We live in a corrupted system. The way to tackle corruption is to first acknowledge it exists. Only then is it possible to come up with ways of dealing with it, but don't make the mistake of believing the system can or will uncorrupt itself.


Australian Government Hits New Insanity Levels

COVID-19, Government

So while perfectly healthy Australians are carted of by force to “quarantine camps” like Howard Springs where people are threatened with $5,000 fines for crossing lines on the floor, confined to apartments and balconies when they are not even ill, ABC news published a video of Northern Territory Chief Minister Michael Gunner stating “If you […]

The Drugs Don’t Work

COVID-19, Government

As well as being a song by the English band the Verve, it is now quite clear that, as many people did know from the start based on an understanding of how these injections were claimed to work, the mechanisms by which chimp viral vectors or mRNA instructing the body to produce engineered proteins to […]

Another International Treaty

COVID-19, Government

So we already looked at the “International Covenant On Civil And Political Rights” in this article, which is legally binding and signed up to by almost every country (with a few notable exceptions) but certainly includes all the major so-called “Western democracies” like the UK, US, European countries, Australia and New Zealand etc. You know, […]

The FDA and the “Full Transparency” Illusion

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The FDA, which is for those unaware is the United States Food and Drug Administration, the Government regulatory body who’s single job is to check and test claims about food and drugs by their manufacturers and ensure they are safe, effective if that is relevant and that the claims are evidenced.In November 2020 the FDA […]

Ofcom Guidelines Preventing Free Press and Scrutiny

COVID-19, Government, Propaganda

On the 27th of March 2020 the UK regulator Ofcom published this document on their website (mirror). It is all about the “Important guidance” regarding “broadcast content on the Coronavirus”. Ofcom had apparently sent this other document out (mirror) to all broadcasters on the 20th March 2020 and made it available on the 23rd March […]

The Guardian – Children Should Vote

Government, Propaganda

The demolition of the “argument” presented by the author of this article in The Guardian won’t take long. It seems that David Runciman (the aforementioned author) thinks there is a problem with the Holy Grail of socio-economic and political mechanisms, that being the all-hallowed “Democracy”, the system by which allegedly the public votes in their […]

The “Vaccination Charts”

COVID-19, Government

Yes, apparently a world ranking list for Countries relating to the COVID-19 injections they are forcing on their respective populations is a thing.Just for the benefit of any “Fact Checkers” out there that might take issue with the use of the word “forcing” because allegedly at present we’re told it is not “mandatory” anywhere, yet, […]

UK Government Harvesting Data from Social Media

Government, Tech

Published in May 2016 on the UK Government website is this document (mirror) titled “Using social media for social research: An introduction”.This 27 page document was prepared by the Social Media Research Group, that was apparently established in 2014 according to the blurb in this report which also claims the goals of this Group are:To […]

UK Government Ending More Lives

COVID-19, Government

On the 12th November 2021 the UK Government published a contract on their website titled “The Supply of ITU Medicines and End of Life Care Medicines for Covid-19 Preparedness”.As it states in the “contract opportunity”:The Authority seeks to top up the Stockpile holdings of Midazolam 50mg/10ml vial (EOL) and Noradrenaline 8mg/8ml for infs Amp (ITU) […]

Freedom of Information… and Midazolam

COVID-19, Government

A Freedom of Information request into the Office for National Statistics (ONS) asking about yearly death rates per year in the U.K since 1990 up until the end of December 2020 was responded to with a table of data available here.The data there is presented below, with “Crude Mortality Rate (per 100,000 population)” for the […]

BBC Booster Propaganda

COVID-19, Government, Pharma

As we now watch the media and Government grapple with the dual task of convincing the “unvaccinated” to have the COVID injections because they’re so effective, and simultaneously convince the already double-jabbed to have a booster (the first of many we can safely assume) because their jabs now don’t work after mere months, the BBC […]

UK MP Complains About Google Censorship

Government, Tech

British Conservative Party MP David Davis was upset the other day as a speech he’d made at the Conservative Party conference against domestic vaccine passports was censored from YouTube as Google claimed he’d been spreading “medical misinformation”.Reported on the 17th October 2021 by a Conservative website, David Davis had written about his experience of being “deliberately silenced”. […]

