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UK Doctors Don’t Want To Do Their Job

After having a nice, chilled out 18 months at GP surgeries where very few people were actually seen by doctors, now that we are supposed to believe the “vaccine” is saving everyone, there is a not unreasonable expectation that GPs get back to doing the job they are paid by the public to do, which is actually see people and treat them properly after accurately diagnosing them, something made much easier when you’re in the same room.

This idea has not been met with the enthusiasm you might have expected, and so now, as reported by the Guardian on the 21st October 2021, they are collectively threatening to go out on strike if forced to see patients who want a face-to-face consultation.

There’s lots in the article about GPs unhappy with their “increasing workloads”, although last time I checked all surgeries would do is tell you there are no appointments available, there was no option to force a doctor to see you when he’d finished his working day.

Of course there are too few GPs and not enough appointments to go around, and yes, the Government is the chief architect of these problems, but the NHS and specifically GPs are doing themselves no favours by demanding their not inconsiderable salaries of upwards of £150,000 (plus bonuses for injecting as many people as possible with as many things as possible) a year while refusing to see the people who pay those salaries, unless it’s to inject them.

Doctors are also unhappy at plans to force them to be transparent about all earnings, and the BMA has apparently said:

…this could imperil family doctors’ safety because “forcing GPs to publish their earnings provides no benefit to patient care, yet will potentially increase acts of aggression towards GPs and will damage morale amongst the profession and only worsen practices’ ability to recruit and retain GPs.”


Why would it “potentially increase acts of aggression towards GPs”? Because the public knowing that doctors are earning a very good salary paid for by them, and likely plenty of other money from private work, while we’ve just seen the public all but abandoned by those same doctors for 18 months might make them unhappy by any chance?

In fairness, I have a tiny amount of sympathy for the doctors here, as they are being compelled to be transparent about all earnings by Government ministers who are opaque to the point of outright dishonest about their finances. Actually I don’t have any sympathy, but I do see the hypocrisy. Of course if doctors wanted to tackle this properly they would just demand the same transparency from everyone on the public payroll, especially MPs. But no, they just want the same opportunities to rake in as much cash as MPs with the same mechanisms to hide it from the public.

Whatever this is about, perhaps further destabilising the behemoth NHS with a view to privatising it, or just messing with people’s minds even more, none of it is intended to actually improve the experiences of the NHS and GPs for the public, who are paying the ever-increasing bill.