We live in a corrupted system. The way to tackle corruption is to first acknowledge it exists. Only then is it possible to come up with ways of dealing with it, but don't make the mistake of believing the system can or will uncorrupt itself.

Theory – The Game of Two Hemispheres

This article is another that just contains a theory.

I am not able to present concrete evidence to 100% prove any of this right now, but I am sharing this theory in case it either resonates with anyone else out there, or if anyone does have evidence that could contribute to either confirming or refuting this theory.

The theory is as follows:

The world is made up of two distinct parts, and the sequence and timing of the seasons defines them. On the website calendar-365.com it shows the seasons for the two parts, the northern hemisphere and the southern hemisphere. For this year, 2022 the dates for meteorological seasons are:

Northern Hemisphere:

Spring: March 1 to May 31
Summer: June 1 to August 31
Autumn: September 1 to November 30
Winter: December 1 to February 28

Southern Hemisphere:

Spring: September 1 to November 30
Summer: December 1 to February 28
Autumn: March 1 to May 31
Winter: June 1 to August 31

As you can see, the seasons are opposite for the same time of year depending on your location, northern or southern hemisphere. When it’s summer in the northern hemisphere it is winter in the southern hemisphere and vice-versa.

So what’s this got to do with anything? Thinking about the global approach to the roll-out of the COVID-19 “vaccines” throughout 2021 I noticed a distinct difference in approach and reporting, depending on what location was being reported on. There were two general approaches. One highly coordinated and relatively consistent approach, apart from a couple of notable exceptions that covered the northern hemisphere. The push for uptake of these COVID injections began in December 2020 or January 2021 for almost all countries, and in the northern hemisphere we’d hear detailed reports and vaccine uptake percentages, sometimes daily, even from places like China and Russia.

The start of the big push was in the spring of 2021 in the northern hemisphere and so for all of those countries the appearance of success, i.e. less people ill or going into hospital that the Governments and media attributed to the miracle of “vaccines”, was at the time the weather started to get warmer. We got through spring and into summer and despite a few athletes having heart attacks, the general feeling by the credulous public was “vaccines work”, and these ones especially. We were saved, just as Saint Bill had promised us.

Never mind the fact that for 1,000s of years way less people get ill or die in the summer than the winter… this time, in 2021 it was the COVID jabs that did it. This illusion was possible because from almost everywhere we were hearing regular reports it was summer.

There was very little reporting of vaccine uptakes or rolling daily death figures or indeed anything much at all from the continent of South America. There was also very little reporting about Africa, unless it was to bemoan the idea that greedy western nations were hogging all the wonderful life-saving vaccines for themselves and the poor Africans were getting short-changed. As it happens, only recently it was reported in a fairly low-profile manner that less than 6% of the population of the entire continent of Africa has been “jabbed”. They have also been largely unaffected, which is a mystery apparently and also not especially well reported but it is out there if you look for it.

Then we have Australia and New Zealand. As a much more “westernised” and connected part of the world, they would have been difficult to ignore. The media would not have gotten away with basically acting like they don’t exist as they have with Africa and South America. How would they manage to create the same illusion the northern hemisphere did when it would have been winter there during our summer, where the jabs were busy curing death itself?

The answer is they wouldn’t have been able to. More deaths in winter than summer in Australia for example, at the point the jabs were being rolled out all over the world and being hailed as the Great Success™ they were in the north because it just happened to be summer would have revealed the fraud. It would have been obvious that the jabs were not working like they appeared they were in the north, so there needed to be something that made Australia and New Zealand different to everywhere else. The answer was Authoritarianism: God Mode where politicians from those two countries that were previously considered liberal and pretty relaxed suddenly went full Nazi. Lockdowns became an almost permanent feature, Police beating up members of the public for daring to walk the streets, borders completely closed and “Zero COVID” policies that are so anti-science even Mystic Meg would raise an eyebrow.

All of that skewed numbers and the ability to measure the COVID injection roll-out success because society in those two countries was so completely up-ended and resembled nothing like the western societies they previously did and could be conceivably compared to.

Because of the lack of reporting on South America, Africa and the absolute transformation of Australia and New Zealand, there was nowhere in the south that was being regularly reported on that could be compared to the northern hemisphere to establish if the claimed success of the jabs in the north was simply a seasonal thing.

Remember too, in the northern hemisphere as soon as we began to head into autumn and then winter of 2021, Omicron suddenly appeared that was “more transmissible” and there would be “breakthrough cases” as it cleverly evaded the vaccines. The failure of the vaccines to mitigate the perennial challenges of winter were disguised as “breakthrough” cases because of… a variant. If only someone had pointed out the futility of vaccinating against an allegedly ever-mutating virus… oh wait.

As mentioned at the outset, this is a theory. It is a possible explanation for why the approach and reporting varied so differently between the countries of the northern hemisphere and the southern hemisphere… because to keep the illusion that the COVID jabs worked in the highest proportion of “developed” nations and where the companies and organisations most heavily invested in pushing them are based, there needed to be no way to see that the jabs saved no-one in countries where it was winter at the same time success was being claimed in the north during their summer time.

Now were at a point where everyone seems to have forgotten that they were promised these injections would stop them from catching COVID-19 and stop them from passing it on. That was after all the main selling point initially. Now people are so accustomed to having had their 2 jabs plus a booster and then “catching COVID” anyway, I suspect this illusion will not be needed this year, although that does not mean the Australian and New Zealand Governments will want to let their new-found super-powers go.

Authoritarianism is a drug. Never in history has an authoritarian Government willingly handed all that power and control back to the people. The Resistance still has a long way to go, but it is standing firm so far. Congratulations to you if you’ve made it this far without compromising.