We live in a corrupted system. The way to tackle corruption is to first acknowledge it exists. Only then is it possible to come up with ways of dealing with it, but don't make the mistake of believing the system can or will uncorrupt itself.

UK MP Complains About Google Censorship

British Conservative Party MP David Davis was upset the other day as a speech he’d made at the Conservative Party conference against domestic vaccine passports was censored from YouTube as Google claimed he’d been spreading “medical misinformation”.

Reported on the 17th October 2021 by a Conservative website, David Davis had written about his experience of being “deliberately silenced”. It appears he didn’t enjoy it at all. Imagine that?

I have no time for David Davis or the Conservative Party, but it is interesting to see just how heavy-handed “Big Tech” are when doing the bidding of globalist organisations that consider nations, domestic Governments and their representatives like Davis as mostly irrelevant, occasionally useful and definitely disposable.

We are it seems, supposed to believe Mr Davis is on the “right side of history”. He isn’t of course, as he is keen to reassure onlooking important people that:

throughout the pandemic, I have been a strong advocate for vaccines…

David Davis – https://conservativepost.co.uk/david-davis-mp-google-now-interfering-in-british-democracy-i-was-deliberately-silenced/

…but he is right about the free speech issue. He is right that the impending Online Safety Bill will simply hand further permissions and powers to these same “Big Tech” companies that are already trampling over the notion of free speech with impunity.

As he writes in his post:

We cannot allow fashion following big tech zealots to become the global arbiters of truth and free speech. Yet, the Government wants to do precisely that.

By requiring big tech to have a “Duty of Care”, the Government will allow these companies to censor free speech and actively encourage them to do so.

The Online Safety Bill is a poorly thought through piece of legislation that is a censor’s charter. It will hand more power to these unaccountable Silicon Valley giants.

We can separate who is saying what, and in this case acknowledge that David Davis is correct in this instance. In all likelihood his remarks, as accurate as they are, will make no difference at all and this legislation will plough ahead removing any remaining vestiges of free speech where it can.

What we need to do is stop complaining that these platforms are censoring us, and just abandon them for good. There are many other ways to communicate these days. It makes no sense to keep feeding these predatory, data-mining and selling corporate vultures that are working with the most corrupt generation of Governments and globalist organisations in history.