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Mexico Derails Bird Flu Bid For Stardom

One day you’re shooting for the stars, the next day you’re back down on the ground with a bump.

In a possibly but equally possibly not unexpected turn of events, just one day after Avian Influenza’s debut performance as H5N2 for the BBC no less, “health officials” from Mexico had the audacity to point out what should have been blatantly obvious to everyone already.

On the 7th June the Reuters outlet published the following…

The article begins with:

A man who contracted bird flu in Mexico died due to chronic diseases and not the virus, Mexico’s health ministry said on Friday.



In a Friday press conference in Geneva, WHO spokesman Christian Lindmeier described the man’s case as a “multifactorial death” and noted that experts were still investigating whether he was infected by someone or by contact with animals.

A “multifactorial death”. This is NewSpeak for ‘we are wrong about what we tried to make it seem like he died from, but we’re the WHO and therefore cannot be wrong, so please accept this gibberish and continue to believe we were right all along’.

Mexico’s health ministry on Friday stressed that the 59-year-old man’s death was due to chronic conditions that led to septic shock, and was not attributed to the virus.

“The diseases were long-term and caused conditions that led to the failure of several organs,” the ministry said, citing the findings by a team of experts.

The man had chronic kidney disease, diabetes and arterial hypertension over the past 14 years, according to health officials.

So it was septic shock that killed this unfortunate man, which is a complication of sepsis, a serious condition in which the body responds improperly to an infection. The infection-fighting processes turn on the body, causing the organs to work poorly. Sepsis may progress to septic shock as it did in this case, which is a dramatic drop in blood pressure that can damage the lungs, kidneys, liver, and other organs.

This poor man had been extremely unwell for well over a decade, and ended up a victim of sepsis. The “laboratory-confirmed” H5N2 which, as we have well established by now, means they were able to detect some tiny fragments of nucleotide sequences that are not even 1% of the alleged virus genome, not “alive” in any way and could even be simply an artefact of the “test” itself, was meaningless.

Even the symptoms H5N2 is claimed to cause (flu symptoms) were not even mentioned.

Undeterred by having to publish this embarrassing climb-down, Reuters end the article with this joke of a sentence…

Scientists have been on alert for changes in the virus that could signal it is adapting to spread more easily among humans.

The idea that the “virus” is “adapting” to be able to spread more easily among humans is one of virology’s most far-fetched claims. This notion that the virus has some kind of will, a desire or even instinct for survival, and the urge to spread to more humans is just an extreme example of anthropomorphising non-living things.

We looked at anthropomorphism in a previous article about “AI”. Wikipedia describes anthropomorphism as the attribution of human traits, emotions, or intentions to non-human entities, and that it is considered to be an innate tendency of human psychology. We know human psychology has been weaponised against us, and innate human tendencies have been and continue to be leveraged to push behaviour modifications, ideologies and the future a small group of psychopaths want for the world.

We would do well to not allow our humanity to be hijacked and be persuaded that invisible fragments of non-living genetic material is out to get us. Bacteria is obviously another matter. It is alive, it feeds, replicates and defecates. They can make us ill under certain circumstances. There is a reason antibiotics work against bacteria, and that is because the word antibiotic literally means “opposing life”, and bacteria is alive.

Doctors will tell you antibiotics don’t work on viruses, have you ever wondered why? Because they, if they even exist as full sequences outside of a computer in a lab, are not alive. The idea that a strand of nucleotides wants to survive and therefore “adapts” itself makes as much sense as the idea that dead skin cells that fall off us all the time will “adapt” into something.

The “invisible enemy” conjured up by sleight-of-hand, logical fallacies and propaganda regarding scary viruses we need Big Pharma, Big Tech and Big Government to save us from is just another scam, designed to paralyse us and allow us to be saved by expensive, harmful drugs, technology and policy.

All we need to do is…