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Monkeypox, Shingles and Bill Gates

Already during the short time the latest predicted/planned “outbreak” of what we’re told is “Monkeypox” has been at play, the media have wasted no time in publishing articles that contain conflicting information to further confuse and traumatise an already abused general public. The articles usually contain horrific imagery and are phrased to make it unclear whether anyone should be worried or not, despite headlines declaring that “this is what you need to know” or words to that effect.

One such article was published by The Health Site on the 17th May 2022 titled “Rare Monkeypox Cases Reported from US, First Time In Nearly 20 Years: All You Need To Know About It”.


So this “potentially serious viral illness is characterized by”… drum roll please… mostly the exact same symptoms of “the flu” and “the common cold”, just like “COVID-19”, the major difference highlighted by that image is the severe blisters. You’d think that perhaps that would be the symptom that “characterized” Monkeypox, not all the other symptoms that are associated with almost every other illness that exists, but then again these articles are not there to inform. They are there to confuse, frighten and manipulate.

In (not) completely unrelated news, the Australian Queensland Public Health website has a section titled “What is shingles? (with pictures)”. This page was apparently last updated on the 8th August 2021…


Shingles, as described by this official Australian Government website, causes a “blistering rash”, and is more likely to occur in people have a “weakened immune system”. Hmmm. What does that blistering rash look like again?


Ah yes, that was it. It looks kind of familiar though, right? It looks a bit like the image of Monkeypox in the first article we looked at…


In fact, it’s the exact same image just cropped slightly differently. At least one of these MUST be wrong, but as yet I’ve not seen the “fact-checker” industry swoop in and accuse either the Australian Government or this Health website of medical misinformation. Now that some people have spotted this, expect some kind of damage control from them in the near future. Something about generic images not necessarily related to the content, or an “error”.

Now, here’s where it gets interesting. Governments and media reusing imagery from unrelated events or including crisis actors is hardly new. But we know that the COVID-19 injections billions of people have had are damaging their immune systems. This is evident from the data that all of a suddenly has become inconvenient and is now not reported on breathlessly by the media with hourly updates. Pfizer’s new Paxlovid treatment for COVID-19 that should not need to exist if their injections actually worked is also now being implicated in repeat “infections” of what people believe is COVID-19. We’ll look at that data in more detail in another article, but it’s all out there in the public domain, people just have to choose to look at it.

There is also the issue of Shingles, or Herpes Zoster as it is also known being a reported adverse reaction to the COVID-19 injections. Searching for Herpes Zoster on the U.S. VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) as a reported adverse event after receiving a COVID-19 “vaccine” shows the following as of today…

https://wonder.cdc.gov/controller/datarequest/D8 – Actual search results not linkable but parameters used were HERPES ZOSTER for the symptom and COVID-19 VACCINE as the vaccine type. All other parameters left blank.

As you can see, there has been 7,473 reports of Herpes Zoster AKA Shingles in the VAERS database related to COVID-19 “vaccines”. Yes of course it shows the caveat that a report to VAERS “does not mean that the … vaccine cause or contributed to the adverse event” and no-one is claiming all of them are. Almost seven and a half thousand is a significant number, and there is an under-reporting factor of at least 41 in the VAERS system for many reasons including:

  • Doctors don’t like to report averse reactions to vaccines as it makes them look bad for administering them.
  • Doctors don’t like to report adverse reactions to vaccines because their livelihoods often depend on income directly or indirectly tied to relationships with vaccine manufacturers.
  • Doctors don’t like to report adverse reactions to vaccines because they want to believe what they were taught in medical schools, i.e. that all vaccines are safe and effective.
  • Affected patients and their relatives often don’t report adverse reactions to vaccines because they are specifically told by doctors not to, for the reasons outlined above.
  • Affected patients and their relatives are often too traumatised and fighting for some kind of justice and/or help with the effects of the adverse reactions to vaccines to have the time/strength to do it, when coupled with the resistance due to the above reasons.
  • Doctors and affected patients alike often have no idea that some serious adverse reactions are related to the vaccine they just took (such as neurological impairment), so it isn’t even something that gets considered, such is the level of indoctrination of the medical profession and public alike that all vaccines are “safe and effective”.
  • Affected patients and their relatives often don’t report adverse reactions to vaccines because they have no idea there is a system to report them on, and the medical profession likes it that way.

That number, 41, is a best-case estimate, as depending on the actual reaction and how likely or unlikely it is to be even considered related in people’s minds directly impacts the likelihood (or not) of reporting it. There is a methodology approved by the CDC of all places, coupled with publicly available data from VAERS, and a paper published on a highly prestigious and well known medical journal, and using those resources it is possible to compute a lower estimate of the under-reporting factor (URF) as being 41. In other words, best case any number of adverse reactions needs to be multiplied by 41, but that could be as high as 100 for some adverse reactions.

