We live in a corrupted system. The way to tackle corruption is to first acknowledge it exists. Only then is it possible to come up with ways of dealing with it, but don't make the mistake of believing the system can or will uncorrupt itself.

GoFundMe Taking Corrupt Orders From Police

If you’re a viewer or reader of exclusively mainstream media, you may not know about the truckers convoy and occupation in Canada, or what you may know is that it’s reported to be violent, and people are threatening (cue dramatic music) an “insurrection”.

If that is the image you have of the Canadian truckers convoy protest it is likely your knowledge of this event was informed by an article such as the one published today 5th February 2022 on MSN. In case you didn’t know, MSN stands for Microsoft Network, and is the multi-trillion-dollar operating system vendor’s attempt at a “news” outlet. It is basically a newsfeed aggregator for mainstream narrative Government and big tech/pharma stories that favour the ideological and financial interests of Bill Gates for example (imagine that), that is also the source for the unrequested newsfeed embedded in the Microsoft Windows operating system that now pushes mainstream media in your face while you operate your Windows PC.

Pro tip: Right-click the Windows taskbar, go to “News and interests” and click “Turn off”. You’re welcome.

Interesting side note: Microsoft has been in business since 1975, and has been a publicly traded company since 1986. In April 2019 it was reported the company hit $1 trillion and in the last 3 years has more than doubled that to $2.258 trillion. It took them 44 years to get to a trillion, and less than three years to more than double that. Something must have happened in the last 3 years to really crank up those share prices eh?

So, the MSN article mentioned earlier is titled “GoFundMe cancels Freedom Convoy and will donated the $9M to charity”.


It seems even $2,258,430,000,000 can’t buy you a journalist that can write. I would suggest the author (if they are indeed a real person) Natasha Anderson needs to learn how to form basic sentences, not to mention get some basic facts right. That headline not only is grammatically tragic, but GoFundMe have not cancelled the convoy. They can’t cancel the convoy, but they can and have taken orders from the Canadian Government to stop passing the donations on to the organisers of the convoy and instead donate the money to “credible and established charities”.

The article states:

The decision comes one day after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said a military response to the protests was ‘not in the cards right now’ and the House of Commons Public Safety and National Security Committee called on GoFundMe to detail how it would ensure donations weren’t being used to promote extremism and hate.

As if, after two years of promoting “extremism and hate” via medical tyranny and segregation, fanning the flames of social tensions after deliberately creating the divide between the injected and non-injected, Justin Trudeau has the audacity to demand details on ensuring these donations weren’t being used to “promote extremism and hate”.

The two images the article has of these protests are:

…neither of which show any of the “extremism and racism” referred to in the article or that Trudeau and his Government have accused the protestors of. Neither is there any evidence of the “waving swastikas and Confederate flags” the article claims. These are simply the go-to claims of the Establishment and their mouthpieces when there is no legitimate evidence or argument. The only thing missing at this point (but no doubt is out there somewhere) is the accusation of being “far-right”, the latest incarnation of Godwin’s Law or Reductio ad Hitlerum.

The internet is awash with these types of fallacy arguments. The combination of ad hominemad misericordiam, and fallacy of irrelevance arguments used by tyranny touting media and members of the public that support the trampling of inalienable rights has become the way all rational conversation and debate in a public forum gets derailed or shut down.

If science, evidence, logic and reason were on the side of lockdowns, masks, social distancing, quarantining the healthy, PCR and LF COVID tests and most of all, the positive health benefits of the Holy Vaccines, then public debate should be no problem for those that believe in them. They should win every debate because the evidence is so strong. Except it isn’t, they know it and so refuse all invitations for a public discussion. In the UK (and plenty of other countries) there have been countless requests to have representatives from both sides on TV, in a live debate. Every single time it is refused. Why? It it surely obvious by now.

We had months and months of “protests” from BLM and associated organisations, with millions and millions of dollars in donations going to organisers. Those protests often ended up with buildings being burned down, riots, looting and even deaths.

Image from Portland “protests” in 2020 – https://news.yahoo.com/watch-molotov-cocktails-thrown-police-135218226.html

There was no stopping those donations. There was no Police requesting companies like GoFundMe to halt the flow of funds. Nothing like this for example from the Ottowa Police…


The harms caused by lockdowns and the other totalitarian Government interventions, all based on zero evidence of having a positive effect and foreknowledge of the devastation they would cause to people’s physical and mental health, not to mention the economic hardship, much of which disproportionately affects the poorest among our populations, which are in some places disproportionately either black or ethnic minority communities, are bordering incalculable. The brazen hypocrisy the Canadian Government and Trudeau are showing here, after virtue-signalling for years about caring so much for those minority communities and supporting BLM protests, they now claim these protests are… “racist”.

This article is not trying to make this about race. I am simply pointing out the discrepancy here. Justin “blackface” Trudeau is calling a protest “racist” when there is not only no evidence of that, but the reality is the very communities he pretends to care about will likely have suffered massively at the hands of him and his Government, and he has the audacity to call people protesting against it “racist”.

Justin Trudeau, who cares so much about black people not only did he repeatedly
dress up as one, but enacted tyrannical mandates to harm them too.

GoFundMe taking orders from Government and potentially funnelling people’s donations to places it was never intended to go is the only “unlawful” thing going on here. Government’s who clearly see themselves as above the law need to be held to account. No more voting in a different coloured tie, that clearly hasn’t been working for over 100 years. It is time to end the madness.