We live in a corrupted system. The way to tackle corruption is to first acknowledge it exists. Only then is it possible to come up with ways of dealing with it, but don't make the mistake of believing the system can or will uncorrupt itself.

Build Back Better

If it feels like there’s been an increase in the use of this phrase by politicians and other organisations that ostensibly promote touchy-feely “we’re all in this together” and “let’s make everything fair and equitable” ideas, then you’re not imagining it.

It sounds like a wonderful idea. The world has been decimated by a “deadly pandemic” and disproportionately affected the poorest, and of course things weren’t perfect before, so now’s the chance to rebuild our economies and societies to address those historical issues and tackle the devastation wrought by “The Coronavirus”. Who wouldn’t want that? Surely you do? You want everything to be fair, and better, right? RIGHT?

Let’s just pause our headlong rush into Utopia for a moment and make one critical observation, which is that as there is no pandemic and all the social and economic problems are a result of anti-science corporate profiteering backed Government policy, perhaps we’re misattributing the cause of the problems which could in turn lead to fundamentally flawed “solutions”. I mean it would probably not work out well if your local locksmith who offered to secure your property after a break-in was actually the thief. You might just be handing all your security to the very person who wants to continue to rob you, and just have easy access. So it is important we identify the source of all these inequalities and problems most of us are facing. I say most because there are a number of people who are doing fine, and it turns out that most of them are the people behind the Build Back Better mantra.

We can see buildbackbetteruk.org (this domain was first registered 8th April 2020) is prominent in an online search for the term. So who are they? Their “About Us” page says this:

As a campaign we are run by a steering group. The campaign was initiated, and is currently co-ordinated, by Green New Deal UK, working with a growing range of groups and organisations. The campaign is drawing on existing funding from the European Climate Foundation and Oak Foundation.


Hmmm, Green New Deal UK? European Climate Foundation? It sounds like this is more about “climate” than “coronavirus”.

But that’s just one. Let’s see, who’s next? Ah it’s buildbackbetter.org.uk (this domain was first registered 21st April 2020) who are “a broad and diverse coalition united by this collective ambition”. What’s the ambition then? It’s this:

That’s why we are calling for a new settlement that protects vital public services, repairs inequalities, creates secure and rewarding jobs, and prepares us for the climate and environmental emergency.

We believe there should be a national conversation about how as a society we can achieve these aims.


Hmmm, there it is again, the “prepares us for the climate and environmental emergency” thing. They also compare the situation now to WW2. Because comparing something akin to the seasonal flu to the single deadliest military conflict in human history that caused 70-85 million deaths isn’t hyperbole at all.

They have an “About” section on their site with a section called “Who’s building back better?” and a list of links to what are presumably allied groups, organisations etc. who share that “collective ambition”. One of them is The Rockefeller Foundation with not a trace of irony leading with an article called “If We’re All in This Together, Let’s Prove It.” because nothing says “Fight The System” like teaming up with the Rockefellers.

Okay so who’s next? Ah our old friends at the de facto One-World Government, the United Nations. This news page of theirs entitled “What does ‘build back better’ really mean? One of the world’s top CEOs give us his take” (typo theirs) where we get to hear from Suphachai Chearavanont, head of one of the “world’s largest conglomerates” where he describes how his company (CP Group) isn’t involved in the most heavily affected industries, but they are “as committed to sustainable development as ever, if not more so”. He goes on to say:

“Despite the terrible toll of this pandemic, the impact of climate change poses a much greater threat to the continued existence of mankind.”


Ah yes. More rage against the machine by the CEO of one of the largest companies in the world, that is largely unaffected by the “pandemic”, doom-mongering about climate change. Later on in the article he refers to the UN Global Compact’s Business Principles and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, that are allegedly “the UN’s blueprint to achieve a better future for all”. As previously mentioned, many of the goals sound perfectly reasonable, desirable even. But is the UN the means by which to achieve this Utopia? A reasonable question.

Next on the list is the UK government with a link to a script of a speech given back in August 2020 by Alok Sharma, the Business Secretary and COP26 President called “Let’s build back better”. Within 5 sentences of the opening Māori greeting he’s saying this:

“As countries, peoples and friends we have so many shared interests and values. One of the most important is our commitment to tackling climate change.”


Right. He goes on…

“But the climate crisis remains as acute as ever. You know this all too well, as do we in the UK. Earlier this year we both suffered severe floods. New Zealand has also experienced droughts. And many of our friends across the Pacific face a threat to their very existence. The science is clear. To limit warming to 1.5 degrees, we need to halve global emissions over the next decade.”

Is it? Is the “science clear” Alok? That the levels of CO2 are directly responsible for the global temperature, and we can simply dial the global temperature up and down with the convenient thermostat of CO2?

So COP26 which Alok is president of is the 26th United Nations Climate Change conference where they discussed the Kyoto Protocol amongst other things, which (according to Wikipedia) is:

“An international treaty which extends the 1992 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) that commits state parties to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, based on the scientific consensus that (part one) global warming is occurring and (part two) it is extremely likely that human-made CO2 emissions have predominantly caused it.”


But is “scientific consensus” the same as actual science. As in the scientific method? Well no it isn’t.

Anyway, we see again that the “Build Back Better” mantra is really nothing more than an excuse to push the climate change narrative, ramp up the zero carbon emissions plans etc. but just like all these things, it’ll only be pushed on the peons. The people at the top of the food chain will continue their lavish lifestyles, gradually purging the planet of the useless eaters that blight their landscapes as they preside over the Earth as keepers of literally everything.

Even the new US Government website after Biden’s “win” contains a message in the source code of the site referring to this phrase:

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