You can of course use those resources and check this for yourself, you don’t need to take my word or anyone else’s word for it, and nor should you. The formula looks like this:

A = number of reported adverse events in VAERS database for a given medical product/vaccine.
B = 41 (the best case under-reporting factor)

Approximate actual number of events = A × B

Therefore 7,473 reported cases of Shingles after a COVID-19 injection × 41 = 306,393

Clearly it is likely that not all of those were caused by the “vaccine”, no-one is saying they are, but it is a significant number even before multiplying by the URF. If it turns out that damaged immune systems, coupled with a known side-effect of the COVID jabs, along with “flu-like symptoms” (which are also an indicator of compromised immune systems) completes the set for “Monkeypox”, where Health websites and the Australian Government are using the exact same images to show the “blistering rash”, are we seeing yet another orchestrated attempt to pass off COVID-19 injection injuries as a new outbreak requiring even more vaccinations for this new outbreak, continuing the never-ending cycle of injection > damage > claim of new pathogen to cover for the damage > injection?

Given all the evidence available now, and historically regarding the actions of pharmaceutical companies and their globalist friends in Government and international organisations, this cannot be considered outside the realms of possibility.

At this point there IS a degree of downplaying the Monkeypox thing, but that IS exactly what the media did back at the start of the fake pandemic. Countless media outlets and public health figures declared this “novel coronavirus” as being mild, way less of a threat than “the flu” etc. etc. although you’d be hard pressed to find a member of the COVID Cult that would recall it, or at least admit to recalling it. Now it is clear that the downplaying of it initially which was actually the correct thing to do, was to allow time to pass that would later be blamed for the rapacious spread of the deadly COVIDS all around the world, and the idea that everyone was caught with their pants down. Then the likes of Bill Gates could sit there in interview after interview with fawning media he pays to grovel at his feet for not heeding his warnings, and all the resulting tyranny that followed, culminating in the crack-dealer style COVID injection pushing that was the plan all along.

Bill Gates was widely reported as having warned recently about a Smallpox outbreak and the need for a WHO Pandemic Taskforce. In an article published by the Evening Standard on the 4th November 2021 he is quoted as saying:

I’m hoping in five years, I can write a book called, ‘We ARE ready for the next pandemic’, but it’ll take tens of billions in R&D – the US and the UK will be part of that.

Bill Gates – 4th November 2021 – https://www.standard.co.uk/news/uk/bill-gates-microsoft-smallpox-terror-attacks-policy-exchange-jeremy-hunt-b964271.html

He talks about “germ games” as if they are a new innovation of his, although they have actually been going on for years, including the recent one conducted by the Gates Foundation affiliated NTI back in March 2021 that played a “germ game” about an outbreak of “Monkeypox” in May 2022. Yes, you read that correctly.

The “fact-checkers” are already all over the “conspiracy theory” that Bill Gates predicted the Monkeypox “outbreak”, or that he is behind it. Whether anyone chooses to believe that Saint Bill is simply here on earth to improve the lives of humanity, or that he just might have some kind of connection to all this based on the preponderance of evidence regarding means, motive and opportunity, is a personal choice. We’re not conducting a court case here, but we are pointing out that all the usual aspects when a crime has been committed and justice is being sought are here in abundance, not just for Bill Gates but he is definitely part of it. The number of outright lies told, provably so that formed the entire justification for the last two years of egregious malfeasance and outright tyranny, and Gates was a central character for much of the public side of that.

As it happens on the 3rd of May 2022 Bill Gates published a book titled “How to Prevent the Next Pandemic”, so rather than wait the five years he is quoted as saying in the Standard article, he has put his name to a book at least (who knows if he actually wrote it or simply dictated the central themes to a ghostwriter), that is as dreadful as you might expect. With absolutely no citations, evidence or actual science employed whatsoever, Gates just dictates how he thinks things should work next time. Unsurprisingly it’s all about the WHO, a new multi-billion dollar global GERM taskforce and praising the most tyrannical Governments in the world while chiding those that were not quite so brutal over their handling of the COVIDS.

Is Bill Gates “behind the Monkeypox outbreak”? Who knows? What we do know is time after time he and his associated global biosecurity and vaccine salesforce cadre repeatedly make predictions that seem to come true and ALWAYS, absolutely ALWAYS work in their favour. Is he a visionary? Or is he a manipulative, scheming monopolist who will do anything and resort to any tactics to get his way?

Back in 1998 when the US Government pretended to care about monopolistic practices and “anti-competitive” behaviour in business, Microsoft felt the relatively sharp end of the DOJ’s tackling of Bill Gates and his company’s tactics in trying to wipe out the major competitors in the web browser market, mostly Netscape by leveraging their relationship with Apple and using clauses in contracts to prevent Microsoft’s customers supporting Netscape. There was also the issue of how Microsoft wanted to “wrest control” from Sun Microsystems of their write-once-run-anywhere language Java. Here are a few clips of Gates during a deposition that took hours, mostly due to his petulant, passive-aggressive stalling, feigning of ignorance of his own companies policies, and quibbling over the definitions of simple English words…


As tedious as Gates is, some of that deposition is comedy gold. You can hear the exasperation in David Boies’ voice as Gates refuses to concede even basic things. It speaks volumes about the kind of person Gates is.

