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The New Pandemic Era – Mostly Asymptomatic

If I didn’t know better I would have to wonder how editors of major news outlets reconcile the headlines of their articles with the content.

This article in the Telegraph from the 10th February 2022 headlined “Deadly haemorrhagic Lassa fever with ‘pandemic potential’ identified in UK” sounds almost as alarming as it could get. There is little you could add to that to make it any scarier, other than perhaps “millions already dead!” or something like that.

Once you read the article it is clear that the headline is totally inappropriate. The sentence “The three affected patients – all from the same family – had recently returned from West Africa, where the disease is endemic and there is an ongoing outbreak.” starts to add some balance and perspective.

Where it starts to give you a headache is the line:

Dr Susan Hopkins, the chief medical adviser at the UKHSA, was keen to sound a note of calm and dampen down any fears of disease spread in the UK.


Reading that about notes of calm, and the dampening down of fear is entirely at odds with the headline of the article. Who in their right mind composed that article, or reviewed it and then decided on a screeching headline about deadly disease and pandemics? The answer obviously is that these headlines are not there to inform you of what the article contains in greater detail. They are to send a message that they hope you won’t realise is usually an exaggeration or sometimes blatantly false, because they actually hope you won’t read the article.

A day later and the Telegraph was at it again with this article headlined “Lassa fever: Is this a sign of the new pandemic era?” with the followup statement “Two Britons have been diagnosed with the virus that causes bleeding eyes and facial swelling – and it could be evidence of a changing world”.

These days it often takes multiple people to write an article for modern newspapers and so Sarah Newey and Anne Gulland, both members of the Telegraph’s “Global Health Security” department wrote…

Just hours after Boris Johnson unveiled plans to lift all Covid regulations in England on Wednesday, an alert warned of a new disease threat facing Britain: two people had been diagnosed with Lassa fever, a viral haemorrhagic disease similar to Ebola.

Nothing like panicking an already traumatised population with the deliberate conflation of two entirely separate events, those being the possible removal of COVID related restrictions and the arrival of a “new disease threat”. Except it isn’t new at all.

As the first article we looked at said “Prior to these cases, there have been eight cases of Lassa fever imported to the UK since 1980, with the last two cases occurring in 2009.” which is repeated in this article too, this is clearly not a “new disease threat” to the UK. Where are the fact checkers when you need them?

Naturally any article hyping viruses and pandemics would be incomplete without a quote from Anthony Fauci. After stating that “Lassa’s re-emergence in Britain is a stark reminder that the world is entering a new pandemic era” we get the ‘Fauci told you so in 2020’ line.

None of this actually makes sense though as the claim it is a “re-emergence” is at odds with the “new disease threat” statement, and also incorrect is it has been allegedly imported by returning visitors to Africa, so not a re-emergence either. Remember it took two Global Health Security expert journalists to write an article that has contradicted itself multiple times in just the few lines we’ve looked at so far.

It gets better though as after several paragraphs priming the reader for the “new normal”, the new “pandemic era”, theories about historical pandemics and so on, we get the standard complaints that not enough money is being spent on researching these things, and then the real New Normal is hammered home again. I’m referring to the idea of “asymptomatic” disease.

Before the COVID fantasy pandemic the notion of people being asymptomatically ill was not even a thing, unless we’re talking about very early stage cancers or other specific diseases that affect you internally without you realising it early on. For respiratory illnesses or “deadly hemorrhagic fevers” the idea you could be asymptomatic was not a thing. It used to be known as NOT ILL.

The article goes on to say…

The disease was first identified in 1969, but its true scale remains unknown. Each year, there are an estimated 100,000 to 300,000 cases of the disease and 5,000 deaths, but some 80 per cent of cases are thought to be asymptomatic.

Around 55,000,000 people die every year. Way more than 5,000 of those will be from malnutrition, lack of clean drinking water and basic sanitation. Unfortunately for those people, the global health cartel comprised of all the Foundations, Trusts, NGOs and global governance organisations don’t really care about that. They are more interested in getting national Governments to steal from their populations to fund billion dollar vaccine ventures for diseases that cause relatively few deaths, and there is every likelihood that better nutrition, clean water and basic sanitation would largely solve the problems attributed to those diseases anyway.

Vaccines, that’s all they care about. And by sheer coincidence the article says…

There is no effective treatment or vaccine but several jabs are in development. Two entered phase one trials in 2019 and another started human trials last year.

Well, imagine my surprise.