We live in a corrupted system. The way to tackle corruption is to first acknowledge it exists. Only then is it possible to come up with ways of dealing with it, but don't make the mistake of believing the system can or will uncorrupt itself.

The Ukraine Show Continues

Considering this is supposed to be the hottest war in the world, and as far as the media and politics is concerned, the only hot war in the world, tourism for high ranking politicians from all four corners of the earth appears to be focused on Kyiv/Kiev as they flock to the capital of Ukraine for photo opportunities.

There are other wars going on of course. The occasionally informative Wikipedia lists 18 wars and 5 “major wars” that are current, one of which has been going since 1948. What is interesting to note is the “Russo-Ukrainian War” is listed as having been going since 2014 and the location is listed as:

  • Russia
  • Donetsk PR
  • Luhansk PR
  • Ukraine

Those four places have their own flags, and you could be forgiven for thinking that they are four separate countries. In fact, Donetsk PR (People’s Republic) and Luhansk PR are the main areas in the Donbas region of Ukraine that have been fighting for their independence, against the Ukrainian military since 2014. The media reports these areas as controlled by “Russian-backed separatists”.

It would be interesting to see the mental gymnastics an average media-programmed citizen would perform if they were asked to make a case for supporting the striving for independence for the ex-colonial outposts of the British Empire or even Scotland, and not supporting the striving for independence of those two regions of Ukraine who have faced years of military aggression from the Ukrainian Government. Logically you couldn’t support the independence of say, India from the British Empire and not support the independence of Donetsk and Luhansk from Ukraine. You either support people’s right to choose, or you don’t. Just one more example of doublethink is recent quotes from Scotland’s Nicola Sturgeon…

Nicola Sturgeon insisted membership of Nato is crucial to an independent foreign policy – teeing up a clash with Greens in the Scottish Government.

Speaking in the US, Ms Sturgeon claimed the ongoing war in Ukraine meant it would be “essential” to be in the alliance if Scotland votes to leave the UK.


Er, what? Joining a US led military alliance (NATO) is “crucial to an independent foreign policy”? How does that even make sense? And given that the “ongoing war in Ukraine”, the one that has been “ongoing” since 2014 is about Ukraine not wanting 2 regions of it’s own country leave and become independent, Sturgeon wants to join NATO if they become independent. You couldn’t make it up.

Obviously there is much more going on with the “war” in Ukraine. It isn’t JUST about those two regions, and it’s not JUST Russia’s president Putin riding to their rescue. Putin will though be feeling the pain of the massively unexpected win of the Eurovision Song Contest by Ukraine…


Oh yes, Putin must be devastated that completely organically and spontaneously “Europe” collectively voted for “the delirious sound of a man with a pink tea cosy on his head rapping a Ukrainian folk song”. Ooooof!

As we have mentioned before, up until October 2021 the media reporting and generally accepted as fact view of Ukraine is that it was massively corrupt, has Neo-Nazi and child-prostitution/trafficking problems to put it mildly, and that Zelenskyy was just another opportunist riding the propaganda wave to power that he and his media/film mates used to get him installed as President. Something then changed, Putin decided to formally support those two regions (Donetsk PR and Luhansk PR) and things escalated from there. Suddenly Ukraine went from being the corruption capital of Europe where anything goes, to the downtrodden utopia of truth and virtue, and Zelenskyy was elevated to sainthood, almost overnight.

Since then literally billions of dollars/pounds/euros etc. has flooded into Ukrainian coffers, and we will never find out where any of that money really went, or what the equipment was really used for, and politician after politician has made the pilgrimage to Kyiv, allegedly risking life and limb to show solidarity with Zelenskyy’s Government, or just to attend an impromptu concert, staged by regular globalist harlot Bono for example. Sure.

Nothing about this “war” has been “normal”. I am, as it should be obvious to any regular readers, anti-war. The reason war exists is because Government’s exist, and war serves Governments very well. The point I’m making about this particular “war” and how it is not normal, is that never before in any conflict have we seen political elites and billionaire pop-stars flock to a warzone.

There is a disproportionate amount of focus on this war over all the others, some of which have either been going on much longer, or there are way more dead people as a result, that 99% of people on the planet probably have no idea are even happening. I’m not trying to turn this into a numbers game, or suggest some lives are worth more attention than others. The media and Governments have already done that for you. They have decided that the only lives that matter right now are Ukrainians. You can wish death on Russians, that’s fine. You can even ignore all the brown people dying in their hundreds of thousands in loads of other wars going on right now. The irony that we just lived through almost two years of relentless, nauseating BLM virtue signalling and now you’re meant to ignore all the conflicts where “people of colour” are dying and just care about a white European country, is almost off the charts.

