We live in a corrupted system. The way to tackle corruption is to first acknowledge it exists. Only then is it possible to come up with ways of dealing with it, but don't make the mistake of believing the system can or will uncorrupt itself.

Theory – What Is The Real Threat?

As per the word in the title, this article describes a theory. This theory is subject to revision or even complete abandonment if and when evidence comes along to disprove it. Or in time it could turn out to be partly, mostly or completely correct as evidence ends up supporting it. It’s a theory that is based on some things that are either self-evident, or evidenced scientifically, but for now, it is a theory and so please bear that in mind while reading.

I’ll outline the basics first of all, and then go into it in a bit more detail, and I’ll preface that with a description of the relevant circumstances and happenings that provide the backdrop for this idea.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been told that the vaccines are the only thing that will save us. There has been a couple of other expensive drugs that are favoured, antiretroviral drugs like Remdesivir, Molnupiravir and a couple of others for use in treating COVID-19 patients. Anything else has been off the table so to speak. Doctors recommending vitamins C, D along with Zinc, or Ivermectin, or Hydroxychloroquine, have been castigated for spreading medical misinformation, often forbidden from prescribing them and threatened with the removal of their license to practice medicine. The arguments against those are that there has not been any successful double-blind placebo randomised control clinical trials to prove any of those things help COVID patients, but the vaccines are the thing that will save us all, and those expensive, on-patent antiretrovirals are to treat those rare breakthrough infections.

That paragraph is written from the mainstream viewpoint, not to be taken as a statement that any of that is actually true. That is the official narrative as we know it and the part this theory deals with is the deliberate withholding of Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) from the public using fraudulent trials to deliberately discredit them, along with mass propaganda campaigns to convince the public they are dangerously unsafe and in the case of Ivermectin (IVM), it’s simply a horse de-wormer unfit for use in humans.

The theory is about why. Why the establishment went to so much trouble to discredit and withhold these drugs. Was there a genuinely good reason for it? Was it just about the fact they are cheap, plentiful and off-patent? Was it just about they might be a threat to the Holy Vaccines? Is there any other reason why these two well known, established, widely used for decades, and generally safe multipurpose drugs suddenly needed to be controlled like a Class A opioid and confiscated from the public?

We’ll list the main, obvious possible motivations…

  1. Money. It’s the obvious motive. Both HCQ and IVM are off-patent as they have been around a long time, so they are cheap to produce and can be (as they are) mass produced generically like other medicines we use quite often like Paracetamol for example. If they were to successfully treat people with “COVID” it would negate the need for the so-called vaccines, and also the pet project drugs of the pharmaceutical cartel like Remdesivir and Molnupiravir that are also expensive.
  2. The vaccine fetish of Bill Gates and co. It is clear that Bill Gates wants to make money, but he does have an unhealthy interest in getting things injected into people. His various organisations that exist solely for the purpose of pushing injections on the world, like CEPI, GAVI and of course his notorious Foundation along with his visible excitement when talking about vaccines, particularly when describing injecting little kids demonstrate his obsession with it. Anything that would threaten that would obviously need to be dealt with.
  3. mRNA. It is now evident that the mRNA technology that has been worked on for a number of years was not going to be an easy sell to the public. It was and still is unproven as regards the claims made about the health benefits it allegedly provides. COVID-19 was, let’s be generous, an opportunity to fast-track mRNA and get it into everyone. Anything that threatened that would also need to be dealt with.

The first motive on the list doesn’t really require any evidence over and above the profits made by the like of Pfizer, BioNTech and Moderna. The colossal profits made by those companies in the space of 12 months are enough proof, especially when you consider the predatory and criminal nature of the likes of Pfizer, and that Moderna had been “in business” for a decade with not a single product on the market that entire time and investors will have been desperate to see a return.

The second motive again needs little extra proof than that which is out there in the public domain. Just look at the blurb on the GAVI website about business models and market shaping to obviously sell the vaccines Gates is obsessed with. You can see in lots of videos of Gates windmilling his arms around in excitement, turning his mouth downwards to try and hide his joy at getting to push and of course profit from injecting billions of people. Gates is of course not the only person involved at this level but he’s made himself one of the most visible. Anthony Fauci (NIAID), Jeremy Farrar (Wellcome Trust) and all the virus/vaccine obsessed pharma opportunists and charlatans are part of this too and do little to hide their goals these days.

The third is a little less overt, but nonetheless clearly evidenced by the previously mentioned need for Moderna to get something to sell, and what better way to make a splash with your very first product than to have Governments using public money to buy your unproven genetic product and coerce their populations into accepting it? There is also the small matter of the Milken Institute annual meeting held on October 29th 2019 where some well connected people like Rick Bright (BARDA) and Anthony Fauci were discussing how they wanted “an entity of excitement” to come along so they could launch the unproven mRNA tech and avoid the usual “bureaucratic strings and processes”. They obviously got their “entity of excitement” several months later and mRNA was then rushed to market and billions of people have been coerced into taking it, with no demonstrable positive health benefits at all. If you’d like to read a bit more about that Milken Institute meeting, see this article.

Those three motives are quite compelling. It would strain the credulity of the most naïve and trusting soul to read those previous paragraphs and not at least consider there is a likelihood they at least played a part in the events of the last 2 years.

But there is also another possible motive. This is the theory part.

