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British Doctors Are The Best

According to Blick.ch, the Swiss news portal in an article published on the 26th February 2022, the headline reads:

Politicians claim: Putin has gone “crazy”


In this hilarious article the assertion is that Putin is crazy because… are you ready for it?

British doctors are now certain: his behavior is related to Long Covid

Who knew that “Long Covid” turned you into a “crazy” warmongering country invader, allegedly? Previously the most serious effects of “Long Covid” appeared to be the propensity to sit at home double-masked, and post regularly on social media about how you felt a bit worn out and how your life was ruined, hoping you could make a few extra quid on top of your Government handout by getting interviewed by the Daily Mail about your horrendous experience of having a “cold”. But luckily some unnamed heroes from the British medical profession have brought something new to the table, they are “certain” that Long Covid can make you an international warhawk.

I guess we’d better watch out, all those Long Covid “sufferers” are potential country invaders. Lucky we have such good doctors in the UK to warn us eh?