All victims of war matter. All victims of violence matter. The point here is to illustrate something else is going on in Ukraine. Something about a “Global System” amongst others. But don’t take my word for it. Time magazine has published an article titled “The Global System Has Failed. Ukraine Is Showing the World How to Build A Better One”


This article is a blatant call for a New World Order. It doesn’t use that precise phrase, because obviously that’s just a Conspiracy Theory™, but it does call for it. The article starts with:

The current international security system has nearly expired. It’s rotted through. Its remains have collapsed and buried the world order beneath. Trying to revive it is futile.

So the current “world order” is buried beneath the collapsed “international security system”, which is presumably NATO, the UN etc. as the author mentions them later, chiding them for their apparent and current lack of effectiveness in dealing with the Russian Problem. The author accuses Russia of being “at the forefront of the forces intent on rolling back the international relations system”. This system was, according to the author, the Peace of Westphalia treaties from 1648. Wikipedia states that:

Scholars of international relations have identified the Peace of Westphalia as the origin of principles crucial to modern international relations, collectively known as Westphalian sovereignty, though other historians argue that this is largely a myth invented after the fact.


The idea that this Immaculate Conception event of International Relations is a myth is well-founded. Wikipedia does cite this article on the JSTOR website titled “Sovereignty, International Relations, and the Westphalian Myth” by Andreas Osiander published in 2001. As outlined in this publication, the “standard view” (i.e. the mainstream view touted by the internationalists and globalists who exert the most influence over pretty much all the narratives in the public sphere) is that the Thirty Years’ War was a struggle between the “universalists” and the “peculiarists”. The “universalist” side, so the story goes, was made up of the emperor and Spanish king, both members of the Habsburg dynasty who were loyal to the Church of Rome who asserted they had the right, along with the Pope, to control Christendom (AKA essentially the “western world” at the time). Their opposition was several countries including Denmark, the Dutch Republic, France, Sweden and some German princes who wanted to uphold the right of all states to full independence.

Regardless of whether that is actually an accurate record of what happened back in the 1600s it is the view espoused by the internationalists and globalists who claim the Westphalian “world order” was the birth of “international relations”, something which we will come to understand is simply another euphemism, this time for global Government and/or governance. The author of the Time magazine article is clearly an adherent and advocate for this school of thought.

But reading that Time article sees the author side with the “universalists” in the Westphalian story, who were looking to enforce a Papal/Royal international rule, and were up against those wanting independence for their respective countries. This is directly at odds with the idea of Ukrainian independence, which is at odds with Ukraine’s aspirations to join a military hegemony, akin to the Holy Roman Empire’s “single Christian imperium”. That is also at odds with the fact that those two regions in Ukraine, Donetsk and Luhansk, who have been trying to become independent have been under siege by the Ukrainian military since 2014.

All of this is so completely contradictory, even without knowing the real details of those historical events, or even the full truth about what’s going on right now, it makes the idea of accepting the presented narrative as objective and based on reality totally impossible. You can ONLY accept it if you are prepared to suspend the idea of coherent and consistent logic, and instead embrace doublethink, triplethink and even quadruplethink.

Some time ago, a Ukrainian MP by the name of Kira Rudik stated that “we not only fight for Ukraine, we fight for this new world order for the democratic countries”.


This was promptly “fact-checked” by the exponentially increasing number of Ministry of Truth child-organisations like Logically, who simply strawmanned the evidenced claims of those branded “conspiracy theorists” and declared that this Ukrainian MP’s words were “taken out of context”. According to Logically, the “claim” that they don’t actually cite anywhere, or quote specifically is that the statement by Rudik/Rudyk is “being misleadingly taken as an accidental confirmation of the New World Order, or “Great Reset,” conspiracy theory.”, and then goes on to explain…

The “Great Reset” conspiracy theory asserts that a number of global organizations, politicians, and business leaders are conspiring to create an authoritarian ‘one-world’ government by divesting people of autonomy and opportunities to own property. It is particularly focused around Klaus Schwab, the founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum. Schwab published a book in 2020 titled “COVID-19: The Great Reset” from which the conspiracy theory movement derives its name. The theory is often presented alongside or as the “ultimate goal” of other conspiracies such as anti-vaccine conspiracy theory, e.g. in the claim that vaccine mandates are being used to normalize or enforce control of global populations.

There is no evidence that this conspiracy theory is true.


Again, no citations that this is what the “Great Reset conspiracy theory” actually is, just take their word for it, and that there is no evidence that “this” conspiracy theory is true. A blatant strawman argument, as usual. Not even a link to the Great Reset page on the WEF website. I wonder why? Maybe because if you look at it with an open mind for a few moments and set aside any pre-programmed skepticism, you’ll see that this “conspiracy theory” is not a theory at all.

