We live in a corrupted system. The way to tackle corruption is to first acknowledge it exists. Only then is it possible to come up with ways of dealing with it, but don't make the mistake of believing the system can or will uncorrupt itself.

The Russia vs Ukraine Thing – Part 2

Continuing our look at some of the less well-reported aspects of the Russia vs Ukraine conflict and motivations.

As the Ukrainian celebrity president Volodymyr Zelenskyy continues his virtual world tour of Parliaments to rapturous applause and standing ovations as you can see described in this bizarre publication on Yahoo News where the headline is almost as long as the erm… article (?), the media continues to shower him with praise for his declaration of WW3.

Meanwhile, the almost unilateral condemnation of “madman” Putin and the dastardly Russians, the omnipresent blue/yellow virtue signalling and “Donate Now” buttons appearing everywhere, all in perfect harmony is an indicator of just how much influence the Governments and media have over the public.

Never mind that Zelenskyy has admitted that the US has deliberately provoked this situation. CNN reported on the 20th March 2022…

“I requested them personally to say directly that we are going to accept you into NATO in a year or two or five, just say it directly and clearly, or just say no,” Zelensky said. “And the response was very clear, you’re not going to be a NATO member, but publicly, the doors will remain open”


As we looked at in part one, the expansion of NATO eastwards despite internationally recognised assurances that it wouldn’t happen was set out by Putin as a potential trigger for conflict if it continued. NATO is nothing but a military coalition. Some people have said that Ukraine should be allowed to join any organisation they like as they are a sovereign nation and can choose for themselves, and that Russia has no business placing any constraints on what another country can do. That would be fine and in principal perfectly agreeable providing those rules are adhered to on all “sides”, and if NATO was some benign organisation that wasn’t solely a vehicle for US military expansion and occupation. This is obviously not the case, and anybody pretending NATO is just some harmless club anyone should be allowed to join that poses no risk to anything is either an idiot or being disingenuous.

NATO in Europe

While this calculated, deliberate military expansion and provocation eastwards by the “west” continues, Zelenskyy is being deified and hailed as a “hero”, with UK MPs begging for him to receive an “honorary knighthood” and “global calls” for Zelenskyy to be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize are flooding the media. At almost every event of note, the recent Grammys being one such occasion, our unfeasible hero is being granted a platform to whip up public support around the world with his “tender, furious” speeches and presumably prompt the already decimated John/Jane Q. Public into demanding their respective Governments plunge them further into debt and chaos to fund and arm this theatrical “war”.

From two years of being petrified of walking too close to another human in the open streets, double-masked and already halfway through the second page of their State Vaccine loyalty card, apparently all of a sudden 150,000 or more people in the UK are opening their homes (and wallets) via the Government’s “Homes for Ukraine scheme” to accommodate the pending flood of cheap labour to fill the void left by Britain leaving the EU… sorry I mean Ukrainian “refugees” (and the pending flood of more free money), all “with open arms”.

These “refugees” that are apparently fleeing for their lives do seem to have some strange priorities though…

Meanwhile the UK has done some kind of deal with Rwandan authorities to accept any “refugees” the UK Government doesn’t want here, and also to “process” incoming “migrants”. The Guardian reported on this on the 14th April 2022 explaining that “people seeking asylum in the UK will be flown 4,500 miles to Rwanda” after Priti Patel, the home secretary, travelled to the central African country on Wednesday after finalising a “migration and economic development partnership”.

In an epic display of doublethink, Boris Johnson is quoted in a Reuters article as saying that Rwanda, where in 1994 it was reported that Hutu extremists killed more than 800,000 people, was “one of the safest countries in the world”, adding however that the risk of ending up in the country would prove a “considerable deterrent” over time.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This article, website nor it’s author is picking a side, or supporting military action of any kind by anyone. Nor is it denying innocent civilian deaths, harms, displacement and so on, in any war, anywhere, ever.

What we are looking at here, is the information war that is going on, that all coincides very helpfully for the so-called “global elites” to distract the public from some very important things, and simultaneously further their cause. There are a number of main things “they” wish to achieve, and the COVID scam obviously didn’t get the job done completely. War is always the go-to when all else fails. The main things on the Globalist Checklist are:

  • The ability to introduce curfews/lockdowns
  • The ability to seize assets, physical and financial
  • The move to digital ID systems linked to finance and health
  • The move to CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currencies) to replace money as we know it

When you see most of the Governments all singing from the exact same hymn-sheet, and using censorship and mass-marketing techniques with very little actual evidence to convince you of something, it’s usually because it isn’t true. That’s not to say it is all 100% lies, but they are selling us a largely dishonest story for a reason. That reason is because they are trying to shape our opinions, usually to support something they want to achieve. The desperate need to persuade without compelling evidence is an indicator of something shady. We may not know what the truth is, indeed we may never know, but what we should be aware of is that the State’s proclivity to lie to achieve outcomes favourable to them, their corporate/banking allies or their globalist managers is not a mere Conspiracy Theory™ but a repeated, verifiable and demonstrable part of history.

Stories and narratives have been long understood to make a news report land with impact. Years ago when there was just a few channels and TV was relatively new for many people, news outlets would often attempt to soften the blow rendered by the evening news programmes that were usually mainly bad news e.g. wars, conflicts, murders, poverty etc. with a fluffy human-interest story at the end. Something with some (allegedly) emotionally uplifting content to attempt to offset all the death and misery. A kitten successfully coaxed down from a tree by a fireman holding a slice of bread and jam, that kind of thing. Now that constant bad news punctuated with distasteful celebrity gossip has been totally normalised the approach has changed somewhat.

