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More Efficacy Evidence For m(ODE)RNA Jabs

Dated November 4th 2021 is an article published on the New England Journal of Medicine website titled “Efficacy of the mRNA-1273 SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine at Completion of Blinded Phase”. The mRNA-1273 referenced is Moderna’s COVID-19 medical product offering. I say offering, as if most people felt like they had a choice to accept the offer. Let’s call it Moderna’s first blockbuster to stick with big pharma/money vernacular, as they’re now trialling an AIDS vaccine using their mRNA tech. Imagine my surprise.

Moderna showcase their Biopharma, Government, Foundations and Research Institutes Strategic Collaborators as including:


Moderna’s “Chief Brand Officer” is Kate Cronin, who is “responsible for amplifying Moderna’s story and the promise of mRNA science for patients”. Listed on the executive committee leadership page it explains that this advertising manager “conducted research in the field of neurobiology” before starting her career in “communications”, obviously a euphemism for propaganda these days. She ran “public relations and influence” for Ogilvy Health, part of the British company WPP plc, the largest advertising company in the world, spearheading campaigns for BMS, Boehringer Ingelheim, Merck and Pfizer.

Moderna was founded in 2010 and until the “outbreak” and sudden opportunistic demand for mRNA products as being humanity’s only hope, they had not got a single product on the market.

We were supposed to believe that not only was this Moderna injection (or two, or three…) 94.1% effective at “preventing coronavirus disease 2019” but was completely safe too. Obviously it would be ludicrous to produce and coerce the public to take a “vaccine” to prevent a disease that had an approximately 99% recovery rate even with a 94.1% efficacy if it was actually causing more harm taking it than not. That would be completely ridiculous wouldn’t it?

So if you read that article claiming vaccine efficacies upwards of 90%, the claim that “No safety concerns were identified” you might have noticed that it was funded by the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) which just happen to be run by Rick Bright and Anthony Fauci respectively, two of the people at the Milken Institute shindig in October 2019 whinging about the 10 years it would take to get mRNA vaccines through the standard approval processes and wishing for an “entity of excitement” to arrive so as to be able to bypass all that. Further reading here.

Also it is acknowledged there is a “contribution” to the article from “the mRNA-1273 Product Coordination Team from the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA)” and Frank J. Dutko (Moderna consultant), and other “participants” such as the Vaccine Development Global Program Center for Vaccine Innovation and Access PATH.

PATH is an organisation you will be unsurprised to find out is funded by…

…grants from numerous funders, including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; the United Kingdom’s Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office; the Coalition for Epidemic and Pandemic Innovations; Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance; the Asia Development Bank; the United States Agency for International Development; and the Global Health Innovative Technology Fund.


…and who list their additional partners as…

  • GlaxoSmithKline
  • Tableau Foundation
  • Novo Nordisk
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Pfizer
  • MSR Global Health
  • WiPro
  • Siemens Foundation
  • Serum Institute of India

Amusingly as of today (2nd February 2022) the PATH website looks to have been hacked. The Johnson & Johnson logo on this page links to a website called “Cryptoluck”…

The link takes you to this excuse for a site…

Obviously a dubious site I wouldn’t recommend visiting, but funny to see a website from such a prestigious and well funded organisation (PATH) getting owned by some random crypto (crypro?) blaggers.

Back to the article mentioned at the start. Clearly nothing screams independently verified scientific trials louder than having the manufacturer, the US Government’s pharma wing and the global vaccine hype-train cabal involved. Chances are if you made your way through that you might not have noticed the “Supplementary Material” at the bottom including the Supplementary Appendix document (mirror).

This is where the important details often get squirreled away in these fraudulent studies and trials, as hardly anyone will read them, as they well know. So what can we find in here? Looking on page 22 at figure S2 titled “Trial Profile during Blinded Part (A)” we can see this diagram…

We can see that after the second injection there were more serious adverse events and deaths in the mRNA-1273 arm than the placebo arm. That’s not good.

On page 61 you can see Table S21 titled “Serious and Severe Treatment-related AEs after Any Injection in Overall and Age Groups Safety Set” that shows 3 times as many adverse reactions overall in the mRNA-1273 arm than the placebo arm and 2.7 times more severe adverse reactions overall in the mRNA-1273 arm. Also not good.

On page 65 in Table S24 titled “Bell’s Palsy in Overall Safety Set and By Age Group” where it shows a 2.7 times higher rate of facial paralysis in the mRNA-1273 arm compared to the placebo. Not good at all.

Page 66 has Table S25 titled “Thromboembolic Events in the Overall Safety Set and by Age Group” that shows a 1.4 times higher rate of thrombotic and embolic adverse events for 65+ year olds. Ouch.

These numbers are just what can be found buried in appendix documents, there is going to be more of this in documents such as those that the FDA are still arguing over producing in the US courts. Despite the trials showing more deaths and serious adverse events in the mRNA-1273 group than the placebo group, they kept going with this trial and claim in the main paper that “No safety concerns were identified”. If you don’t consider more deaths and serious adverse events a safety concern, then you have no business being anywhere near anything to do with public health.

This is unsurprising if you know about the disgraceful history of NIAID under the control of Anthony Fauci, the vaccine-obsessed Bill Gates and his Foundation, and the various “clinical trials” and the horrors they have wrought on inhabitants of Africa, India and elsewhere over the years. I’ll be writing a bit more about those very soon, but for now the evidence is clear.

In the UK we’ve just had two high-profile Government ministers announce they have “COVID-19” after them allegedly having three jabs. Nadhim Zahawi and Liz Truss have both come down with the COVIDS, apparently. Imagine getting the sniffles in winter, it must be COVID, right? The “test” was positive.

The funny thing is that if 6 months ago you had said on social media that you could still get COVID-19 even if you’re jabbed you were highly likely to cop a ban for spreading “medical misinformation”. In fact even now you can still get banned for saying it, and certainly incur the wrath of the NPCs that patrol the likes of Twitter for saying such a thing. It is truly bizarre to see how the same “fact” can be said by two different people, and it is treated so differently.

With the average age of a COVID attributed death being roughly the same as the average life expectancy, the 99%+ survival rate from the disease alleged to be caused by The Virus, the blatant lack of efficacy of these so-called vaccines and now even clinical trial data showing worse outcomes for the injected compared to the placebo group, this global human experiment as has been said many times, needs to stop and those that have been involved held to account.