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London Prepares… and more Statistics

Similar to the contract tender the Scottish Government put out recently, Westminster City Council have put out a tender notice on the BidStats website and have also listed it on the Government website for a “Temporary Body Storage Service”. This is a 4 year non-renewable contract worth £6,000,000 and according to the description the purpose is:

The over-arching aim of this tender is to provide a single framework supplier that will be able to provide temporary body storage facilities to house deceased in the event of an excess deaths situation.


The deadline for this is the 12th July 2021. It further explains…

The Authority will be hiring the structures and associated items, which will be decommissioned and removed at the end of the requirement.

Is this just more, subtle propaganda by the Government that we are being made to pay for? The Government will be aware people are watching these tender sites and huge numbers of Freedom of Information requests are being submitted about COVID related matters. Is this a psychological operation to convince people they are anticipating yet another “wave” of the COVIDs washing ashore and sweeping away so many people that the existing provisions that appeared to cope fine during the worst pandemic to hit humanity ever will be overflowing with dead bodies?

Or, do they know something that might affect people adversely in the relatively short term that won’t happen again, hence the decommissioning at the end of the contract?

We know the Nightingale Hospitals sat mostly empty despite the breathless press coverage and Matt Hancock lying in Parliament about them being used. We can see now that the drama and fanfare when they were opened by “celebrities” like Ant and Dec was for show as at least 3 of the 7 sat empty the entire time, and only about 150 people were ever treated for an alleged COVID infection as admitted in this article and this one by The Metro.

Those articles aren’t there to tell you the truth of course, as images of Sir Simon Stevens posing in front of an NHS “Vaccination Centre” sign with his pathetic mask on…

…claiming the NHS is “back in the eye of the storm” is a total lie, when we know from NHS published bed occupancy data that there were, during the year 2020-2021 (April to March) on average over 14,000 less acute overnight beds available than there were in 2010-11 as they are at pains to point out how the COVID situation meant beds were deployed differently (although there has been a year on year reduction in beds available as can be seen from the data so about 6,600 less then the previous year) they just had their quietest year in at least a decade, with overall occupancy being at 75.9% and acute overnight beds at 76.6% compared to an average over the previous 10 years of overall occupancy at 87.01% and acute overnight beds at 88.89%. These figures are all easily available on this page:


…as spreadsheets for each quarter for each year going back to 2010-11 and as more aggregated data before that.

If hearing that the NHS beds were only about three quarters full at any time during the so-called “pandemic”, and the 7 Nightingale hospitals were mostly unused makes you angry, it should. Not because this seems like heresy, criticising the Holy NHS and such talk should be forbidden, but because despite the relentless propaganda, “Clap for the NHS” campaigns, banners everywhere with rainbows and “Thank you NHS” all over the place, the NHS as a whole just had their quietest 12 months in years, and masses of people have had the NHS care they are forced to pay for with their taxes withheld for all that time and are now suffering and dying as a result.

In the most traumatic time forced on people by the Government in 100 years, mental health services have been yanked from those that depend on them. Even if you pay for mental health services privately because the NHS has all but abandoned its duty of care for anything they can’t label as COVID or just the general whittling away of mental health support over the years, you are forced to have sessions over Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

Who knows what the tender for “Temporary Body Storage Service” is about? What we do know is that nothing of the sort was needed for this fake pandemic and the figures prove it. The only increase in mortality for the entire pretend pandemic was at the start of the lockdown in April 2020 where people were effectively hypnotised into staying at home to “protect the NHS”, and masses of people died in their homes of things they could have otherwise survived if they’d been allowed the treatment they are made to pay for and then again in the winter of 2020.

According to the ONS deaths at home increased by a third in 2020 from about 125,000 (the five year average) to about 167,000 which is a difference of 42,000. If we look at the mortality figures from the ONS for 2020 and compare them to previous years there was an increase. This is not in dispute. The cause is what should be disputed. The same as the claim by the ONS that the huge increase in deaths at home would otherwise have occurred in hospital should be disputed.

If we factor in the following:

  • Deaths from mostly seasonal respiratory ailments that no doubt are a large factor in mortality every year
  • Needless deaths as people were put on ventilators that ended up killing them
  • The amount of people that will have died as a result of the obscene amount of fear and stress that is well known to have a massively detrimental effect on health
  • The effect of little to no exercise, fresh air and human interaction
  • The effect of masks that increase risks of bacterial infections
  • The isolation of people in care homes that leaves them nothing to live for
  • Deaths at home of people who were ordered by the Government to “Protect the NHS” and so didn’t seek help, or were actually refused it
  • The number of people who were put on DNR (do not resuscitate) orders unbeknown to them or their families

…and the huge uptick in suicides because of the actions of the Government and the removal of mental health services that support those vulnerable people, none of these figures we can ever expect to see the Government admit to in any honest, quantitive way but we know all have had an effect and the numbers are up, this explains the increase in deaths while the NHS just had its quietest year in over a decade and the extra hospitals we also were made to pay for sat mostly empty. Hancock boasted back in March 2020 he was looking to get over 65,000 ex-nurses back in the job to “fight coronavirus”, and there were not huge numbers of healthcare workers that died of COVID, or even “within 28 days of a positive test for COVID”.

The ONS does have some statistics on the alleged COVID deaths across various work-related demographics and of course a male/female split. We’re told that COVID doesn’t discriminate, “it can infect anyone” so any distinctions made between males and females are either irrelevant, or demonstrate the pointlessness of these figures. For example, on this page they explain:

7,961 deaths involving the coronavirus (COVID-19) in the working age population (those aged 20 to 64 years) of England and Wales were registered between 9 March and 28 December 2020.


As always, every death is a tragedy and those 7,961 are no exception. But it is noteworthy that the 100,000+ deaths from COVID figure we’re bombarded with is clearly not made up of working age people for the most part. This suggests that perhaps COVID actually does discriminate. Of course it doesn’t, but older people with underlying health problems are clearly more susceptible to serious complications and risks when they get ill with a respiratory ailment.

Also noteworthy is that in 2018 for example, according to the NOMIS Official Labour Market Statistics website, 27,142 “working age people” i.e. aged 20-64 died from influenza and pneumonia just in England. Almost twenty thousand more working aged people died of the flu and pneumonia in 2018 than of COVID during the height of the “pandemic”, and that includes care-home and hospital workers. As the flu has all but vanished (how fortunate) as the COVIDs rampages its way around the UK, we can presume that virtually nobody of working age will have died from it in the last 15 months or so.

Whatever the Government is up to with these tenders for “Temporary Body Storage Services” and “Disaster Victim Identification Shelters” for upcoming “mass fatality/excess deaths” events, it’s not going to be COVID deaths that will be creating the demand.