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BBC Booster Propaganda

As we now watch the media and Government grapple with the dual task of convincing the “unvaccinated” to have the COVID injections because they’re so effective, and simultaneously convince the already double-jabbed to have a booster (the first of many we can safely assume) because their jabs now don’t work after mere months, the BBC reports on 15th November 2021 that “Covid booster doses to be offered to over-40s”.

Hilariously worded statements like…

People aged 40-49 will be boosted with either the Pfizer-BioNTech jab or a half dose of the Moderna vaccine, which still gives a potent immune response.


…tell you how this is being marketed. People will be “boosted”, because that’s a thing.

The BBC also state:

Three doses cuts the risk of infection by more than 93%, according to new data from the UK Health Security Agency.

…and that link you would think, would take you to that “new data” that proves the claim that three doses cuts the risk of infection by more than 93%. This is the BBC though, and so you would be wrong. It is simply a statement from the Public Health England press office, declaring their alleged “findings” with no references, source data or anything resembling actual science at all.

Don’t worry though science fans, the BBC has you covered later on in the article, with this incredible piece of data…


Obviously the detail as to how they were able to “model” these outcomes is clear to see. Isn’t it? Oh perhaps it isn’t. Well like all the computer models so far, we’ve seen how astoundingly accurate they are, and so maybe we shouldn’t impudently ask questions like “what is any of that based on?”.

The Government has obviously done deals with the companies selling these injections, and has promised them that they’ve have repeat customers for the foreseeable future. Now they just need to convince an ever-more incredulous public that they need to keep getting injected, despite the colossal rise in healthy young athletes dropping on the fields from sudden cardiac issues, one analysis puts the comparison at more in the last four months than the last 20 years combined.

The media is attempting to normalise this with campaigns about how heart attacks in perfectly healthy young people are normal, and banners on buses with messages like “kids have strokes too”. There is no other word to describe this than evil.