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New Super-Strain?

So as the UK Government goes ever further into collective psychosis and the media ramps up fearmongering beyond anything you may have thought possible, all based on the sudden and seemingly unexpected arrival of a new “strain” of the “novel coronavirus” with a new tier 4 resplendent with shiny new restrictions (i.e. many of the original lockdown mandates), anyone with a working brain is wondering “why this is even news?” seeing as viruses mutate. That’s what they do.

See the Nextstrain website, a site for “Real-time tracking of pathogen evolution” where there is a timeline of over 3,000 known variants and mutations of this “novel coronavirus”, and wrap your head around the notion that what is essentially 3,000+ different viruses can collectively be considered “novel” at this point.

This website (the Nextstrain site) is not some discredited blog, but a well resourced and respected website that even Bill Gates himself finds “fascinating”. So it must be true eh?