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COVID Madness AKA Athletes Dropping Like Flies

So we’ve seen how scientists are “mystified” at how unaffected Africa has been from COVID-19 despite less than 6% of it’s population having the injections, and we’ve also seen how the medical establishment is baffled at the rise in cardiac issues in previously healthy young people.

We have seen young, healthy athletes collapse including many professionals, develop heart problems and even die in numbers we’ve never seen, ever before. Some examples are:

April 2021

Craig Jones (29) Jui-Jitsu champion unable to compete after reaction to COVID injection

Luis Ojeda (20) Spanish footballer died suddenly

June 2021

Christian Eriksen (29) Footballer who collapsed after a cardiac arrest during match

Giuseppe Perrino (29) Footballer dies after collapsing during match

Jose Edgar Preciado (?) PGA golf caddy died from heart attack after match

Viktor Marcell Hegedüs (18) Footballer collapsed and died during training

July 2021

Kjeld Nuis (31) Speedskater now recovering from pericarditis after Pfizer injection

Nicky Dalibor (36) Footballer collapsed with heart problems on the pitch

Tim B. (27) Footballer dies shortly after match

Whitnée Abriska (19) Died of cardiac arrest just before a flight

Rune Coghe (18) Collapsed during match due to heart attack

August 2021

Samuel Kalu (23) Footballer who collapsed during match

Jente Van Genechten (25) Footballer who collapsed due to heart attack during match

Francesca Marcon (38) Volleyball player develops pericarditis after COVID injection

Pedro Obiang (29) Footballer developer myocarditis after COVID injection

Alexaida Guédez (30) Marathon runner dies from heart attack during 5K race

Fabrice Nsakala (31) Footballer who collapsed during match

José dos Reis (30) Footballer collapses during match, is resuscitated and hospitalised

September 2021

Diego Ferchaud (16) Footballer collapses due to heart attack during match

Unnamed (16) Footballer has heart attack during match

Pietro (13) Footballer who’s heart stopped while playing

Dylan Rich (17) Footballer who collapsed during a match with a heart attack and later died

Lucas Surek (24) Footballer who’s career is on hold after myocarditis

Frédéric Lartillot (49) Dies of cardiac arrest after football match

Andrea Astolfi (45) Sports manager dies from fulminating heart attack after second COVID injection

Jens De Smet (27) Footballer who collapsed during match and subsequently died

Sebastiaan Bos (19) Ice hockey player dies suddenly and unexpectedly

Unnamed (40) Half-marathon runner collapses during race and dies in Austria

Dimitri Liénard (33) Footballer collapses during match with heart issues

Wessam Abou Ali (22) Footballer who collapsed on the pitch during match

Parys Haralson (37) Former NFL player dies suddenly and unexpectedly

Francis Perron (25) Student athlete footballer dies shortly after game

Unnamed (19) Footballer suffers heart attack while training

Unnamed (20) Pro horse-rider collapses due to heart attack after having two COVID injections

Unnamed (17) Footballer collapses on the pitch and needed to be revived

Greg Luyssen (22) Pro cyclist retires due to heart problems after COVID injection

Antonello Campus (53) Football coach collapsed and died on the pitch from a heart attack

Antoine Méchin (31) Triathlete suffers pulmonary embolism after COVID injection

Unnamed (?) Florida high school football player dies after collapsing during practice

Unnamed (17) Athlete suffers cardiac arrest on the track

Unnamed (?) German football player collapsed due to cardiac arrest during match

October 2021

Avi Barot (29) Cricketer who suffered a cardiac arrest and died

Bruno Stein (15) Goalkeeper dies suddenly

Alexander Siegfried (42) Ex footballer dies suddenly and unexpectedly

Benoit Sabard (49) Footballer dies in the middle of a match

Alberto Olguin (?) PGA golf caddy collapsed during match and later died

Ryan Bowman (29) Footballer taken to hospital during match due to “heart episode”

