We live in a corrupted system. The way to tackle corruption is to first acknowledge it exists. Only then is it possible to come up with ways of dealing with it, but don't make the mistake of believing the system can or will uncorrupt itself.

MHRA Funding FOI Request

A Freedom of Information Request was submitted to the MHRA. which is the Medicines & Healthcare Regulatory Agency, the UK Government department that is responsible for approving (or rarely, not approving) all medicines and related products for use in the UK.

This FOI request was asking about how the MHRA is funded, and was responded to on the 28th June 2021. It explains that…

We do receive funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation as well as other sources outside government such as WHO. This funding mainly supports work to strengthen regulatory systems in other countries.

The majority of our income comes from the pharmaceutical industry through fees.


And therein lies one of the major problems we face. The Government department tasked with protecting the public from dangerous pharmaceutical products pushed by companies with a proven track-record of criminal behaviour resulting in fines totalling hundreds of billions of pounds, gets the “majority” of it’s income from those companies. This is a deliberately broken-by-design system that cannot possibly act independently when it’s primary source of income is the companies it is allegedly regulating.

And then we come to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the WHO which is also massively financed by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Bill Gates and his now ex-wife with their Foundation have been the primary drivers for the dangerous gene-therapies being pushed by States behaving like crack-dealers. This unholy trinity of the State, for profit pharmaceutical companies and “philanthropic” Foundations all colluding to advance their collective interests are exchanging money for favours, all in the name of “regulation”.

This is so obviously corruption of the highest order it shouldn’t even need pointing out, but the silence from the mainstream media on this topic is deafening. The occasional controlled article might make it’s way into the public space but is quickly crowded out of view by the deluge of pro-Gates, pro-pharma propaganda, and the State just sits there doing what it does because it considers itself untouchable.

Nobody is untouchable, no group or institution is beyond the reach of justice. All it takes is enough ordinary people like you and me to say no. While people sit on the side-lines and either blindly go along with this fraud, or silently disagree for fear of speaking up, this will continue. It doesn’t need everyone to agree, or speak with “one voice”, or be part of a great collective consciousness. It just needs more than a handful of people to resist. Join the small but growing number of people who don’t want the every aspect of our future lives dictated by medical mandates and the Holy Church of State Science.

If you have any doubt at all that things just don’t seem right, something about how things are playing out don’t seem consistent or some things seem to be contradictory, which if this was genuinely about science and evidence that wouldn’t be the case, allow yourself to take a look at things in a bit more detail. Talk of rabbit holes and conspiracy theories are there to warn you off. It’s not a theory if it’s evidenced, and a conspiracy is defined as:

the activity of secretly planning with other people to do something bad or illegal

Any crimes, or bad things that are pre-planned by two or more people are by definition conspiracies. People are so worried about being labelled as a Conspiracy Theorist because that term has been weaponised against anyone daring to question the State sponsored single version of the truth, engineered through various mechanisms like Matt Hancock’s rousing speech in March 2018 with lots of fabulous quotes and unironic references to “sacred facts” delivered with aplomb, requesting that the likes of Google, Facebook, Twitter and the BBC do more to tackle “fake news”. Not that those kinds of companies weren’t already well down the road of mass censorship as illustrated by this post on Microsoft’s own blog. All in the name of keeping you safe from words on a screen.

This is a well planned, well organised and extremely well funded global campaign to drive a single narrative, with occasional controlled opposition and if anyone still believes in the notion of a free and open democracy with accountability and transparency being the foundations of a healthy society then just allow yourself to ask how healthy is it for anyone daring to point out the evidence that disproves aspects of that single narrative to be simply labelled as “conspiracy theorists”, or “anti-vaxxers” and get censored?

The truth fears no interrogation. If the Government is really on the side of truth, if the pharmaceutical and tech companies are really there to help humanity and the mainstream media is all about honesty and reporting the “sacred facts”, why is any debate that exists entirely one-sided? The proven reality of the matter is that, as everyone instinctively knows, Governments lie and always want to expand. Millenia of history tells us that, what is happening right now tells us that. At no point has there ever been a Government that didn’t expand and end up oppressing it’s citizens. It’s the same process that just takes a longer or shorter period of time, depending on how well thought out the expansion is. The better planned expansions take a long time, incremental incursions and always with a justification that in isolation almost sounds reasonable, but the inexorable march to totalitarianism is always there.

None of the “existential threats” that the Governments and globalists doom-monger about in order to justify massive expansion of State power, but simultaneously don’t seem remotely bothered about themselves, stand up to any actual scientific scrutiny, hence the recent proliferation of State approved “experts”, fact-checkers and so on, that straw man and ad hominem their way through the public discourse to try and stop people from seeing the truth.

One example of the world’s hypocritical prophets of doom is ex-president Obama lecturing the world about “climate change” and then buying up a multi-million dollar seaside mansion just above sea-level. Obama pushed the 97% consensus garbage as hard as anyone, and of course one of the apocalyptic prophecies we’re besieged with is the rising sea-levels caused by “global warming”. But he buys a $15million mansion and estate that would be one of the first places to flood if that was true. He’s not stupid, he just knows it isn’t true.

Another is the G7 meetup in the UK recently where some Very Important People got together to discuss how they are going to save humanity from the COVIDS and of course impending Armageddon AKA “climate change”. For highly promoted photo-ops there was this kind of thing…

…but there was also this…

…where the same group of people who posed all standing apart with their masks on, there to discuss dEaDLy vIrUsEs and cLimAtE cHaNgE stood virtually arm in arm watching the Red Arrows do an aerobatic display. Yes, carbon guzzling planes performed a sky ballet for the G7 gang, because they’d just agreed how bad carbon is and how poor people need to stop driving cars, eating meat and breathing.

Obviously some media outlets focussed on this hypocrisy from the wrong angle, i.e. they demanded that these elitist charlatans mask up and social distance but that is to deliberately miss the point. These people don’t believe their own hype. They are not afraid of the COVIDS, they know carbon dioxide is not a problem but is actually a life giving component of Earth’s natural sustainable ecosystem. The lies they peddle are for the public only, just like those Government regulatory departments and law enforcement institutions, they serve the interests of those self-appointed elites only.

It’s there to see, they are parading it in our faces. For those that haven’t seen it yet, please choose to see it and do something about it.