We live in a corrupted system. The way to tackle corruption is to first acknowledge it exists. Only then is it possible to come up with ways of dealing with it, but don't make the mistake of believing the system can or will uncorrupt itself.

Prescient Preparedness Plans

When will humanity learn? We should always listen to billionaire eugenicists and their respective “foundations” and “non-profit” organisations when they make such incredible predictions that just by pure coincidence happen to align precisely with their global initiatives and the solutions they had all geared up to use but were lacking the appropriate problem to solve.

They’ve done it again folks. Those smart cookies at NTI who simply want to shepherd the sheep of humanity, protect them with their loving arms in an all enveloping embrace of techno-utopianism thoughtfully embarked on one of those “table top exercises” just over a year ago. While the world was reeling from the Attack of the COVIDS and Governments everywhere were busy spending trillions on The Only Hope, the Holy Vaccines as brought to you by benevolent Saint Bill and his angelic helpers at Astra-Zeneca, Pfizer, BioNTech, Johnson & Johnson and Moderna, NTI (or Nuclear Threat Initiative Inc as they are actually listed as) were toiling away with their “table top” germ games planning on how to save the peasants from the “next pandemic”.

In November 2021 the NTI published a beautiful paper (PDF) replete with all the standard motifs associated with these kinds of “exercises”… cyber grid world graphics, scary red blobs etc. heading up 36 pages of reporting on their “Strengthening Global Systems to Prevent and Respond to High-Consequence Biological Threats” event.

You may have heard mentioned on the news lately there’s allegedly a new scary thing going around called “Monkeypox”. It just so happens that the exercise reported on in the above paper by the NTI that was conducted in March 2021, had as the core aspect of it’s “scenario”, a Monkeypox outbreak beginning on the 15th May 2022.

Page 12 – https://www.nti.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/NTI_Paper_BIO-TTX_Final.pdf

And here we are. May 2022 and we have a “Monkeypox outbreak” with millions already being spend on “effective vaccines”. Prescient indeed. But this should be no surprise as the NTI are extremely proud of their “prescient” predictions as in their 2019 Annual Report, published in July 2020, referring to what they call “this deadly new coronavirus” they state…

In 2019, NTI Vice President Beth Cameron and the NTI | bio team warned of just this kind of scenario in the inaugural edition of the Global Health Security (GHS) Index. This groundbreaking project, developed in partnership with the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security and The Economist Intelligence Unit, is the first comprehensive assessment and benchmarking of global health security and related capabilities across 195 countries – and regrettably, its conclusions have proved prescient. As COVID-19 has so vividly and tragically demonstrated, countries are woefully unprepared for pandemic response, with every country having significant gaps.

Letter from the NTI – Page 4 – https://live-nuclear-threat-initiative.pantheonsite.io/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/NTI_2019_Annual_Report.pdf – Emphasis added.

We will momentarily set aside the claims made in this letter that in July 2020 there were “many more deaths inevitable”, that “hospitals continue to be overwhelmed” and that “millions are unemployed and economies are ravaged” were all actually consequences of Government and Public/Global Health interventions, i.e. lockdowns, the withdrawal of care by health authorities for anything other than “COVID”, and even then you were more likely to be killed by being put on a respirator you didn’t need, die from a drug like Remdesivir or Midazolam, die from isolation and fear, or just from a general lack of care, than the symptoms people were suffering that were labelled as COVID-19. The complete removal and prevention of early treatment by health administrators who threatened doctors with revocation of their medical licenses and forced some of them to undergo psychological evaluations for the crime of successfully treating sick patients with cheap, generic, plentiful repurposed drugs, vitamins and minerals were the real causes of the small amount of excess mortality that actually occurred. But I digress.

NTI brag about how they had identified the impending threat this “novel coronavirus” caused the year before it happened, just like Event 201 did. Obviously Event 201 had some real top-drawer “philanthropy” going on, like the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the World Economic Forum and the Open Philanthropy Project. So what or who do the NTI have on their team? What’s their angle? Let’s find out…

Looking at their 2021 Annual Report they claim that…

NTI also is leading the way in the complex field of biosecurity—on pandemic preparedness and response, improving global health security, preventing global catastrophic biological risks, and reducing biotechnology risks.
In 2019, our inaugural Global Health Security Index (GHS Index) warned that the world was unprepared for a pandemic. The second edition of the index—developed by NTI | bio in partnership with the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security and Economist Impact and released in December — came to the same chilling conclusion. Despite significant investments made by countries to tackle COVID-19, crucial long-term planning and investments continued to lag, and the world remains dangerously unprepared for the next pandemic, which surely is coming.

