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Symptomless Variant… Really?

On the 18th November 2021 the Wales Online media outlet published an article titled:

“Delta Plus ‘symptomless’ variant driving Covid back to January levels”

Never mind the utter absurdity of the idea of a “symptomless” illness, this is obviously a push for vaccines for kids. The article quotes Christl Donnelly, professor of statistical epidemiology from the reliable State propagandist Imperial College London as saying…

It is asymptomatic transmission that really can make the difference between what’s relatively easily containable and what needs vaccination.


Yes, sure. An illness where you don’t get ill definitely needs “vaccination”. Completely stupid and based on nothing but a likely financially motivated desire to do the bidding of funding sources like Pfizer and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

The article continues:

Researchers say the observational nature of survey data and the relatively small proportion of unvaccinated adults calls into question the comparability of vaccinated and unvaccinated groups.

However, they found that third vaccine doses for eligible adults and the vaccination of children aged 12 and over are associated with lower infection risk.

The researchers say they should therefore remain a high priority – with possible extension to children aged 5-12 years – and this should help reduce Covid transmission over the winter.

The study has been released as a pre-print that has not been through peer review and is not published in a journal.

So that means no links, nothing for anyone to scrutinise but they felt it newsworthy enough to evangelise about injecting kids aged 5-12.

This is of course, propaganda. You’re not even meant to question if there is any evidence to support any of this crap. You’re just supposed to shut up, get your boosters when you’re told to, and hand over your children to get injected when told to.

The Sun have also published about “secret NHS plans” to offer COVID jabs to “kids as young as 5”. They write that:

Pfizer is seeking agreement for use of its Covid jab in five to 11-year-olds from European regulators.

Approval is expected soon, which could lead to it being fast-tracked for use by the UK regulators.


It should be noted that Pfizer don’t ask. They decide, and the so-called regulatory bodies that get most of their income from the likes of Pfizer just ask where to sign. The UK’s MHRA for example gets funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the WHO and the pharmaceutical industry according to a statement by them in response to an FOI request recently.

This is a line that should never have been crossed. No matter what your political views are, your allegiances to one news outlet or another, your views on COVID-19 or vaccines in general, this is just wrong. We just went through Remembrance Day where people wore their poppies and chanted “never again” and thought about how bad the Nazis were. And while they did that, they sat and watched Austria of all places mandate injections for all, and listened to politicians lie to them and tell them to get their children injected based on no evidence that it holds any benefit to them at all.

Symptomless variant… it’s just ridiculous. Surely everyone can see it now?