We live in a corrupted system. The way to tackle corruption is to first acknowledge it exists. Only then is it possible to come up with ways of dealing with it, but don't make the mistake of believing the system can or will uncorrupt itself.

More Evidence For COVID-19 Vaccine Effectiveness

Rochelle P. Walensky is the Director of the CDC, the CDC that has been directly involved with pushing PCR tests that don’t work to diagnose “COVID-19”, discrediting off-patent, safe and effective medicines that work for respiratory illnesses that were/are diagnosed as “COVID-19” and pushing an experimental genetic medical product only given emergency use authorisation with no proper safety or effectiveness testing.

As the Director of the CDC, Walensky has been a high-profile advocate for masks and vaccines despite the lack of evidence that they help and the proliferation of evidence that they don’t. Over the last year the “vaccines” have been pushed aggressively, yet it seems the CDC has been reluctant to provide data to evidence it’s position, despite repeated requests including from elected US Senators. On the 1st March 2022 Senator Ron Johnson wrote yet another letter to Walensky published here. In part the letter says:

Dear Director Walensky:

Over the last year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has failed to be transparent to the American people and their elected representatives. Specifically, CDC has not responded to my multiple requests for information about COVID-19. In addition, CDC has reportedly “withheld information” about COVID-19 from the public that “could help state and local health officials better target their efforts to bring the virus under control.”

In the midst of a pandemic, it is unacceptable that CDC would withhold relevant data on COVID-19 that could inform the public and potentially save lives. Moreover, it is grossly arrogant that your agency has repeatedly ignored Congressional requests.

To date, I have sent you numerous letters requesting information about COVID-19 including records and data on the virus, school guidance, and the vaccines. For the letters listed below, you have either failed to respond or your response was significantly incomplete:


Johnson then lists the following letters and requests he has made to Walensky that have been lacking a proper response, or a response at all:

  • May 19, 2021 – Requesting records relating to teachers’ unions and CDC guidance.
  • June 28, 2021 – Requesting information about COVID-19 vaccine adverse events.
  • July 13, 2021 – Requesting information on vaccine safety monitoring.
  • July 30, 2021 – Requesting data CDC used to create a slide deck on COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness.
  • August 22, 2021 – Regarding the Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee meeting.
  • September 15, 2021 – Requesting information on the effectiveness of natural immunity as protection from COVID-19.
  • October 5, 2021 – Requesting information on early treatments for COVID-19.
  • December 29, 2021 – Requesting information about vaccine lot variation data.

That the CDC has for all this time ignored official requests for important data speaks volumes. Everywhere you look regarding “official” sources of information during the so-called “pandemic” you see the same lack of transparency, the blanket refusal to engage in debate or even provide the data the alleged “robust and rigorous” safety and effectiveness trials and subsequent authorisations were based on. Why? Is there something to hide? This is supposed to be science, and verified, repeatable evidence is the foundation of science.

As it turns out, the evidence continues to mount up regardless of the CDCs reticence, and more and more studies are published with irrefutable data, so now Walensky has spoken on camera about the CDC and their actions…

Here is a transcript of that…

“What could we have improved? Um, well, you know I think, I can tell you where I was when the [inaudiable] came that it was 95% effective, um the vaccine. So many of us wanted to be helpful. So many of us wanted to say, okay this is our ticket out right now we’re done. Um, so I think we had perhaps too little caution and too much optimism, um, for some good things that came our way. I really do. I think all of us wanted this to be done. Nobody said waning when, when, you know this vaccine is gonna work. Oh well maybe it’ll work, it’ll wear off. Nobody said well what if the next variant doesn’t, it doesn’t, it’s not as potent against the next variant.”

Rochelle P. Walensky, Director of the CDC and taxpayer-funded liar

Is that right Rochelle? That nobody questioned the effectiveness, sanity, or scientific validity of this vaccination programme? Well nobody except all the people that were de-platformed, censored, had their medical licenses threatened and/or their livelihoods and reputations trashed by media hit-pieces. Apart from all of them, that’s right, nobody said anything about it. Except it was the job of the CDC, FDA, NIH and NIAID that all work hand in hand with billions of dollars per year in taxpayer-funded budgets that should have been demanding to see evidence that these injections did any of the things claimed of them. Instead they simply rubber-stamped all of these experimental products and shut down anyone who dared to question the “experts”.

One can speculate about what the “good things that came our way” really means, but really there is no speculation needed. Awards, billions of dollars in budgets and hero status in the media as the saviours of humanity all went the way of the people that pushed this medical and economic catastrophe on the public. Not to mention the gratitude of Big Pharma and the globalists who will reward those faithful to the cause.