Page 4 – https://www.nti.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/2021-NTI-Annual-Report.pdf

According to the NTI, despite the trillions spent on tests, “vaccines”, grants, the costs of lockdowns, the billions given to the WHO, the UN, and the input from the literally hundreds of different global health and bio-security organisations/foundations who have been wargaming this stuff for years, shaping policies and instigating frameworks… despite all that, they claim “the world remains dangerously unprepared for the next pandemic, which surely is coming”. Even if you believe the world is in danger from these entirely fabricated and engineered “pandemics”, the same people who are telling us we’re not prepared have effectively been in charge of what they call “pandemic preparedness” for years, decades even, and anyone with a brain should instantly come to the obvious conclusion that these fearmongering global health “experts” are completely and utterly inept, or simply full of crap.

If you had a business and your health and safety manager had been, for years, doom-mongering about this and that, demanding inordinate sums of money, organising drills and generally draining enormous amounts of resources from the company, and then the day a health and safety issue arose loads of employees died and every intervention put in place by the health and safety manager was a total failure by every metric, and he/she then had the audacity to tell everyone it’s because he and the company were woefully unprepared, no-one was doing enough and way more needed to be done and spent, you would not hesitate to fire that person. These people in these organisations have set themselves up as the only people smart enough to save us all from some largely fictional diseases, suck up and waste trillions in public money and destroy livelihoods and lives with their interventions and “cures”, and have the gall to suggest we’re just not doing enough. There really are no words adequate enough to suitably communicate how disgustingly reprehensible these anti-life parasites are.

So, just who are the NTI? If you go to their “who we are” page and look at the board of directors, you see two ex-US Government guys, Ernest J. Moniz and Sam Nunn, plus Ted Turner as the co-chairs with Nunn and Turner as co-founders. Being top brass from the US Government speaks for itself, but for those that don’t know who Ted Turner is, he’s a billionaire US television producer and channel owner and one of the largest land owners in the US. Ted, like most billionaires, worries about global population growth. He worries so much about population growth that he set up his own Turner Foundation as described on Wikipedia “to address ways to curb population growth”. Having five children himself, he said in a 2008 interview that he advocated Americans having no more than two children, and in 2010 he stated that China’s “one child policy” should be implemented. He is alleged to have said in a 1996 interview with Audubon magazine:

A total (world) population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal.

Ted Turner – 1996

The overpopulation of the world theory is the hobbyhorse of virtually all the powerful, rich establishment types. The alleged claim that there’s just too many people on earth and there is an urgent need to depopulate, or at least strictly control population growth is pseudoscience that has been peddled by pretty much every single elitist would-be ruler of the world, ever. Ted Turner, Bill Gates, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Boris Johnson and his dad Stanley Johnston, Prince Charles and the UK Queen’s now dead husband Prince Phillip who even Snopes has been forced to concede made statements declaring his wish to return to earth after his death as a killer virus to lower human population levels, have all obsessed over it. We have looked at the topic of eugenics and it’s latest disguise of “tackling the global problem of overpopulation” before, and if you don’t know much about it, the “Utopia, Yes Again” article might be worth a read.

Ted Turner is a fully dedicated member of the various clubs that continue the work of eugenics, albeit under a new name, as was described by American Eugenics Society co-founder Frederick Osborn back in 1968

Eugenic goals are most likely to be attained under a name other than eugenics.


Back to the NTI. So it has one of the world’s top advocates for depopulation as its co-founder and co-chair. It also has Malcolm Rifkind on its board which should also be instant alarm bells. Rifkind (along with Jack Straw) was implicated in the “cash for access” scandal back in 2015 as a “sting” operation caught him offering to sell access to basically anything anyone wanted that he could get via his Government contacts and job. Someone with this stunning lack of morals who will do pretty much anything for a few quid popping up in the list of directors of an organisation like NTI is not really a surprise, but obviously should be a concern.

They also have Margaret Hamburg on their list of directors. Her former roles include:

  • Foreign Secretary of the National Academy of Medicine
  • Commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
  • U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation
  • Health Commissioner for New York City
  • Assistant Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID)

Currently she is listed as:

  • Member of the Council on Foreign Relations
  • Member of the National Academy of Medicine
  • Board Member of the Commonwealth Fund
  • Board Member of the Simons Foundation
  • Board Member of the Urban Institute
  • Board Member of the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI)
  • Board Member of the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy
  • Board Member of the American Museum of Natural History
  • Chair of the Joint Coordinating Group for the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness and Innovation (CEPI)
  • Member of the Harvard University Global Advisory Council
  • Member of the Global Health Scientific Advisory Committee for the Gates Foundation
  • Member of the Harvard Medical School Board of Fellows
  • Member of the World Dementia Council

It’s a wonder Margaret has any time to sleep. Given that both GAVI and CEPI are Gates Foundation initiatives, she’s obviously well connected and garners favour from the entire Bill Gates cadre, being placed in at least three of his major vaccine market maker vehicles.

She was also at the Milken Institute panel meeting on the 29th October 2019 as a contributing member, where the topic of a new disruptive “entity of excitement” was demanded that would save the aggravating decade of trials and the annoying requirement to demonstrate short and long term benefits and get mRNA vaccines to market quicker. As we know they got their wish just a couple of months later.