People’s attention spans are shorter than ever, and they have been largely desensitised to murder, corruption, wars and so on, so to actually get people to pay any attention now, it requires 100% media saturation and a constant narrative inserted into everything.

From around March 2020 to September 2021 we had the COVID Show. You couldn’t turn on a TV or radio without seeing or hearing about it. COVID metaphorically infected TV shows and dominated conversations. Then in September 2021 it was as if someone changed the channel and after the withdrawal of US occupying military forces in Afghanistan it was wall-to-wall coverage of the “humanitarian crisis” there. The naughty Taliban took over the entire country and almost all news coverage for a couple of months as it had been summer and apart from a sharp rise in collapsing athletes, Public Health was getting boring. There was obviously a need to dial back the COVID fear-porn to create the illusion that the “vaccines” were working, never mind that people were doing better because of the better weather.

The Taliban Show lasted just until the Omicron Show was launched in November 2021. COVID was back, with a new scary name, lots of ludicrous predictions and “computer modelling” doom-mongering for the winter. Once people realised we weren’t all going to die from Omicron in January the new programme went into pre-production, ready for launch in February. The Zelenskyy Show got off to a slowish start, as some people were already aware that there were problems in that part of the world dating back at least 8 years. But undeterred by a less-than-meteoric start, Zelenskyy’s showbiz credentials combined with the “western” world’s media and Governments sponsorship have shone through and poor old COVID has been relegated to the back-burner once again.

Of course Zelenskyy has implored the NATO nations to get involved, and to create a “no-fly zone” for Russian planes over the country he is supposed to be in charge of, with his carefully crafted speeches specifically written to invoke a stirring national tragedy or memory from each country he addresses. But NATO has repeatedly said that they are not getting involved as that would obviously lead to instant direct conflict with Russia which would then mean a much more real WW3 scenario.

Looking at this document from the UK Government website, published on the 23rd March 2022 titled “Military assistance to Ukraine since the Russian invasion” (PDF) we can see just how much “we’re not getting involved” actually means from NATO countries.

Belgium, Canada, the Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, the United Kingdom, the United States and the EU via it’s ludicrously named “European Peace Facility” have sent billions of dollars/pounds/euros worth of “lethal weapons” to Ukraine. As we’ll see later in this article, all that money that is literally going up in smoke is with a purpose that goes way beyond the theatrics of this “war”.

Some of the things this highly convenient escalation of something that has been going on since 2014 with barely a murmur from the mainstream news and certainly none of the Ukrainian flag waving is currently distracting from are:

  • The Ghislaine Maxwell trial, outcome and obvious unanswered questions as to who the “customers” of her “services” were, aside from the allegedly self-terminated Jeffery Epstein.
  • The heat the UK Royal Family is now conveniently not enduring after “Prince” Andrew’s out-of-court settlement with Virginia Giuffre (née Roberts) and any further inquiries related to that.
  • The clinical trial data being drip-fed out regarding the COVID-19 injections that prove all kinds of serious adverse reactions and negative effects known prior to the Emergency Use Approval and eventual full authorisation being granted by regulatory bodies like the FDA.
  • The mounting evidence of actual harm and deaths caused by the COVID-19 injections.
  • The mounting evidence of actual harm and deaths caused by the measures implemented by Governments despite full knowledge of those dangers.
  • The growing awareness of all the fraud, conflicts of interests, neglect and abuse of populations due to those measures.
  • The quiet march towards Central Bank Digital Currencies that most people would NOT want if they knew what they were.
  • All the other wars currently going on where innocent people are being killed, injured and deprived of the ability to live freely and in peace.

It is vital that the majority of the public is kept busy being scared of someone or something to ensure the minimum attention on the above list. As long as only a few people are talking about it, they can quite easily be dealt with using the usual methods, i.e. censorship, personal attacks, “fact-checkers” and so on. The moment a critical mass of the public realises what has gone unanswered, unchallenged and unpunished there would be a considerable backlash to say the least. We can only hope that day comes and some semblance of justice is done, and individuals that schemed and executed the plans and horrendous crimes related to the above list and more are held to account.

Until then, expect one catastrophe after the next, each one more theatrical and sounding more scary than the last. It is the only way they keep enough of the public pointing in the wrong direction, each disaster carefully designed to advance the Great Reset plan, force the Fourth Industrial Revolution and end humanity as we know it via all kinds of genetic and digital augmentation that connects everyone and everything to the global techno-grid. The idea is that we are then part of the trans-human race presided over by the self-appointed Stewards of the Earth. Sounds crazy but it’s all stated quite clearly on the various elitist organisations websites.

Taking those 4 primary goals, and there are other ancillary and connected goals, but those constitute the 4 main pillars of control that turn life everywhere into a total “Big Brother” surveillance global State technocracy, let’s assess how they would achieve that and what progress is currently being made on each of them.

Curfews and Lockdowns

Before 2020 the idea of having curfews and lockdowns was something that, for most people, only existed in dystopian sci-fi or maybe places like North Korea and/or China. No-one would have considered you a sane and rational person if pre-2020 you’d have said that so-called “liberal democracies” and nations in the so-called “free west” would confine you to your home with the threat of fines and prison for non-compliance. People would have called you crazy if you said that if you were allowed out of your house, you could only leave for a set amount of time, only travel a certain distance and only for State approved reasons. But it happened. The Governments around most of the world embarked on fear campaigns and propaganda missions so aggressive and ultimately effective that most people just complied without question. They never demanded any evidence other that State actors decreeing it, and profit/control seeking psychopaths getting 24/7 media coverage to spout their anti-science lunacy.