Whether the US Government really intended to do anything about Microsoft or not, and I’m certainly not advocating for the use of Government force, this was one of the few times in Gates’ life he wasn’t talking to someone that either hung off his every word or worshipped the ground he walks on. He’s spent 99.9% of his life surrounded by people paid to agree with him, and give him the answers he wants. On the rare occasion that has not been the case, he reveals himself to be a snake, a dishonest, disingenuous conniving snake. People can call that “just business” if they like, but that kind of “business” has no place in anything related to people’s health or control over any aspect of their lives. Ultimately each person can choose to use Microsoft products or not, although their market dominance makes alternatives unviable in certain circumstances, but the hypocrisy of Bill Gates now leveraging Government intervention he so obviously disliked back in 1998 against the world to get experimental genetic medical products into everyone should not be lost on anyone.

Does anyone think he has changed? I have seen and heard people say he’s “mellowed” as he’s got older, and now he just wants to “give back”. The reality is he’s just got better at disguising his contempt, he’s followed the blueprint of using “philanthropy” to rescue your public reputation as a merciless monopolist and ruthless businessman and grab more control and money, set down by John D. Rockefeller who Bill Gates and his dad worshipped. He has more and more of the mainstream media in his pocket via “grants” made by his Foundation and has just used his colossal wealth accrued through morally repugnant business practices to purchase the veneer of Sainthood he now wears like a wolf wearing sheepskin.

Bill Gates cannot and should not be trusted, and neither should Foundations, NGOs, Governments, Corporations or the mainstream media. They are all connected, all exchanging favours and contracts and money. Governments have been the mainstream media’s biggest customer for quite some time now. Governments are the biggest customers of the likes of Big Pharma, Microsoft, Amazon and Google, and Governments are intricately involved with social media companies too. Foundations and NGOs set up and/or connected with big business donate to Governments and direct policy.

This gigantic self-serving Public-Private Partnership (PPP) is using the same image for Shingles and “Monkeypox”, and has, with uncanny foresight, predicted very specific germ-related events that consistently pave the way for the stated goals of the PPP as the only “solutions” proffered, but not the only ones available, further the agenda.

There is so much evidence of this to compile it all into a single article or book would take a very long time, but one final thing to consider for this article is the fact that in the UK, COVID-19 was “no longer considered” a high consequence infectious disease (HCID) on March 19th 2020 four days before the UK went into it’s first national lockdown. From the Government website…

As of 19 March 2020, COVID-19 is no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious disease (HCID) in the UK.


This doesn’t sound like it makes sense given that less than one week later the UK was locked down in a way that has never happened before and utter hysteria took over for the next two years. It begins to make sense when you read further down that page…

Definition of HCID

In the UK, a high consequence infectious disease (HCID) is defined according to the following criteria:

acute infectious disease
typically has a high case-fatality rate
may not have effective prophylaxis or treatment
often difficult to recognise and detect rapidly
ability to spread in the community and within healthcare settings
requires an enhanced individual, population and system response to ensure it is managed effectively, efficiently and safely

Here’s the reason why it needed to be “no longer considered” a HCID. If it was a HCID and therefore there was no immediate “effective prophylaxis or treatment”, they would have been compelled to look at repurposing existing medications, actively and urgently looking for some protocols and combinations of existing drugs to address this “high consequence” disease. This would have led to the use of things like Chloroquine, Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, Zinc, Vitamins C and D, and the people who were actually sick with what was being called COVID-19 that in all likelihood was what we’ve previously known as the common cold or the flu would have been taken care of, and the urgency for a “vaccine” would have evaporated. The official downgrading of COVID-19 so it was no longer a HCID along with the convenient disappearance of what we know as “the flu”, meant there was no legal imperative for any of that, they could avoid early treatments, force people into their homes, frighten them into staying there and use abandoned old people in care homes, and their deliberately caused deaths, as the centrepiece for the COVID show.

Then after just a few weeks of deliberately ending these neglected and isolated victims lives with respirators that killed them, Remdesivir that killed them, or palliative care drugs like Morphine and Midazolam which killed them, the Governments and media did the rest. The promotion of the notion that the Holy Vaccines were on the way to save everyone, just sit tight at home, ask no questions and await your jabs was only possible because they paradoxically took COVID-19 off the list of HCIDs.

Even if they don’t use “Monkeypox” as another COVID-19, it serves the usual purposes of scaring the public, wasting more public money, distracting the public from the crimes against humanity of the last two years, hiding the damage being done to people by the COVID injections, and appearing to further strengthen the globalists argument for a one-world bio-security system. As always, all boxes ticked for the likes of Bill Gates, the WEF, WHO, UN and all their collaborators.

Fact-checkers aside, regardless if “Monkeypox” is a real thing or not, and these cases are real or not, you can bet it will be opportunistically exaggerated and used to the maximum extent possible by those that did just that for the last two years.