666 Problems and a Virus Ain’t One

COVID-19, Government, Tech

Whether you or I believe in an actual Devil, or the significance of the number 666 i.e. the Biblical “Number of the Beast” is much less important than understanding that there are hugely influential, powerful and rich people who do, or at least regularly use the symbology and numerology associated with it.Some relatively recent examples […]

Some Perspective…


According to the Government’s own website, the UK NHS Test & Trace app so far has a budget of £37,000,000,000 (thirty-seven billion) for two years, which is an unfathomable sum of money. It is hard to imagine just how much money that is, at a cost to the taxpayer, mostly because these huge numbers are […]

BBC – The State’s Prime Propaganda Outlet

COVID-19, Government, Propaganda

Once again, the BBC has published lies and cleverly worded half-truths to back the UK Government’s taxpayer funded advertising campaign for pharmaceutical corporations and globalists. On the 9th September they led with this headline:The article starts by quoting Boris Johnson, then stating:The UK has reported more than 30,000 cases for the last nine days in […]

Identify and Disrupt


The Australian Parliament just passed the “Surveillance Legislation Amendment (Identify and Disrupt) Bill 2021”. The summary of this new Bill is as follows:Amends: the Surveillance Devices Act 2004 and Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Act 1979 to: introduce data disruption warrants to enable the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) to disrupt data by modifying, […]

Mass Vaccinator Jobs

COVID-19, Government, Pharma

So the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) states that their “Current Advice” on COVID-19 “vaccinations” according to the latest statement from them published on the 4th August 2021 advises “COVID-19 vaccination of all adults aged 18 years and over in the UK, and vaccination of some specific groups under the age of 18 […]

Australia – Penal Colony 2.0

COVID-19, Government

With all the off-the-charts hysteria and aggressive dictatorship-style laws and enforcement from the Australian Government so far, despite the very small numbers of what they are calling COVID deaths, mostly of people in their 80s you could be forgiven for thinking they couldn’t top what’s happened already. What else could they possibly do that would […]

MHRA Funding FOI Request

Climate, COVID-19, Globalism, Government, Pharma

A Freedom of Information Request was submitted to the MHRA. which is the Medicines & Healthcare Regulatory Agency, the UK Government department that is responsible for approving (or rarely, not approving) all medicines and related products for use in the UK.This FOI request was asking about how the MHRA is funded, and was responded to […]



Back in September 2020, the UK Government under the “leadership” of Boris Johnson declared their bold plan to test the entire population in a week. This plan was called “Operation Moonshot”, because why not? Everything about this pseudo-pandemic has been an absolute farce, excluding the deliberate deaths and life-changing trauma of course. Why wouldn’t you […]

COVID-19 – Vaccinating Children and Young People

COVID-19, Eugenics, Government

As the UK Government continues to goosestep it’s way through society injecting everyone it can with it’s experimental gene-therapy, starting with “the vulnerable” which was defined very early on and has since expanded to include literally everyone, we’re now seeing them turn their attention to children. This was always where this was headed, and the […]

Dishonest Fact Checkers

Government, Propaganda

On August 14th 2021 a website called Tech Xplore published an article by the Associated Press titled “Prominent fact-checker Snopes apologizes for plagiarism”.It has been obvious for a very long time that the Fact Checking industry does nothing of the sort, and is simply another cog in the global propaganda machine. Snopes for example claims […]

Facial Recognition Tech

Globalism, Government, Tech

The BBC posted an article 6 days ago titled “New police CCTV use rules criticised as bare bones” which is in reference to the police use of live facial recognition technology in public settings in England and Wales.Unsurprisingly to anyone who knows how the Government operates, a former CCTV watchdog Tony Porter is quoted in […]

Vaccines for “The Plague”

Government, Pharma

Following on from Pfizer’s intended expansion of their mRNA catalogue in the light of it being “validated” according to their top Investor Relations guy at a recent meeting with big money guys from Pfizer and Barclays Bank, AstraZeneca have also seen an opportunity to start pushing their “chimpanzee adenovirus” vector based technology in other directions. […]