In fact it was so effective that some people are STILL too afraid to partake in normal life and activity even though they have taken multiple doses of the “cure”. And now, off the back of the hysteria in Ukraine, we’re now getting told to voluntarily lock down because of an entirely fictional energy crisis, and of course we’re told it’s all Putin’s fault.

And some people will do it, because they have now been conditioned to accept something that was previously unthinkable. The infamous “Professor” Neil Ferguson was interviewed by a reporter from the Times back in December 2020, and the resulting article says:

Back in 2019, about the time someone was having bat soup, no European country’s pandemic plans seriously entertained the prospect of putting a country on pause.

Then, that’s what China did. “I think people’s sense of what is possible in terms of control changed quite dramatically between January and March,” Professor Ferguson says….

It is possible now to retrace what was going on in those weeks, and the weeks before. In January, members of Sage, the government’s scientific advisory group, had watched as China enacted this innovative intervention in pandemic control that was also a medieval intervention. “They claimed to have flattened the curve. I was sceptical at first. I thought it was a massive cover-up by the Chinese. But as the data accrued it became clear it was an effective policy.”

Then, as infections seeded across the world, springing up like angry boils on the map, Sage debated whether, nevertheless, it would be effective here. “It’s a communist one party state, we said. We couldn’t get away with it in Europe, we thought.” In February one of those boils raged just below the Alps. “And then Italy did it. And we realised we could.”


They realised they could “get away with it”. What a statement. It’s funny what people say when they think they are among friends, or are going to be reported on in a favourable manner.

Well not only (so far) have they gotten away with it, but it has set a precedent, as they well knew it would, given that a large proportion of the SAGE committee are behavioural psychologists not health experts. Now people who just over 2 years ago would have considered locking down healthy people for something that has a 99% survival rate and is statistically no worse that what we’ve known as “the flu” for decades, utterly outrageous, “medieval” even. Now though we have swathes of people upset that lockdowns are over for COVID in the UK, for now. There are people who still walk down the street on their own with a mask on, or drive on their own in their car with a mask on.

Those and others who supported lockdowns because it suited them or they have simply outsourced all their capacity for thinking to the Government will oblige the next time a “crisis” means the Government wants to herd us all back indoors. Now they “got away with it” once, each time it happens it will be easier for them. Psychologists often speak of the adaptability and resilience of humans, and usually it is considered a positive thing. In the hands of technocratic control-freaks, that trait that has enabled the survival of the human race for millennia and even individuals to endure severe trauma and come out the other side, is being weaponised against us all. Big data, behavioural science and mass surveillance gives these would-be rulers of the world all the insights they need to manipulate and cattle-prod the majority into all kinds of behaviours, even self-destructive ones.

The mass acceptance of curfews and lockdowns has progressed very well since 2020.

Seizing Assets

Governments around the world have granted themselves the ability to steal from their populations for centuries via taxation. The propaganda for taxation has been so effective that lots of people equate handing over ever-increasing proportions of their earnings at every transaction something to be proud of. Our money is taxed as we earn it, and more often than not, as we spend it. If we save it then it is stealth-taxed by inflation as the value of it plummets by the day. If you die and have anything left it is taxed again before your beneficiaries get what’s left. In the UK if you were to follow £1 around the economy, after it has been spent ten times the 20% VAT rate has carved off over 89 pence of that pound and given it to the Government.

For many the idea that taxation is bad is like telling the Pope that God doesn’t exist. Well maybe not the current Pope but that’s another story. An informative section from the book 1984 by George Orwell explains the purpose of war, and by extension all the crises Governments of the world present their populations with, often using war analogies such as the War on Terror, the “invisible enemy” related to whatever the current “pandemic” is, that sort of thing. Here are some quotes from that section:

The primary aim of modern warfare (in accordance with the principles of doublethink, this aim is simultaneously recognized and not recognized by the directing brains of the Inner Party) is to use up the products of the machine without raising the general standard of living. Ever since the end of the nineteenth century, the problem of what to do with the surplus of consumption goods has been latent in industrial society.

As a whole the world is more primitive today than it was fifty years ago. Certain backward areas have advanced, and various devices, always in some way connected with warfare and police espionage, have been developed, but experiment and invention have largely stopped.

From the moment when the machine first made its appearance it was clear to all thinking people that the need for human drudgery, and therefore to a great extent for human inequality, had disappeared. If the machine were used deliberately for that end, hunger, overwork, dirt, illiteracy, and disease could be eliminated within a few generations.

But it was also clear that an all-round increase in wealth threatened the destruction—indeed, in some sense was the destruction—of a hierarchical society. In a world in which everyone worked short hours, had enough to eat, lived in a house with a bathroom and a refrigerator, and possessed a motor-car or even an aeroplane, the most obvious and perhaps the most important form of inequality would already have disappeared. If it once became general, wealth would confer no distinction. It was possible, no doubt, to imagine a society in which WEALTH, in the sense of personal possessions and luxuries, should be evenly distributed, while POWER remained in the hands of a small privileged caste. But in practice such a society could not long remain stable. For if leisure and security were enjoyed by all alike, the great mass of human beings who are normally stupefied by poverty would become literate and would learn to think for themselves; and when once they had done this, they would sooner or later realize that the privileged minority had no function, and they would sweep it away. In the long run, a hierarchical society was only possible on a basis of poverty and ignorance.

The problem was how to keep the wheels of industry turning without increasing the real wealth of the world. Goods must be produced, but they must not be distributed. And in practice the only way of achieving this was by continuous warfare.

The essential act of war is destruction, not necessarily of human lives, but of the products of human labour. War is a way of shattering to pieces, or pouring into the stratosphere, or sinking in the depths of the sea, materials which might otherwise be used to make the masses too comfortable, and hence, in the long run, too intelligent.

