We live in a corrupted system. The way to tackle corruption is to first acknowledge it exists. Only then is it possible to come up with ways of dealing with it, but don't make the mistake of believing the system can or will uncorrupt itself.

The Art of Misdirection

As the situation evolves with the Ukraine/Russia charade and many people’s attention is on that or elsewhere, like getting back to “normal”, we are witnessing one of the greatest distraction efforts ever conducted. The headline “war”, complete with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson popping over to war-torn Kiev for a “suprise ;)” visit is going on for multiple reasons, one of which is to ensure the human rights abuses of last two years by almost every Government in the world are forgotten by as many people as possible. There’s a number of things those in power wish to distract people from. Here is a list of some of them…

  • The Ghislaine Maxwell trial, outcome and obvious unanswered questions as to who the “customers” of her “services” were, aside from the allegedly self-terminated Jeffery Epstein.
  • The heat the UK Royal Family is now conveniently not enduring after “Prince” Andrew’s out-of-court settlement with Virginia Giuffre (née Roberts) and any further inquiries related to that.
  • The clinical trial data being drip-fed out regarding the COVID-19 injections that prove all kinds of serious adverse reactions and negative effects known prior to the Emergency Use Approval and eventual full authorisation being granted by regulatory bodies like the FDA.
  • The mounting evidence of actual harm and deaths caused by the COVID-19 injections.
  • The mounting evidence of actual harm and deaths caused by the measures implemented by Governments despite full knowledge of those dangers.
  • The growing awareness of all the fraud, conflicts of interests, neglect and abuse of populations due to those measures.
  • All the other wars currently going on where innocent people are being killed, injured and deprived of the ability to live freely and in peace.

In the UK right now specifically there is something the Government would very much like people to not be aware of as the noises about “living with COVID” have been broadly interpreted by many as the end of any and all restrictions going forwards. Whatever your stance on the existence of COVID in the first place is, whether you think there was an actual pandemic or it was just an engineered “crisis” like so many fake disasters, many people have been trying to resume their lives. Probably there will be many that think that as the idea of mandatory COVID injections has been dropped (for now), even for care home and NHS workers and the demand for COVID passes seems to be tailing off, even for some international travel, COVID is soon to be a distant memory.

People are “catching colds” and “the flu” again, after 2 years of them vanishing to be replaced with a deadly disease that is identical in almost every aspect, including symptoms, health outcomes and demographic impacts. People could indeed be forgiven for thinking The Pandemic™ is over, and so are all the wasteful, unhelpful Government interventions.


On the 5th April 2022 the UK Government published on their website (screenshot) details of a contract recently awarded. This contract worth £18,000,000 is for a “Covid Pass Delivery Partner” and began on the 1st April 2022 and is to run until 31st March 2023. The description of this contract is:

To deliver the NHS COVID Pass App live service including operational management, incident management & support, and app development services.


This contract has been awarded to NETCOMPANY UK LIMITED, which according to Companies House used to be called HUNTER MACDONALD LTD. That company (according to Wikipedia) was acquired in October 2017 by the actual parent company, Netcompany, based in Denmark.

Back in December 2020 I wrote an article about the COVID-19 Pass MVP (Minimum Viable Product) contract that was also given to Netcompany. Back then of course the idea of a COVID Pass was just a Conspiracy Theory™.

The contract page links to a heavily redacted document with 270 pages of details about the service Netcompany are to deliver, including that it is likely to be extended by at least another year. Another noteworthy section of this document is this…

The Supplier must deliver the service in line with the international data interoperability standards for health:
● Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR)
● WHO Digital documentation of COVID-19 certificates
● EU Digital COVID Certificate
● SMART Health Cards
● ICAO Guidelines for Visible Digital Seals (VDS)

Page 6 – https://atamis-1928.cloudforce.com/sfc/p/#0O000000rwim/a/8d000000Hmle/0DWVovnVIe8wqkgz0O6rrvUs8xiARXjIlqHIgN94hkk

This COVID Pass for the UK must work with those other systems including the EU Digital COVID Certificate and the WHO Digital documentation of COVID-19 certificates. Presumably all the other Governments around the world are lavishing millions in public money on contractors to deliver the same in their respective countries, ensuring “data interoperability” or in other words, they all work together as a global health pass system.

There is no sign that the Governments and the global organisations (UN/WHO etc.) are letting up on the idea of these digital health passes. They are integral to their plans for the digital control grid. Just because it’s not headline news doesn’t mean it’s not still being pushed. In fact, the reason it isn’t headline news is to get this all in place while most people are distracted, ready for the next “pandemic” already predicted by the usual suspects.

They laid the groundwork, saw most people complied in the trial run, and are now getting everything in place for the global version while people are distracted.