Some of the evidence against the positive effectiveness of these “vaccines” we have already looked at, but more is coming out all the time. This pre-print study on the ResearchGate website titled “Official mortality data for England suggest systematic miscategorisation of vaccine status and uncertain effectiveness of Covid-19 vaccination” starts of with the perfectly reasonable line…

The risk/benefit of Covid vaccines is arguably most accurately measured by comparing the all-cause mortality rate of vaccinated against unvaccinated, since it not only avoids most confounders relating to case definition but also fulfils the WHO/CDC definition of “vaccine effectiveness” for mortality.


Taking this logical and rational approach and applying it to the data available from the UK Office for National Statistics (ONS) the authors come to the following conclusions, and these are short paraphrases and quotes based on the “Summary and Conclusions” section starting on page 24 of the PDF…

  • The ONS released data lacks the required granularity and age stratification, and also that published age grouping has changed over time, to be able to fully analyse the data and avoid age-related confounding factors, or in other words, the ONS data is deliberately unhelpful and inconsistent so as to make analysis difficult.
  • At first glance the data for older age groups that are separated out appear to support vaccine effectiveness, but after a closer look this is not the case. The reasons for this are:
    • In each group the non-Covid mortality rates in the three different categories of vaccinated people fluctuate in a wild, but consistent way, far removed from the expected historical mortality rates.
    • Whereas the non-Covid mortality rate for the unvaccinated should be consistent with historical mortality rates (and if anything, slightly lower than the vaccinated non-Covid mortality rate), it is not only higher than the vaccinated mortality rate, but it is far higher than the historical mortality rate.
    • In previous years, each of the 60-69, 70-79 and 80+ groups have mortality peaks at the same time during the year (including 2020 when all suffered the April Covid peak at the same time). Yet in 2021 each age group has non-Covid mortality peaks for the unvaccinated at a different time, namely the time that vaccination rollout programmes for those cohorts reach a peak.
    • The peaks in the Covid mortality data for the unvaccinated are inconsistent with the actual Covid wave.
    • There are sufficiently serious anomalies in the population and very poor health category data to suggest the data are unreliable.

This is a well researched and evidenced study with lots of information and is well worth a read, even in it’s pre-print status. The main takeaway from this is that the evidence to show the “vaccines” are effective for anyone is sketchy at best, and the burden of proof IS on those claiming it is effective. It is not up to anyone, be that the scientific community or members of the public to prove they are ineffective. But because of the massive corruption of academia, the health industry and State-funded Science, this is what it is required, and despite the best efforts of the various regulatory organisations and Governments, it is happening.

The timely introduction of WW3 is distracting the majority of people from what has been inflicted on humanity for the last 2 years, but there are those of us that will not be distracted. Big Tech is still doing what it can to prop up the illusion as it continues to censor people daring to ask questions as you can see…

Ironically it has been the biggest war fans that chant “never forget” each time an anniversary of a big war rolls around, and now we have another manufactured war being used to try and make the public forget the biggest global attack on humanity in history. As the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson suddenly pivots to the “Ukraine Crisis” for his Churchill/Thatcher moment, the UK Government adds the colours of the Ukraine flag to it’s Facebook profile picture, and the rest of the world’s Governments and media demand you pick a side, Good Team Ukraine or Evil Team Russia (according to them) it should be understood that although there is conflict in the Ukraine the massive media hype campaign designed to make you hate Russians and throw your money at Ukraine is there to distract you.

Leading the charge of online virtue-signalling, the UK Government
adds the Ukraine flag colours to it’s Facebook profile picture

There has been conflict in the Ukraine for years and you were not told to be angry about it until now. There was conflict in Syria before the COVIDS came along that you were told to be angry about, but it would seem as if the Syrian “dictator” Assad has turned over a new leaf, just as the Taliban apparently have since their near-instantaneous takeover of Afghanistan and the much publicised humanitarian crisis that followed back in September 2021. You no longer need to hate/fear the Syrian President, ISIS, Iran, Afghanistan, the Taliban or Muslim terrorists, and now COVID can be added to the list of existential threats placed on the back-burner. Today you need to hate Russians and forget about everything else.

All of a sudden, outright discrimination based on a person’s country of origin is back in favour as people lose their jobs in so-called “Western democracies” that have spent years lecturing everyone on inclusivity, diversity and multiculturalism, and are firing people for having the audacity to have been born in Russia.

This is literally insane, and is just a sign that a large proportion of people have completely lost touch with reality. This was already evident from the last two years, and now we’re seeing the devastating psychological effects of all that and the preceding decades of programming now on full display.

We need to stay focused and calm, avoid these manufactured divisions, do our best to speak the truth and if at all possible, hold the criminals to account over the scam-pandemic and the lives destroyed by the perpetrators. They will do anything to avoid it, including starting WW3.