Even when weapons of war are not actually destroyed, their manufacture is still a convenient way of expending labour power without producing anything that can be consumed. A Floating Fortress, for example, has locked up in it the labour that would build several hundred cargo−ships. Ultimately it is scrapped as obsolete, never having brought any material benefit to anybody, and with further enormous labours another Floating Fortress is built. In principle the war effort is always so planned as to eat up any surplus that might exist after meeting the bare needs of the population. In practice the needs of the population are always underestimated, with the result that there is a chronic shortage of half the necessities of life; but this is looked on as an advantage. It is deliberate policy to keep even the favoured groups somewhere near the brink of hardship, because a general state of scarcity increases the importance of small privileges and thus magnifies the distinction between one group and another.

War, it will be seen, accomplishes the necessary destruction, but accomplishes it in a psychologically acceptable way.

Even the humblest Party member is expected to be competent, industrious, and even intelligent within narrow limits, but it is also necessary that he should be a credulous and ignorant fanatic whose prevailing moods are fear, hatred, adulation, and orgiastic triumph. In other words it is necessary that he should have the mentality appropriate to a state of war. It does not matter whether the war is actually happening, and, since no decisive victory is possible, it does not matter whether the war is going well or badly. All that is needed is that a state of war should exist.

1984 – George Orwell – https://www.planetebook.com/free-ebooks/1984.pdf

As you can see from Orwell’s explanation above, the “state of war” is what needs to be a permanent fixture to achieve the colossal waste of human labour in an “acceptable way” to the Inner Party, not necessarily ACTUAL war. People have and will tolerate all kinds of hardships and work for way less than they deserve for a cause like a war. So if you look at every existential crisis manufactured by the globalists you’ll find aspects of war-propaganda in all of them, even if it isn’t a literal military conflict. This as we can see fulfils certain psychological requirements to make the act of waste truly effective.

We’re hearing all the literal war-talk right now with the Russia/Ukraine situation, but for the last two years we’ve been deluged with it regarding the “coronavirus”. An article on the Conversation website from April 2020 identified this “militarised” language…

In speeches, commentaries and conversations about the coronavirus pandemic, we keep hearing war-like metaphors being deployed. It happens explicitly (“we are at war”, “blitz spirit”, “war cabinet”) and implicitly (“threat”, “invisible enemy”, “frontline”, “duty”).


…and deemed it unnecessary. It is unnecessary unless you understand the actual goal of it, and while it’s quite an insightful and well written article it misses the fundamental point of why war-language was used at all, largely because it erroneously accepts the faulty premise that there was a pandemic in the first place and clearly contains some politically driven bias. It also finishes off with the unfortunate line:

The human race will come out of COVID wiser if it does not frame its understanding of its response to it in narrow military language.

The human race has not “come out of COVID wiser”, and that’s not just because it didn’t stop framing its understanding in military language. It has “come out of COVID” traumatised, further conditioned and primed for the next existential crisis, replete with all the required war motifs, literally this time.

Whilst I’m usually unconvinced by those who invoke the “it’s the current year” argument, in 2022 with the advances in technology that do exist there is NO GOOD REASON anyone should be malnourished, cold, homeless or living in need, and the fact many people still do IS NOT because we’re just not paying enough taxes, or there isn’t enough public donations to charities and “foreign aid”, or we haven’t let Governments control enough of our lives and the earth’s resources. It is because there is always a “war”, there is always something used as an excuse to siphon off huge amounts of human labour framed in military terms and the expectation/demand that we all do our bit for “the war”.

An excellent short read that concisely spells out the authors understanding of the motivations of war at the time is a book called “War is a Racket”, by Brigadier General Smedley Darlington Butler, published in 1935 (PDF). Written in the wake of WW1 and noting the signs of the upcoming WW2, Butler who was a highly decorated retired military man had seen first hand the real motivations, winners and losers from “The Great War” and was then able to see all the same machinery gearing up again to profit from the next war. As he explains:

In the World War a mere handful garnered the profits of the conflict. At least 21,000 new millionaires and billionaires were made in the United States during the World War.

For a great many years, as a soldier, I had a suspicion that war was a racket; not until I retired to civil life did I fully realize it. Now that I see the international war clouds again gathering, as they are today, I must face it and speak out.

War is a Racket (1935) – Smedley Butler – https://ia802605.us.archive.org/29/items/WarIsARacket/WarIsARacket.pdf

Butler identifies the huge profits made by all kinds of industries that sell their wares to the Government in wartime. One example out of many he cites in his book are the 35 million pairs of hobnailed service shoes sold to the US Government for 4 million soldiers. After the war there were 25 million pairs left over, but they were all bought and paid for. Another was the $1,000,000,000 spent on airplanes and engines that never left the ground the entire time of the war. Mosquito netting and horse saddles costing millions never left the US. Of all the billions of dollars spent just in the US, it generated around $16 billion in profits for a small group of company owners. This was 1914-1918 when money was worth in excess of 90% more than it is today due to inflation.

But, despite all that waste and profits available from war, it isn’t enough for the globalists. Such is the industrious, creative and ingenious nature of humans that despite all the waste and colossal national debts owed to central banks the world over, there are areas of the world that are not feeling the pinch enough. So the Governments need to engineer other methods of depriving people. We’re seeing artificially induced price hikes and shortages all over the place right now. Energy and fuel prices are going up dramatically, not because Governments just wasted trillions on pointless and harmful COVID measures, oh no. It’s evil Putin and the Russians of course.