We have seen a lot of censorship. I mean a LOT. Much of the censorship has been around Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin, be that outright banning of any discussion, recommendations, doctors experiences of them having positive outcomes treating people with respiratory illness that we’re told is COVID-19, or any other conversation related to them unless it is to parrot the establishment line that they have not been proven to be safe and effective, or that they are dangerous, not for humans or whatever other desperate tactics to discredit them and prop up the failing narrative that only the “vaccines” are safe and effective.

But we have also seen a sudden jump in censorship of another topic, which is Terrain Theory. This is a theory (for those that are unaware) that opposes Germ Theory. I will eventually write an article exploring Terrain Theory in more detail, but to briefly explain for the purposes of this article it is a theory that attributes human disease to toxins in the body that come from the environment. Those toxins could be literal poisons from external sources, such as the food we eat, or some kind of pollutant in the air, or even some kinds of parasites that can then lead to toxicity in the body. This theory was put forward by Antoine Béchamp in great detail and rivalled the alternate theory of Louis Pasteur’s, that of germs and contagions, transmission of microbes such as viruses from person to person. The book “The Blood and its Third Element” by Antoine Béchamp was his final publication and is a good explanation of his theory and work, including a defence against the attempts by Pasteur and co. to discredit him and his science. Béchamp and Pasteur were rivals, and as it turns out, because Pasteur’s theories fit nicely with modern medical interventionist models, with a drug to “treat” (not necessarily cure) each disease (and a hefty price tag attached) that they have been adopted wholesale, and retail for that matter.

I am not making a case specifically for or against Terrain or Germ Theory in this article, but what I am proposing is that Terrain Theory has been around for over 100 years, and is only now starting to get heavily censored. People are getting banned from social media for simply mentioning it, and there may be a reason why connected to IVM and HCQ also being censored. Something that could be a bigger threat to the vaccines and pharmaceutical cartel than those medications on their own…

Almost all modern medicine, and by extension almost all drugs are based on the Germ Theory paradigm. The relatively recent field of Virology is clearly entirely dependent on Germ Theory being true. All the research and treatments produced to address all communicable disease is founded on it. There are a lot of careers, lots of organisations, lots of companies, institutions and so on, and all the money that flows though all of that medical infrastructure is utterly dependent on Germ Theory being true. All vaccines are dependent on Germ Theory, as without it they serve no purpose as they are addressing the wrong problem. The burgeoning biosecurity industrial complex and the biosecurity-based surveillance, technology and ideological future techno-utopia the likes of the World Economic Forum, the UN, the Gates Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation and so on are cattle-prodding humanity towards is completely dependent on Germ Theory.

If there is no contagion, no person to person transmission of microbes that cause disease, all of that collapses. If the works of Béchamp and his Terrain Theory were actually correct and human disease is caused by environmental factors, ingested toxins and parasites and the way to deal with it is to address those environmental factors, cleaner air, better food, detoxifying and ridding ourselves of parasites rather than live in a world of garbage processed and chemically corrupted food, genetically modified everything, taking drugs that claim to treat symptoms and not cure etc. the biggest forms of control would collapse.

That’s a big if, I understand that. We have all grown up hearing about germs and viruses. We corollate the times we got ill with being in company with others who seemed ill with the same thing, often our families get ill at the same time, or within a short period of time the same illness seems to make its way through the family and it looks like we’re all passing these illnesses on to each other. This is based on Germ Theory that was initially proposed by the celebrity scientist of the day Louis Pasteur who it turns out was not the most honest of people. That in turn was embraced by the people who heavily influenced the medical profession early on, the Rockefeller family being chief among. The motive was control.

John D. Rockefeller and his Standard Oil company took control of over 90% of the world’s refined oil. But the family quickly diversified its interests and over the years got into banking, politics, education, medicine and most noteworthy, eugenics and population control. It was never just about oil. That was a means to an end. We are now entering an age where the biosecurity grid will be used to enforce the ultimate control. If the so-called “elites” have their way, our bio-status will be monitored in real-time, and depending on what the Computer says, determines if we can leave our home, work, socialise etc. All of that depends on Germ Theory.

All the antiretrovirals and vaccines for COVID-19 are an abject failure. They are not helping, they are harming. Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and Ivermectin (IVM) have multiple ways in which they work, some of which are not even properly understood. One of the main qualities they both have, is they can kill parasites. Indeed the disparaging reporting of Ivermectin simply being a horse de-wormer is only possible because it can do that. But both IVM and HCQ also seem to help with “viral” issues such as COVID-19 which is allegedly caused by SARS-CoV-2.

Now, here are the big questions.

What if the antiviral drugs and vaccines that are supposed to grant you protection from viruses don’t work because viruses are not the problem?

What if HCQ and IVM that don’t target viruses do help, because viruses are not the problem?

What if the censorship and fraudulent discrediting of HCQ and IVM was not just about money and vaccines? What if health professionals were able to see two cheap generic drugs that are not really specifically made to target viruses help, and the actual drugs to target viruses fail? Could it make some in the medical profession begin to question if viruses are even the real problem?

If that was to happen, if the medical profession started to see that treatments for parasites helped what they are told are ailments caused by viruses, and treatments for viruses not help then surely it would be only a matter of time before some awkward questions would be asked at a level it would be difficult to contain or dismiss as “quackery”.

Could it be that the extreme desperation by the media, Governments, big tech and pharma who are all connected financially and ideologically, to discredit those two drugs, to bully and demonise any doctors who through decades of experience and actual clinical practice have seen the benefits of them, is to ensure Germ Theory theology can’t and won’t be questioned?

Just a theory, for now.