If anyone actually took the time to read the COVID-19: The Great Reset book that the “fact-checker” mentioned in passing or peruse their website that they didn’t link to, they would understand that this idea of a global agenda “to improve the state of the world” (the WEFs own words), by addressing “the inconsistencies, inadequacies and contradictions of multiple systems –from health and financial to energy and education” (again, their words) by taking advantage of “a unique window of opportunity to shape the recovery, this initiative will offer insights to help inform all those determining the future state of global relations, the direction of national economies, the priorities of societies, the nature of business models and the management of a global commons. Drawing from the vision and vast expertise of the leaders engaged across the Forum’s communities, the Great Reset initiative has a set of dimensions to build a new social contract that honours the dignity of every human being.” (yes, also their words).

But, this throwaway comment by a Ukrainian MP, just taken out of context by those dastardly conspiracy theorists served a purpose. It gave the “fact-checkers” an opportunity to get in there and further program the compliant of mind that this New World Order/Great Reset stuff is just bonkers. No matter that the guy that runs the WEF wrote the book on it. No matter that for years that phrase has been used by globalist politicians and mouthpieces like George H. W. Bush, the plans that are documented, the goals that are stated and the methods described are all actually happening around us. Never mind all that, it’s been “fact-checked” by an organisation claiming to be independent and transparent that actually says on it’s website that they are “verified signatories of the International Fact-Checking Network, with offices in the UK, US and India.”, they even have the badge to prove it:

But you don’t even need to look as far as old George Bush UN promo videos, or Klaus Schwab’s WEF for evidence of this New World Order stuff. Remember the Time article we were looking at earlier? That is full of references to this stuff. Sure it might not contain the phrase “New World Order” as explicitly as that, but it bemoans what the author considers the collapse of “the first world order”, and misuses a historical event, plus besieges the reader with accusations of atrocities and world order collapsing behaviour, topped off with the demand for unlimited support for Ukraine, the allowance for Ukraine to join NATO, all to convince the reader, or someone, that to stop the naughty Russians from spoiling the plans for world peace, they need weapons to defeat them.

The author obtusely flip-flops between arguing for sovereignty of nations and the destruction of sovereignty of nations, throws references to Israel in for good measure and also informs the reader that Ukraine is “one of the leading guarantors of world food security, so securing it is not only a moral issue, but also a purely practical one”, because moral blackmail on it’s own is not going to cut it. Veiled threats to people’s actual food supplies are in there too.

So who IS the author of this Time magazine article? The author that venerates merciless capitalists and attention-seeking megalomaniac loons, or as the article says… “those active visionaries like Steve Jobs and Elon Musk, bringing the future to humankind”. Who is it who name-drops and quotes warmongers like Winston Churchill, invokes Israel, quotes Henry Kissinger and describes Ukrainian President Zelenskyy like this…

The Ukrainian President brought seemingly forgotten virtues into world politics. In the greatest ordeal of war, he became the conductor of the Ukrainian philosophy of freedom in the whole world. So, today Ukraine is not just a country near Russia. Not a weak and corrupt state, whose leaders used to buy handshakes and minute meetings on the sidelines. Volodymyr Zelenskyy is different. He is sincere. He is brave. He is popular. It’s a politician of a new formation. And Ukraine is a state of a new formation.


Well, the author of this high-profile “ideas” piece in the Time Magazine is none other than Andriy Yermak, who is the Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, as well as a film producer, lawyer and according to Wikipedia, became friends with Volodymyr Zelenskyy back in 2011 when Yermak was running his company the Garnet International Media Group and Zelenskyy was the general producer for the TV channel Inter.

These two experienced media guys teamed up and Yermak worked on Zelenskyy’s election campaign in 2019, and Zelenskyy returned the favour by appointing Yermak as “Presidential Aide for Foreign Policy Issues”.

Yermak is 50 years old, single and has no children. He has Jewish heritage and so gets a free pass to invoke the “holocaust” and references to Israel when politically expedient, just like Zelenskyy does.

All of this, Yermak and Zelenskyy, the contradictory drivel in the Time article, the obvious falsification of aspects of this “war”, the constant siphoning of money from countries who’s economies have already been sucked dry by parasitic politicians, corporations and the never-ending carousel of war, global health and climate nonsense is there to bring everything to the brink of collapse. This is to pave the way for the intended plan all along which is a new global financial system, a new global health system, a new global security system and as the WEF put it, a “new social contract”, even though you never asked for one.