This organisation, the NTI is stuffed with the usual suspects, people obsessed with reducing population, people obsessed with pushing new “vaccine” technology on the public after it being admitted there has been no proven effectiveness for it, people linked with the Gates Foundation and its “vaccine” sales machines, and people who would sell their granny for a fiver.

How are they funded? We surely don’t expect Ted Turner to bankroll the whole thing. No, he doesn’t of course because you can’t stay an influential billionaire if you actually give your money away. In their Annual Reports they list a few of the “foundations, families, and individuals” that make up some of the “new funders and long-time supporters” that have kept this selfless organisation ticking over. That list includes:

  • Warren Buffett – Berkshire Hathaway owner, billionaire and long-time pal of Bill Gates.
  • Carnegie Corporation of New York – A typical elitist foundation using “philanthropy” to influence education among the other usual pet projects these kinds of people gravitate towards.
  • John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation – Another philanthropic foundation that throws a bit of cash at the standard agendas, i.e. climate change, inequality and of course, COVID-19.
  • Peter G. Peterson Foundation – A foundation geared towards fiscal and economic causes, with a picture of Bill Gates on the homepage.
  • Open Philanthropy Project – An organisation funded by Cari Tuna and Dustin Moskovitz, a co-founder of Facebook and Asana. Moskovitz is a billionaire who has investments in Sherlock Biosciences via the Open Philanthropy Project. This company is using CRISPR gene editing technology, ostensibly for diagnostic technology. We’ve seen just how well that kind of thing worked over the last two years.

Also, as far back as 2008, Google was funding the NTI with millions of dollars for its “Global Health and Security Program”. None of this is a surprise to anyone who’s been paying even a modicum of attention over the last few years. The same old faces with the same old goals crop up again and again, making uncannily accurate predictions about “pandemics” that just so happen to suit their plan to con the unsuspecting public into paying for their own enslavement, if not demise.

Looking at the list of participants in that March 2021 germ game exercise conducted by the NTI we see even more of the usual suspects…

  • Arnaud Bernaert – Head of Health Security Solutions at SICPA who list among their latest projects “Securing VAT”, “Optimising Tax Revenues” by tackling “illicit trade” and “Detecting Pathogens in Aircraft with Wastewater”.
  • Beth Cameron – From the Office of Global Health Security and Biodefense, part of the U.S. National Security Council.
  • Luc Debruyne – Strategic Advisor to the CEO of CEPI, the self-proclaimed “innovative global partnership working to accelerate the development of vaccines against epidemic and pandemic threats”.
  • Ruxandra Draghia-Akli – Global Head of Johnson & Johnson Global Public Health R&D.
  • Chris Elias – President, Global Development Division, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
  • Jeremy Farrar – Director of the Wellcome Trust who have their Wellcome Leap project division encompassing projects such as their “The First 1000 Days” infant brain screening programme to check if your child’s brain is up to scratch compared to their computer model. Yes, really.
  • George Gao – Director-General of the Chinese CDC.
  • Margaret A. Hamburg – Mentioned above, NTI board member and all around very busy woman.
  • Izumi Nakamitsu – Under-Secretary-General and High Representative for Disarmament Affairs of the UN.
  • John Nkengasong – From the African CDC.
  • Michael Ryan – Executive Director of the WHO Health Emergencies Programme.
  • Joy St. John – From the Caribbean Public Health Agency.
  • Petra Wicklandt – Head of Corporate Affairs for Merck, a big pharma outfit that has its own scientists bragging about enrolling their own children into COVID jab trials.

As you can see, the Gates Foundation, the Wellcome Trust, big pharmaceutical corporations, various CDCs from around the world, all of which are as corrupt as can be, US Government and companies that exist solely to suck up taxpayers money for providing better and more enforceable ways of taxing the public are all there, playing their role-play games that somehow keep ending up actually happening right on cue and benefitting all the same people and groups.

It is about time more of the public started recognising that the kinds of people who end up billionaires, usually through underhanded, monopolistic and manipulative business practices, who almost always end up laundering their public persona through the PR stunt of philanthropy, somehow managing to get people to believe they are giving their money away but also somehow managing to make more and more of it, and grasp more and more control at the global level, these people are not your friends. They don’t want to take care of you. They don’t want to cure you, lift you out of poverty or even just permit you to live the life you want to live. The Malthusians have no interest in using technology to make food and energy cheaper and more plentiful. They just want to use it to control everything. They don’t celebrate human life, they see it as a cancer. They don’t see every child born as a new miracle and a future independent thinker and master of his/her own destiny with the capability of enriching the human race with the fruits of their endeavours. They see every child that isn’t from their “stock” as a useless eater, a consumer of resources and only their special breeding endows them with the necessary intellectual tools to address the thorny subject of needing to get rid of billions of people.

And at this point, it seems like they are literally trolling the world with these “pandemic preparedness exercises”. If people cannot see this for what it is by now, I am afraid they never will.