We live in a corrupted system. The way to tackle corruption is to first acknowledge it exists. Only then is it possible to come up with ways of dealing with it, but don't make the mistake of believing the system can or will uncorrupt itself.

More Mysterious Health Issues

Comedy is a subjective thing as Jimmy Carr is currently finding out, and this article is not about whether anyone calling themselves a “comedian” is actually funny or not. It is about the gigantic rise in high-profile people just randomly collapsing.

Someone who calls themselves a “comedian” is Heather McDonald. It was reported on the 6th February 2022 on the People website that she has suffered a skull fracture after collapsing onstage.

A quote from the article states:

“Thus far the test have revealed no underlying medical issues that may have precipitated this event,” her rep added, noting that she performed the night before with no incident and she didn’t consume any alcohol before or during Saturday’s show.


Ignoring the grammatical issues, let’s see what else the article has to say…

McDonald’s fainting spell does not appear to be COVID-related. Her rep also said she received a booster shot approximately three weeks ago and recently tested negative for coronavirus.

Audience members told TMZ that the comedian collapsed after making a joke about being “vaxxed, double vaxxed, boosted,” leading many to initially believe it was part of the act. An EMT and nurse, who happened to be in the audience, rushed to the stage to provide first aid.

So, not COVID, and got her “booster” about 3 weeks ago. Of course this will not even be considered as a possible cause, the “comprehensive work up” and “test” they are doing will not look at the possibility this is a COVID injection adverse reaction. And it might not be, there is the possibility this is really just a random heath issue. But you would think an honest, caring and thorough medical profession would look at all the possibilities, not simply rule out by default the one major variable that has changed, an injection of something that has no long-term safety data but already is showing its devastating effect on people’s health and lives after just 13 months.

There is plenty of data, and honest medical professionals, many of who have been speaking out about the dangers of these gene-based injectable products alleged to be COVID-19 vaccines, plus the deliberate suppression of effective early treatments for those ill with respiratory aliments that got labelled COVID-19 for almost 2 years and for their honesty have been rewarded by the Establishment with censorship, character assassination, threats and more.

In the People article it mentions McDonald’s “former colleague” Chelsea Handler who is cancelling some of her shows on her “Vaccinated & Horny comedy tour”. The website has an article about that too, published on the 5th February 2022 that talks about her “health scare” that landed her in hospital.

“I am so sorry I had to cancel my shows tonight in Portland and my show in Eugene,” Handler said from her hospital bed. “I had a scare at the hospital, and I don’t have COVID, and I’m okay, but I had to reschedule my shows.”


I think it’s safe to assume Chelsea Handler’s “vaccination status”, and this health scare could be just pure happenstance. But the temporal association of these high profile problems, not just these two “comedians” but the 100s of athletes and all kinds of other upticks in health problems and deaths, with the mass introduction of a repeatedly injected genetic medical product that has never been used before that has no long-term safety data should not be ruled out by default, as if there’s no possible way any medical product has ever caused harm before.

You don’t need to take anyone’s word for this, even if you do as instructed by Governments and don’t trust your own eyes, ears and lived experiences. In the United States a Senator named Ron Johnson held a live-streamed conference titled “COVID-19: A Second Opinion”. This obviously approaches the topic from a relatively mainstream perspective, i.e. that there was/is a “pandemic”, figures about “COVID-related deaths” are mentioned at the outset, and so regardless of one’s views on those things that are indeed highly debatable when factoring in the fraudulent PCR “tests” that was the medical mechanism for legitimising the claim there was a “pandemic” at all, the value in this 5 hour conference is precisely because even taking the mainstream views on it all, the evidence that every single aspect of the handling of the “pandemic” over the last 2 years has been not just ineffective, but so hideously counter-productive that the word destructive barely covers it. Not only that, the evidenced information presented by medical professionals, lawyers and whistleblowers that take part in this conference, all to a US Senator should be world news. Good luck to anyone finding out about it if all they watch/read is the BBC.

Here is the video recording of that livestream. The conference actually starts just over 40 minutes in to the recording:

Some of the evidence presented shows the rise in cancers, heart problems, miscarriages and all kinds of major health problems all coinciding with the introduction of these injections. What makes this all the more alarming is the blanket refusal by the media to cover any of it, the blanket refusal of 99% of Government “health experts” to acknowledge it and the continual ramping up of censorship.

At no time in history has the side making all the money, taking all the control and imposing more and more censorship been the good guy’s side. Never.

If anyone is still asking “what do they have to gain?” about the corporations, Governments and so on that are literally getting everything they ever wanted including money, control, influence and the progression of their stated goals for their various schemes, and is still also suggesting that the brave people speaking out against the imperial might of those collective interests are somehow doing it for personal gain when all they have faced for 2 years straight is abuse, threats, career damage/loss needs to have a word with themselves.

It is at this point, completely ludicrous to continue with the notion that the Governments, “Public Health”, and their corporate mates in tech, pharma and so on are the good guys just looking to selflessly save humanity from a deadly virus, and anyone daring to question any aspect of this is a dangerous, self-interested “anti-vaxxer”. The propagandists will keep trying to reinforce that fantasy, because they are in the business of herding the populations in the specific directions that suit their plans and there is nothing they won’t say or do to try and make it happen.

They have been gaslighting the public for 2 years over this COVID scam, and although cracks are appearing, evidence is mounting up that they are unable to control and is now even being heard and considered by the occasional senior politician, it could be a while before it all collapses.

Hold the line, we’ve come this far. We can see this through by supporting each other and by extending olive branches to those people around us that are perhaps starting to question things. There are those people in media, Government etc. that do not deserve compassion. Those people have knowingly and wilfully inflicted the largest set of harms on humanity, ever. But the victims of this, those people we know that went along with it because they naïvely trusted politicians or medical professionals, they might need our support if and when they realise they’ve been conned into taking something that has harmed them, even if that harm isn’t obvious yet.