not able to present concrete evidence to 100% prove any of this right now, but I am sharing this theory in case it either resonates with anyone else out there, or if anyone does have evidence that could contribute to either confirming or refuting this […]

The New Pandemic Era – Mostly Asymptomatic


If I didn’t know better I would have to wonder how editors of major news outlets reconcile the headlines of their articles with the content.This article in the Telegraph from the 10th February 2022 headlined “Deadly haemorrhagic Lassa fever with ‘pandemic potential’ identified in UK” sounds almost as alarming as it could get. There is […]

Patent Corruption: SARS-CoV 1 and 2

Corruption, COVID-19, Pharma

The alleged purpose of patents is to give its owner the legal right to exclude others from making, using, or selling an invention for a limited period of time in exchange for publishing an enabling disclosure of the invention, according to Wikipedia.The idea is that by inventing something you are bringing something of benefit, either physical or intellectual to […]

More Mysterious Health Issues


Comedy is a subjective thing as Jimmy Carr is currently finding out, and this article is not about whether anyone calling themselves a “comedian” is actually funny or not. It is about the gigantic rise in high-profile people just randomly collapsing.Someone who calls themselves a “comedian” is Heather McDonald. It was reported on the 6th […]

GoFundMe Taking Corrupt Orders From Police

Corruption, Government

If you’re a viewer or reader of exclusively mainstream media, you may not know about the truckers convoy and occupation in Canada, or what you may know is that it’s reported to be violent, and people are threatening (cue dramatic music) an “insurrection”.If that is the image you have of the Canadian truckers convoy protest […]