We live in a corrupted system. The way to tackle corruption is to first acknowledge it exists. Only then is it possible to come up with ways of dealing with it, but don't make the mistake of believing the system can or will uncorrupt itself.

Natural immunity really is a thing

Contrary to what the likes of Bill Gates, pharmaceutical companies, mainstream media, Governments and global organisations spawned from the UN would like you to believe, there is such a thing as natural immunity in the human body.

The standard party line these days is that you need vaccines to be immune to anything and everything, and without these unnatural, experimental, largely untested gene “therapies” and more “traditional” vaccines we’re all susceptible to whatever scary virus or biosecurity monster they are going to promote as the latest existential threat to the human race.

Of course, this turns decades of immunological research on its head, and goes against everything we used to recognise as basic biological reality. Now of course there have been paradigm-shifting breakthroughs that have up-ended all previous understandings in times gone by. Once upon a time it was thought there were just four elements that made up everything, i.e. earth, water, air and fire. Obviously that’s wrong and we now of course understand that magic pixie dust is the fifth element that makes it all work. (yes, that was a joke Fact Checkers)

The point is that of course scientific advances have broadened our understanding of the world around us, revealed details previously hidden and so on. Is that what has happened recently though with the advent of “The Pandemic” and even before that with the clear push for “vaccines” and other pharmacological interventions ostensibly to solve humanity’s health problems? I would say there are some good reasons to say no, or at the very least ask some searching questions about the motivations for such a sudden (relatively) switch at a global level. Could there be something else going on? Are the main players involved in this push conflicted in any way with other solutions or ideas that do not conform to the new vaccine orthodoxy? A big question outside the purview of this specific article.

The question we’re looking at here and now relates to our human body and it’s natural defences, immune systems and ways of protecting and repairing itself. First of all it is important to note that nobody, not the world’s top immunologists or biology “experts” fully understand how this stuff all works. We are not making any such claims here, and so the evidence presented obviously currently consists of the actual scientific understanding to date, and is subject to refinement and future expansion. Or indeed a complete shift in the fundamental understanding of the matter should the evidence take us there.

Some actual scientists who are not either on the Government’s payroll or otherwise financially incentivised to do so, or just happen to care about science rather than an ideology have been speaking up about the false claims made about how 100% of people are under threat from COVID-19. Dr Mike Yeadon is one such person and he has written and spoken extensively about the seemingly deliberate fear-mongering and anti-science mantra that it’s out to get us all, and none of us are protected unless we’ve had the “jab”. He spoke to James Delingpole about this amongst other things and wrote an excellent article about it here.

“But” you might say, “are there any proper scientific papers saying anything like this, because I trust the Science, not some random podcast or blog?” and that is a reasonable question. Of course Dr Mike Yeadon is not exactly your average blogger but nevertheless, here are a couple of links to scientific papers for your perusal:

This has also been acknowledged by the mainstream media although this was back in July 2020 and there’s been virtual radio-silence on it since the Government started jabbing all and sundry with experimental gene-therapy and chimp viruses.

This is the tip of the metaphorical iceberg, and there are plenty of other options to the State sponsored injections but conversation about these legitimate options are all but forbidden, slandered as medical misinformation, censored from mainstream discussion and careers destroyed for suggesting cheaper, healthier and proven methods for improving our health, addressing respiratory illnesses and general wellbeing because none of that feeds the self-professed saviours of humanity with their globalist intentions. There are other options and it might just be prudent to take a look at some of them and not just blindly trust the Authorities on this.