All the countries that have imposed sanctions on Russia, that are also gearing up for war by sending equipment, tanks and planes to Ukraine all paid for by the taxpayers of the respective countries, are now cranking up fuel and energy costs further, because of those sanctions. Of course energy and fuel are taxed, so any price increases on those things means more public money sucked up by Governments. On top of that, Governments are now looking to impose laws that enable them to “seize assets” from people and groups they don’t like. From the Canadian Government freezing bank accounts of protestors and anyone who dared to support them, to property and money of anyone connected with Russia like Roman Abramovich.

People like Abramovich and other rich Russians are being labelled with the new insult of the week, “oligarch”. You’d think oligarchs were just rich people only native to Russia the way the word is being used, and I suspect many people are using it without actually knowing what it means. Briefly, an oligarch is one that is part of an oligarchy, and the definition of oligarchy according to our old friends at Wikipedia is…

…a form of power structure in which power rests with a small number of people. These people may or may not be distinguished by one or several characteristics, such as nobility, fame, wealth, education, or corporate, religious, political, or military control.


That literally describes every single Government in the world. And don’t just take my word for it. Wikipedia mentions Robert Michels and his “Iron law of oligarchy” which is described as…

…rule by an elite, or oligarchy, is inevitable as an “iron law” within any democratic organization as part of the “tactical and technical necessities” of the organization.


Reading the Wikipedia entry on this further it says:

According to Michels, all organizations eventually come to be run by a “leadership class”, who often function as paid administrators, executives, spokespersons or political strategists for the organization. Far from being “servants of the masses”, Michels argues this “leadership class”, rather than the organization’s membership, will inevitably grow to dominate the organization’s power structures. By controlling who has access to information, those in power can centralize their power successfully, often with little accountability, due to the apathy, indifference and non-participation most rank-and-file members have in relation to their organization’s decision-making processes. Michels argues that democratic attempts to hold leadership positions accountable are prone to fail, since with power comes the ability to reward loyalty, the ability to control information about the organization, and the ability to control what procedures the organization follows when making decisions. All of these mechanisms can be used to strongly influence the outcome of any decisions made ‘democratically’ by members.

Doesn’t that all sound oddly familiar? Just like every Government in the world, and the further consolidation and centralisation of all of those into a global Government, which is as we know, the ultimate goal of the Davos gang, and all the other teams in the premier league division of the “leadership class”.

Anyway, as we can see, the sudden rush to punish anyone remotely connected with Russia with not just sanctions but actually seizing assets is now being normalised. The media is trying to whip up public support for the confiscation of property and money of naughty Russians, while simultaneously ignoring the situation in Yemen and all the Saudi property and money that is perfectly acceptable, not to mention the US interference there that created much of the instability that led to the current war. This article from 2016 on the USA Today website which is hardly a truth-telling website that tries to honestly report facts and hold anyone to account, but will give you a largely pro-US version of events, still demonstrates what a catastrophe Yemen is, mostly because of foreign interference from the US, Saudi Arabia and Iran. No sanctions for the US or Saudi Arabia of course, Iran is on the naughty list, but no mass-marketing campaign for fake moral outrage in the media or by any Governments anywhere, to this day. But you must suddenly care about Ukraine, except don’t ask any questions about US interference there, or about international agreements that have been broken, or corruption involving the Biden family, or biological research labs, no no no! Just listen, believe what is being said right now, forget anything you may have read or heard before.

Just to illustrate the complete turnaround on reporting about Ukraine, consider the following mainstream media articles…

  • February 2015, The Guardian published an article titled “Welcome to Ukraine, the most corrupt nation in Europe” explaining just how massively corrupt everything including hospitals in Ukraine are.
  • July 2016, The Atlantic Council published an article titled “Ukraine’s Deadly Profession: Three Journalists Attacked in July”.
  • March 2018, Reuters published an article titled “Commentary: Ukraine’s neo-Nazi problem” that describes how rife the neo-Nazi stuff is in the Ukrainian military who recruited groups like Azov, Right Sector and C14 that preside over a “climate of fear” as they attack anti-war meetings.
  • April 2021, the World Socialist Web Site published an article titled “Ukrainian President Zelensky deepens alliance with far right”, explaining how Zelensky “has in fact continued and increased the conspicuous alliance of Ukraine’s oligarchy with neo-Nazi thugs”.
  • October 2021, BNE News published an article titled “FPRI BMB Ukraine: Ukraine has more politicians in Pandora Papers than any other country in the world” explaining how “these revelations are at odds with the anti-corruption platform that brought Zelenskiy and his team power” and interestingly quoting Jen Psaki, US Whitehouse mouthpiece as saying how “the Pandora Papers won’t change the dialogue between Washington and strategic partners like Kyiv” which shouldn’t surprise anyone.
  • October 2021, The Guardian published an article titled “Revealed: ‘anti-oligarch’ Ukrainian president’s offshore connections” that shows how current hero Zelenskyy “pledged to clean up Ukraine’s oligarch-dominated ruling system” and turns out to be exactly the same as he is involved in “a sprawling network of offshore companies, co-owned with his longtime friends and TV business partners”.

For years, right up until just a few months ago, Zelenskyy was just another massively corrupt opportunist who lied to his own people to get into power, dissolved the parliament to consolidate that power and presided over one of the most corrupt countries on Earth, this according to the same media that wants you to send money to support the neo-Nazi allied Ukrainian military and give Zelenskyy a knighthood and a Nobel Peace Prize.

This is completely ludicrous.

