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Letter To Employers – Mandatory “Vaccines”

Here is a template letter (fill in name/address and sign) for people to send to their employers who may be starting to toy with the idea of demanding their employees have the COVID-19 “vaccine”.

Link to Letter

It is looking like care-homes will be among the first. The private mental health counselling industry’s regulatory organisations have already decided that for counsellors to be permitted to see their clients in person (which is not permitted at the moment under any circumstances) they must have had both doses of their State injection. The difficulty for private therapists is they are not protected by employment law as they are largely self-employed, but they could still object to this on the grounds of coercion. Of all the industries that exist you’d think psychotherapists would recognise, resist and speak out about manipulative, coercive tactics that go against ideas like “my body my choice”, but if there are any of them speaking out then Big Brother is doing a good job censoring them.

Care-home workers have been more high profile during what is meant to be a debate, but is simply one side demanding and the other barely given a chance to speak, and when given a chance they are ambushed live on air by overly aggressive interviewers who are anything but impartial. The reason the care-workers “debate” has got much more air-time than the private mental-health therapists should be obvious.

  1. It’s a much easier strawman to sell, to be able to argue that mandatory “vaccines” are vital to protect the most vulnerable from these vaccine refuseniks.
  2. No attention must be drawn to the fact that the thousands upon thousands of people that depend on mental health services have had it taken away from them for most of the last year and a half and consequently suicides are up hugely.

Yes, “vaccine refuseniks”. That is a phrase that was used in all seriousness by The Telegraph in this article in May 2021 and likely elsewhere. This is the state of debate on this matter. Any and all pejoratives, slander and character misrepresentation are deployed by the Government and its massive propaganda machine, the Mainstream Media.

There is a reason why the Government is only taking on one group at a time. As mentioned, they have chosen easy targets so far, both of the groups mentioned have a duty of care, and that is being weaponised against them. Never-mind that there clearly has not been a massive surge in cases provably linked to either care-home residents catching the COVIDs from care-home workers, or people in mental health settings catching it. If there was, you would hear about it. It would be front and centre as the proof of the need for mandatory injections. Just like there’s been no surge in cases in people who have had to work, facing the public every day in shops that were not forced to close. Again, if there was, you’d hear about it. It would be the ultimate trump card, but they don’t have that trump card because obviously there hasn’t been any of that.

The reason why they are taking on the easy targets first is not just because they are easy. If this was actual science, and actually evidence based, and there really was a danger then the Government would at least try and mandate it universally, with the backing of said “science”. It’s not that of course. Once they bulldoze this through, fanning the flames of fear via the media, throwing pre-emptive accusations at those who dare to opt out of experimental injections and using garbage statistics from the likes of YouGov to pretend the opinions of a handful of cherry-picked online invitees to their opaque polls represent the bulk of popular opinion, they will then attempt to turn those groups against the rest. They will via the media (mainstream and “social”), incite anger (who knows if it’s real) from those groups who “did their duty”, who like model citizens took their State injections, who will be portrayed as now outraged that the rest of the refuseniks are not doing likewise.

All the support and sympathy for those groups being threatened with their jobs at a time the Government has deliberately destroyed the economy and jobs are hard to come by should be made available. But, those groups do need to stick together and stand firm in the face of medical State tyranny. Hopefully the template letter above will help, and anyone being put in that difficult position will be supported by the thousands of people who have resisted this all along. It seems scary, and the Government wants us to all think that “resistance is futile” but that’s not true. It is never futile to resist this type of thing and there are way more people pushing back than the State and the media would like you to believe.

We’re here, and we will support anyone as best we can.