We live in a corrupted system. The way to tackle corruption is to first acknowledge it exists. Only then is it possible to come up with ways of dealing with it, but don't make the mistake of believing the system can or will uncorrupt itself.


Back in September 2020, the UK Government under the “leadership” of Boris Johnson declared their bold plan to test the entire population in a week. This plan was called “Operation Moonshot”, because why not? Everything about this pseudo-pandemic has been an absolute farce, excluding the deliberate deaths and life-changing trauma of course. Why wouldn’t you name an utterly ridiculous plan to waste more obscene amounts of money something truly stupid?

Here is Boris Johnson talking about it, if you can call the thing Boris does with words talking…

Yes the cost of this plan was a mere £100,000,000,000 (yes that’s one hundred billion pounds) which is a nice round figure. To put that figure into perspective, the part of the March 2020 Budget delivered by Rishi Sunak allocated to the NHS was £129,900,000,000 which as you can probably work out is approximately 30% higher. Yes, the idea was to spend around three-quarters of the cost of the entire NHS budget that pays for every doctor, every nurse, every consultant, all the buildings and their upkeep, all the pharmaceutical products, everything, for a whole year on a “Moonshot”. This was allegedly to protect the NHS of course.

Obviously we will never really know how much of the public’s money got wasted on this, but if you’re wondering who the primary beneficiaries were, because it clearly wasn’t the public, the British Medical Journal helpfully fills in the blanks. Published on the 9th September 2020 an article titled “Covid-19: Government plans to spend £100bn on expanding testing to 10 million a day” explains that “letters of comfort” had already been signed with companies, those named include…

GSK for supplying tests, AstraZeneca for laboratory capacity, and Serco and G4S for logistics and warehousing.


Yes, an unsurprising list of companies connected with Government ministers and advisors like Patrick Vallance, and standard big-money Government contractors.

The article also goes on to describe the contents of “leaked documents”, saying…

The memo says that implementing mass testing is a “top priority” for Boris Johnson: “This is described by the prime minister as our only hope for avoiding a second national lockdown before a vaccine, something the country cannot afford,” it says.

Hmmm, how did that work out? Presumably £100,000,000,000 and then some spent, and we did end up locked down again. But GSK, AstraZeneca, Serco, G4S, Deloitte and probably other “friends” of the State did just fine thanks. Some of those “friends” were likely based in China, as this article on MSN from the 16th September 2020 gushingly reports that…

Boris Johnson’s moonshot testing programme “can be done”, according to a Chinese company which has developed a new 30-minute COVID-19 test.


Apparently Sabrina Li, the founder and chief executive of biotech company Coyote said “I think we have the best technology and we are definitely willing to help”. Yes, I bet you are. She explains that “500 Coyote machines could provide 2,000 30-minute tests per day, meaning one million daily tests”, and those machines cost approximately £40,000 each. A mere £20,000,000 but then that is only a tenth of what “Operation Moonshot” needs. Naturally with such a compelling sales pitch, the article explains that “demand is high and the machines are currently sold out. But the Chinese government is providing support, including increased access to materials and components” which is wonderful. Just what humanity needs, the CCP helping the rest of the world even more.

If this ridiculous “Moonshot” was the only colossal waste of public money and wealth transfer to the public/private partnerships that make up the new Governmental order it would be bad enough, but obviously it isn’t. The phenomenally flawed NHS Test and Trace (NHST&T) was set up in May 2020. In a news posting on the Government website reporting on a committee meeting about NHST&T titled:

“Unimaginable” cost of Test & Trace failed to deliver central promise of averting another lockdown

…we see details of how the budget for this app and associated systems was £37 billion over two years. Yup, thirty seven billion pounds for an app. Again this insane amount of money for something that has been worse than worthless was justified by the promise of averting another lockdown. We’ve had two lockdowns since this project got underway.

Meg Hillier MP and Chair of the Public Accounts Committee is quoted as saying:

The £22 billion for test and trace is about the annual budget of the Department for Transport. Test and Trace still continues to pay for consultants at £1000 a day.

Yet despite the unimaginable resources thrown at this project Test and Trace cannot point to a measurable difference to the progress of the pandemic, and the promise on which this huge expense was justified – avoiding another lockdown – has been broken, twice.

DHSC and NHST&T must rapidly turn around these fortunes and begin to demonstrate the worth and value of this staggering investment of taxpayers’ money. Not only is it essential it delivers an effective system as pupils return to school and more people return to their workplace, but for the £billions spent we need to see a top class legacy system. British taxpayers cannot be treated by Government like an ATM machine. We need to see a clear plan and costs better controlled.


Add to this the amount of money spent paying companies like Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson etc. for hundreds of millions of injections, plus all the furlough money paid out for over a year in some cases, grants to businesses and the hundreds of millions spent in marketing and advertising with the likes of OmniGov, something that sounds like it was lifted straight out of the Robocop films, the amount of money that has just been stolen from the public and continues to be stolen every day, under false pretences to be given straight to gigantic companies and individuals who are collaborators with the Government committing the greatest crime against the human race ever, truly is “unimaginable”.

Even if you believed there really was/is a “pandemic” you cannot possibly think that the way the spending of public money has been managed really ever intended to help anyone apart from those that have shacked up with tyrannical States the world over.