Again it is important to stress that pointing out the hypocrisy and inconsistencies is not picking a side, or justifying any military action by the Russian Government or anything like that. The point is the hypocrisy of Governments and media hyperventilating about Russian aggression while ignoring Ukrainian aggression or all the other aggression by the UK, USA and other countries historically and in particular right now clearly shows that they don’t actually care about aggression. They don’t care about innocent civilians, or refugees, or the millions dead from all the wars, or even the truth. There are reasons they want the world’s attention singularly fixed on the circus-show version of events in Ukraine that they are so desperate to shove in everyone’s faces 24/7, and this article is attempting to identify and explain those reasons.

As it should be obvious by now, stealing and seizing assets and money from citizens is becoming more targeted, and normalised so that eventually the public is intended to not just support, but demand the Government steals everything from anyone who threatens the “System”, while continuing to steal almost everything from everyone else because only they know how to manage your life. That all appears to be progressing rather well for them.

Digital ID

Next on the shopping list of things to help you rule the world is digital ids. The idea of a digital id has been pushed in various ways for a while… fed up with all the hundreds of complicated passwords you need to remember for all the different online accounts you’re now expected to have these days? Maybe a single digital id would be more convenient? One that is biometrically linked to you and only you. As always the idea of convenience is the most powerful tool to sell things to us, while we are intentionally kept way busier than we need to be by the same people and groups now pretending to try to make our lives easier.

The notion of “financial inclusion” has been one of the more recent sales pitches too. Back in 2015 the US Department of the Treasury held some kind of symposium all about the idea of financial inclusion, to help the poor, obviously. But not just any old poor. The virtually omnipresent Bill Gates was a key speaker at this event where he waffles on about how his Foundation is mostly known for it’s efforts in “global health”, but less well known for it’s high-priority work in the field of digitisation of the economy and financial inclusion in what he refers to as “developing countries”. Here is a clip of him blathering on about it…

Gates delivers the opening remarks as seen in the above clip where he talks about the G20 and the US Government leading the way for “financial inclusion” that will then create the markets and opportunities for the full digitisation of the economies in developing countries. That in turn will require a digital id that works across all systems, financial, voting, health, education and taxation. Gates declares it “is a wonderful thing to go in and create a broad identification system”, and of course for him and his pals in Government and global organisations, it really is.

He is obviously very proud of the clout his Foundation has, grinning like Jimmy Savile being given the keys to Broadmoor (yes, that happened) as he describes them advising central banks on how to transform their economies into a digital tracking and permission system so granular that you can block individual transactions.

He talks about the KYC rules, Know Your Customer that is, which is nothing to do with providing a better, more personal service but all about tracking and making sure customers have to prove who they are, forming yet another of the prerequisites for a digital id. He doesn’t give any good reasons for this obsession over tracking and knowing everything about everyone but naturally throws in terrorism and money laundering because they are the go to pseudo-arguments literally everyone pushing for this digital financial prison uses despite being the ones most guilty of those very things. Oh yes, and “helping the poor”. If there’s one thing that should be obvious by now, Gates, Governments and globalists do not care about “the poor”.

After decades of creating and exploiting the system that has created the greatest financial inequality in human history they hide behind the notion of helping the poor as justification for pushing for even more control. As usual, they have decided that Africa is poor because they mostly judge everyone else by their own standards and priorities. Sure there is poverty in Africa, and most of that is a direct result of the meddling by “white knights” like Bill Gates who have been part of the ideological colonialist brigade, arrogantly deciding Africans not only don’t know what’s best for Africans, but are also incapable of living happy fulfilling lives without the “financial inclusion” that has brought so much joy and happiness to everywhere else it has infested. Yes, that last bit was sarcasm.

After Bill’s opening remarks, the group sits down for yet another one of these self-congratulatory panel meetings with a fawning audience there to clap on cue. The panel group is made up of:

  • Queen Máxima of the Netherlands who then served and still serves as the United Nations Secretary-General’s Special Advocate for Inclusive Finance for Development. The Dutch royal family are billionaires.
  • Bill Gates who is ex-CEO of Microsoft and runs the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and a billionaire.
  • Jamie Dimon who is Chairman & CEO of JPMorgan Chase and an ex-director of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and a billionaire.
  • Luis Videgaray Caso, the Mexican Secretary of Finance and Public Credit, the relative pauper on the panel who was accused in 2020 of being involved a $52 million bribery scandal in 2012-2014 and in 2021 was disqualified from taking on any public role in his country for 10 years.

As you can see, these impeccable credentials make this the ideal group to decide the financial fate of the “developing countries”. Billionaires who have relentlessly plundered the world, especially Africa, and a corrupt politician… what could possibly go wrong?

In November 2017 a video was posted on Youtube by Australia Post titled “Digital iD™ – a simpler way to verify” with a jaunty 1 minute 29 second promo of a new digital service to “prove who you are”. Lucy, the character in the video is desperate to find an easier way to prove who she is. This ability to digitally prove who you are will even make “accessing Government services” easier. Wonderful, now you can get your State handout after they have destroyed the economy and job market with a convenient new app. The website for this service has cute images of John and Jane Citizen, smiling in their QR coded and digitally verified phone app photos. Who ever said utopia was a pipe dream?

Then we have Bill Gates’ good friend at the World Economic Forum (WEF), Klaus Schwab. Back in May 2019 the Chicago Council on Global Affairs held an event where Schwab gave a lecture on the Fourth Industrial Revolution. During this lecture Schwab explains how his organisation works with the UN, promotes certain people up the ranks of Government and industry via it’s Young Global Leaders programme, and of course eventually gets to the topic of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and how digital id systems are an obvious necessity in a world where biology, technology and digitalisation are combined to transform everything, including what it is to be human.

