We live in a corrupted system. The way to tackle corruption is to first acknowledge it exists. Only then is it possible to come up with ways of dealing with it, but don't make the mistake of believing the system can or will uncorrupt itself.

The Delta Upgrade

Yes that’s right folks, if you’re not content with plain old Delta, it is being reported that you can get a new “Delta Plus” version. Much like the launch late in 2020 of the Embassy Signature cigarette range, the new upgraded Delta Plus variant is a “move to unlock sales” amongst the more discerning public.

The main selling point of the GTi Turbo Delta variant is of course the claim that it is “even more transmissible”. That’s your lot though for extras, as the intrepid Kay Burley reports that according to Scotland’s National Clinical Director it isn’t causing any new symptoms, just “the classic symptoms are still the most common” and also of course “is encouraging us to get tested if we have any concerns”.

It should be understood that the nonsense “tests” are the only reason this is still going on, and let’s not forget the “classic symptoms” including those now ascribed to the Basic Bitch Delta variant are virtually every symptom of every disease ever, and now include a sore throat, runny nose and headaches as reported by The Guardian. This is so ridiculous that they felt the need warn us all, via the Authoritative proxy of “Researchers” that it may be “mistaken for milder illnesses”, presumably because it’s such a mild illness. The Guardian article quotes Tim Spector as saying that Standard Delta is “more like a bad cold”. A bad cold that is no more than a bad cold if you get the upgraded Delta Pro, just it is allegedly “even more transmissible”. There was also published a guide on the WalesOnline website as to how you can tell the difference between COVID and hayfever, because by sheer coincidence the new symptoms of the Delta variant are so strikingly similar to hayfever, just as we enter peak pollen season.

Obviously the relative transmissibility is calculated by more nonsense “tests” returning “positive” from contacts of those that got a “positive” result from their nonsense “test”, the PCR test. More on this later.

Now, the main cause of hayfever, high pollen-count season, is being implicated as the latest COVID super-spreader event, as the Daily Mail yesterday (22nd June 2021) screeched the headline “Could COVID be spread by TREES? Pollen can carry hundreds of virus particles and may increase the risk of infection in crowded areas, scientists warn”, where we have the obligatory weasel words and ending with “scientists warn”, which should be substituted for “if you have a brain, please switch it off now”.

The Daily Mail article is based on a study titled “On pollen and airborne virus transmission” also published yesterday on the 22nd June 2021, that contains lots of complicated mathematical symbols and explanations regarding plant biology and fluid dynamics. The main thing about this entire study, experiment and subsequent “conclusions” are they’re entirely based on computer models. Not just any old computer models though. One of the authors is quoted as saying “One of the significant challenges was the re-creation of an utterly realistic environment of a mature willow tree”. Utterly realistic, except from the minor difference of not being real.

Part of the “Conclusion” of this study is this…

Assuming that a coronavirus particle can adhere to a pollen pellet’s surface (10), we showed how airborne pollen pellets transported by a light wind can penetrate and disperse into a crowd of individuals, even when the social distance of 2 m is maintained. We showed that if only some persons in this crowd are infected, then the pollen grains dynamics can increase the airborne virus transmission rate.
Studying a smaller group of people under the same conditions, we found that the minimum social distance of 2 m is not sufficient as a health safety measure for a crowd outdoor at high pollen grain concentration or during pollination in the spring, i.e., March to May. Thus, public authorities should revise the social distancing recommendations. The above should be adapted accordingly in different countries, which may have different pollen seasonality.


The claim being made is airborne pollen from trees can carry the COVIDs up to 50 metres when a person breathes COVID out. The argument that “public authorities should revise the social distancing recommendations” as they consider the “minimum social distance of 2m is not sufficient” means that a minimum distance of 51 metres should presumably now be the recommendation. Clearly absurd.

Added to that if it wasn’t all nonsensical enough, this is all based on an assumption that COVID is hitching an airborne ride on pollen, hinging on a citation of a study from 2010 titled “RNA Viruses in Hymenopteran Pollinators: Evidence of Inter-Taxa Virus Transmission via Pollen and Potential Impact on Non-Apis Hymenopteran Species” where they decide honey bee colony collapse disorder is because of RNA viruses, the proof provided by testing the bees and pollen loads with… the oh-so reliable RT-PCR. What a surprise.

The inventor of RT-PCR, the Nobel Prize winning Kary Mullis stated before his untimely death in August 2019, that PCR is not a diagnostic test. It cannot detect infection. It is a lab tool to make “a whole lot of something out of something” and “if you do it well” he said, “you can find almost anything on anyone”. He said this at a conference held in Santa Monica, California USA, on the 12th July 1997 that was organized by what was called at the time, the Health Education AIDS Liason (HEAL) organization.

Kary Mullis was an outspoken critic of Anthony Fauci and had repeatedly called out the misuse/misinterpretation of PCR when it has been used as a diagnostic test. He died in August 2019, shortly before Event 201, the “pandemic simulation exercise” held on the 18th October 2019 organised by The Johns Hopkins Centre for Health Security, the World Economic Forum and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation who then appear to have pulled the trigger on another “pandemic simulation”, this time not restricted to a table-top in The Pierre Hotel, New York. With Mullis gone, Fauci and the WHO along with Bill Gates and the media suddenly free to generate a whole lot of “cases” with a “test” that’s not a test, the rest is history.

Unfortunately, this is still ongoing and until people realise that the only way the Governments keep the “pandemic” alive is because people keep submitting to nonsense tests that even UK Government minister Dominic Raab admitted has a false-positive rate of over 90% at least twice in interviews.

With all the ridiculous rules, State funded Science making crazy claims about when the COVIDs can and can’t get you and the evidence that the so-called test is a giant fraud, it is a wonder many people are still going along with it. The Government can only keep the “emergency” going to be able to push the “vaccine” which is only authorised for emergency use, if they can maintain the illusion of an emergency, and the ability to dial up and down “cases” on demand by increasing or decreasing testing is how this is being done.