Unnamed (18) Italian footballer collapses during match and then hospitalised

Unnamed (40) French footballer has heart attack during match warm-up

Alessandro Cabrio (59) Runner dies of a heart attack during race

Lukas Bommer (25) German goalkeeper dies suddenly and unexpectedly

Héctor Manuel Mendoza (16) Athlete dies from fulminant heart attack

Fellipe de Jesus Moreira (18) Brazilian footballer suffered a double cardiac arrest

Gianni Moscon (27) Cycling champion has heart problems

Cienna Knowles (19) Equestrian star hospitalised with blood clots after COVID injection

Unnamed (53) Footballer has heart attack during match

Ava Azzopardi (14) Collapsed during football match, now in induced coma

Christophe Ramassamy (54) Footballer died from heart attack during match

Florian Dagoury (?) World record breath hold freediver has myocarditis and pericarditis after COVID injection

Unnamed (41) French football player dies on the pitch

Levent Selim (48) Sports coach dies suddenly

Sergio Agüero (33) Barcelona striker may now need to retire due to heart problems

November 2021

Jayson Kidd (12) Collapses and dies at middle school basketball practice

Emil Palsson (28) Footballer collapses due to cardiac arrest during match

Boris Sádecký (24) Died after cardiac arrest during ice hockey match

John Fleck (30) Footballer collapses during match and is hospitalised

Adama Traore (26) Footballer collapses clutching chest and needs urgent medical attention

Charlie Wyke (28) Footballer collapses during training and is now in hospital

December 2021

Victor Lindelof (27) Footballer taken off the pitch during match after chest pains and breathing problems

Marin Cacic (23) Footballer dies of heart failure after collapsing during training

Sofiane Lokar (30) Footballer collapsed and died of a heart attack during match

Makhlid Al-Raqadi (29) Footballer has heart attack during warmup and dies later in hospital

There will be others. Nobody is saying that 100% of these were definitely the result of the COVID injections. What is being said is that this is absolutely out of the ordinary, these are not attributable to what we’re told is COVID-19, so what is causing this huge uptick in healthy athletes dropping dead of heart attacks or ending up with career ending heart problems?

There is a huge increase in professional sports serious heart-related health events since the COVID injection rollout. Some people would dismiss this list and say “oh stuff like that happens all the time”, and yes, strange, sudden deaths do happen all the time, like this one back in 2012 where a football player of only 25 died of a heart attack during a game. But that kind of thing is extremely rare. This cannot be dismissed as reporting bias, as this kind of thing always makes the news, because it is so unexpected.

COVID injection advocates are having a problem dismissing this as statistical noise, or anti-vaxx bias, as history is the control group. You cannot find anything in history that comes close to what has happened in 2021, and there is one thing that is different about 2021 than any other year. Do you know what that is?

There was a study published that evidenced that heart damage from these so-called “vaccines” was not limited to the very young. That study was pulled from a scientific journal website after various objections and is still being suppressed to this day. If it isn’t these COVID injections causing this massive jump in heart problems, what is it?

One absurd claim is it is cannabis usage. This garbage article that cites no evidence whatsoever claims that increases in cannabis could contribute to a 7% spike in the number of cases. The trouble is there is a huge increase in these heart problems beyond a notional 7% so there is still some explaining to do.

Obviously it is not just athletes affected, everyone taking these injections is being affected to a greater or lesser degree. I will be publishing another article shortly that will demonstrate the death rate for all causes for the “vaccinated” is running at higher that of the unvaccinated, based on UK Government figures. Watch this space, and in the meantime please share this information, as it really could save lives.

Every booster will make the situation worse, as we can see from all the countries pushing boosters are doing way worse. More sick people, more people with compromised immune systems are getting more ill with things they’d have shrugged off 2 years ago, and all the time we’re being told by proven liars and financially invested corporate vultures that you just need another injection.