In January 2020 the WEF and Accenture teamed up at Davos with another “panel”, this time discussing “moving towards a more useful, safe and valuable identity”. If you can be bothered you can watch this on YouTube too. This was just more digital id stuff, with a sprinkling of social credit. Accenture have been part of the push for digital id for a long time, as you can see from this Chamber of Digital Commerce event introduced by their president Perianne Boring (yes that is her name) and subsequent speech by Accenture’s Managing Director and Global Blockchain Lead, David Treat. The description of this video contains the following:

To fully participate in modern society, a digital identity is now required. However, most of the infrastructure that supports identity hasn’t matured past physical documents and fragmented and redundant data structures managed by others. A solution pattern is emerging that could create safe and effective digital identities that are based on a combination of new technologies including blockchain and biometrics.


This really is the push for a global, digital id system based on biometrics. To pretend this is not happening is at everyone’s peril. There is also ID2020 which we have mentioned before. This is a Microsoft, GAVI and Accenture “alliance” that claims on it’s website…

For the one in seven people globally who lacks a means to prove their identity, digital ID offers access to vital social services and enables them to exercise their rights as citizens and voters and participate in the modern economy.


In March 2020 the World Economic Forum published their “Known Traveller Digital Identity Specifications Guidance” document, which is, as they explain…

The Known Traveller Digital Identity (KTDI) concept relies upon a trusted, decentralized and interoperable identity platform enabled through technologies including blockchain, biometrics, mobile devices, and cryptography. The Forum and its partners are currently piloting components of the KTDI concept in a real-life, cross-border context to further enhance the concept and inform future pilots. The pilot learnings will also help inform the development of best practices and standards in collaboration with international regulatory and standards-setting bodies and industry.


In September 2020 the EU President Ursula von der Leyen announced the Commission’s plans to propose a secure European digital identity. You see the relevant clip from her State of the Union address here on YouTube.

In October 2020 the multinational company Thales produced a promo video for their “Digital ID Wallet”, also featuring someone called Lucy. The promo video is narrated by some whiny voiceover actor pretending to be the voice of the app, that is first and foremost, a tool for Governments to communicate with citizens. “Right now, I’m reminding Lucy of her appointment she needs to schedule for her mandatory vaccination” says the app in the video. The app can even help you pay your taxes, it’s just so easy. But above all, it will help you prove your identity, because it is a digital id system.

I think you get the idea.

As we see another engineered humanitarian crisis with another massive transfer of people from one country to others, an obvious claim will be how to know if people coming into this or that country from Ukraine via these incredibly quickly set up refugee programmes are interlopers, “terrorists” or actual refugees? Well just by coincidence and pure luck we have these digital id systems all but ready to roll out that will help this artificial problem, say the globalists.

We saw the COVID scam used to provide the excuses for requiring digital id for health passes and travel, and of course this latest episode ticks all the boxes for more reasons why the world “needs” such things.

Central Bank Digital Currencies

Finally we come to the transformation and digitisation of all economies. People might be tempted to think that as banks have used computers for decades and much of our financial activity is already done by computers and online apps, everything is already digitised. What’s the big deal about a central bank digital currency if almost everything is already digital?

For those that don’t already know, it’s about the CB part of CBDC rather than the DC. Since the Bretton Woods Conference held in July 1944 that set up the world financial system that has existed since then, leading directly and intentionally to the collapsing mess of unsustainable debt, inflation and inequality, there has been a two-tier system of “money” in the world.

To understand what is being transformed by the implementation of CBDCs we have to understand what the goal of Central Banks is, and what is stopping them from doing that right now considering how much influence they already have and had for decades.

Larry Fink is the CEO of BlackRock, one of the biggest multinational investment management corporations in the world. According to Wikipedia they manage at least $10 trillion (with a t) in assets. They have extremely close ties to the US Federal Reserve (more on that later) and is usually among the top three if not the top shareholder in many (allegedly) competing publicly traded companies in almost every industry. Often these companies BlackRock is the main shareholder of, in turn own shares in BlackRock. Usually where this concentration and chain of ownership of alleged competitors in industries leads to what is known as “anti-competitive behaviour”. This should not come as a surprise, and trawling through the “top institutional holders” section on the Yahoo finance section of most big companies will show BlackRock Inc, Vanguard Group Inc and State Street Corporation occupying three of the top five positions e.g. Apple, Google (Alphabet), Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook (Meta), Pfizer, Moderna, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase and so on, you get the idea. Even so-called rivals like Coca Cola and PepsiCo are effectively majority owned and therefore controlled by a few asset management and investment companies which means they aren’t rivals at all. This gigantic self-interested circle of corporations all run by a handful of asset management companies like BlackRock means the only competition that exists is ensuring no-one else can.

According to Wikipedia…

In March 2020, the Federal Reserve chose BlackRock to manage two corporate bond-buying programs in response to the coronavirus pandemic, the $500 billion Primary Market Corporate Credit Facility (PMCCF) and the Secondary Market Corporate Credit Facility (SMCCF), as well as purchase by the Federal Reserve System of commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS) guaranteed by Government National Mortgage Association, Federal National Mortgage Association, or Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation.

In August 2020, BlackRock received approval from the China Securities Regulatory Commission to set up a mutual fund business in the country. This made BlackRock the first global asset manager to get consent from the Chinese government to start operations in the country.


The largest and one of the most predatory investment corporations in history got permission in 2020 to spend US taxpayers future money on buying up whatever they wanted by the US Federal Reserve, and also got permission from the Chinese Government to set up shop in China. This shouldn’t really come as a surprise either as Larry Fink, the CEO of BlackRock is on record as declaring his love for totalitarian Governments…

Earlier it was mentioned about the two-tier monetary system. In any country that has a Central Bank (which is basically all of them) there is this two-tier system. Essentially there are two kinds of money, two kinds of banks and two circuits that are only connected at a specific point. The following is an explanation of how this works, based on the excellent research by John Titus who’s YouTube channel called Best Evidence is a fantastic resource for all matters financial when it comes to Central Banks.

There are basically two circuits of money, a private (retail) circuit and a public (wholesale) circuit. This explanation will be based on the US system but that is basically an implementation of the Bank of England system and every other Central Banking system in the world, but the terminology and institutions will be US based, as it is largely the US Federal Reserve and US based corporations like BlackRock spearheading things, at least visibly, plus the world’s reserve currency is currently the US dollar so it makes sense that we pick the most visible and familiar to use for our explanation.

The private/retail circuit is the one we use. Personal and commercial financial activities are conducted in the private/retail side. The public/wholesale circuit is the Federal Reserve, Central Banks side. It seems a bit confusing at first as we are the public but we use the private side, and the private Central Banks use the public side, but think of it through the ludicrous lens of ownership as espoused by Governments. Something that is notionally “public owned” regardless of the actual reality of it, like the NHS, or any other Government run entity is what is being represented by the word “public” in this case, not who might use it. Likewise the “private sector” is anything not owned/run by the Government is what is meant by the word in this case, not anything relating to privacy.

We will have some diagrams, and the private/retail side will be coloured red, and the public/wholesale side will be coloured blue. Those colours are not representative of anything else at all, just two colours to show the split circuits. Nothing political or otherwise should be inferred from the colours, just to be clear.

As you can see, the only thing common to both circuits is Commercial Banks and that is the point where the two circuits connect. The Federal Reserve and other Central Banks like the Bank of England and the European Central Bank do not and cannot directly access the non-banks, companies and people that use the money in the red (private) circuit. There are two separate reports made weekly regarding deposits in each of the circuits or tiers. There are over 4,000 Commercial Banks in the US, and their deposits are reported in the weekly H.8 report published by the Federal Reserve. There are 12 “branches” of the Federal Reserve and their deposits are reported weekly in the H.4.1 report. Those two separate reports equate to the two separate circuits.

The Federal Reserve can obviously affect interest rates and asset buying/selling in the blue/public circuit but it’s ability to affect things in the red/private circuit is limited. This is not what Central Banks want. It’s not what they ever wanted and the system of two circuits was a limitation based on technology and practicality. To simplify the system as it was…

The reason that the Central Banks want to do away with the two-tier system is that now they believe the technology exists to be able to implement CBDCs and have direct control, as explained by Agustín Carstens who is the General Manager of the Bank for International Settlements…

…and to explain that using graphics (although you’ve probably already figured this out) it looks like this…

The original system was not put in place for anyone’s protection by the way. It was a means to an end, just like the original Bretton Woods system. If they thought they could have implemented a Central Bank currency back then, they’d have done it but while these people are delusional and drunk on their own self-importance, they do understand that up to now it would have been technically and practically impossible, not to mention a difficult sell to the public.

Now we have had over a decade of people getting used to the idea of crypto-currencies even if they don’t use or understand them, Central Banks declaring their no-risk versions, backed by Governments (i.e. taxpayers) and not subject to the volatility of Bitcoin, Etherium etc. will be an easier sell, not to mention the unsustainable debts racked up by a century of reckless spending to buy votes, waste resources and consign generations to tax-slavery the idea of a “reset” of the financial systems is becoming ever more attractive to people sick of being exploited by the rich.

This was all by design. They devised a system that would benefit them for decades whilst eventually leading to either a collapse or the demand for a reset, and they are all prepared for either of those. CDBCs are in progress almost everywhere around the world. The Atlantic Council has a CDBC “tracker” on their website, where you can see just how far along they are…


As you can see, at the time of writing (29th April 2022) there are 9 countries where they have already launched their CBDC including Bahamas, 7 small countries in the Caribbean, and Nigeria. Bill Gates mentioned his Foundation’s efforts in Nigeria amongst a few other countries.

If you click on the circle for Nigeria on the map on the actual website, you’ll see some more details about it, where it says…

In October 2021, President Buhari launched the e-Naira, Africa’s first CBDC. The launch comes only a few months after CBN instated a ban on other cryptocurrency activity in Nigeria.

Nigeria information – https://www.atlanticcouncil.org/cbdctracker/

Hmmm, “a ban on other cryptocurrency activity”. Also noteworthy is of the 15 countries running a pilot version of their CBDC it includes Saudi Arabia, Sweden, South Africa, China, South Korea, Russia and Ukraine. The poorest country in Europe, the ravaged Ukraine’s Central Bank signed a deal in 2021 with Stellar Development Foundation to develop a CBDC after a successful two-month pilot. Interesting.

Who are Stellar Development Foundation? Well they are partnered up with IBM, the World Economic Forum and are heavily entangled with the US Government, and the CTO of Stellar, Jed McCaleb was a founder of Ripple, another digital currency company that is shacked up with the big banks.

What we are seeing is all the right conditions to push this further and harder, eventually to a point where they hope the general public will beg for it.


Everything we are seeing with this “conflict” between Russia and Ukraine, and also by proxy, Russia and NATO is designed to advance the 4 main goals that will pave the way for the technocrats dream future. Getting all wrapped up in trying to figure out if Putin is the good guy or the bad guy, or how Zelenskyy managed to become a billionaire through a career in comedy in the poorest country in Europe is ultimately a distraction. While much of the public gets sucked in, believing all the provable lies in the media, they aren’t noticing the walls closing in.

We need to continue to resist all of these things, no matter how convenient they might appear at the time, as they will ultimately be the downfall of humanity if these lunatics have their way.