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Facebook/Meta Manager of Community Development – Paedophile

A group called Predator Catchers Indianapolis caught Jeren A. Miles “allegedly” soliciting sex from a 13 year old boy. This is not being very widely reported, and as of today 21st February 2022 it only appears on the Independent website behind a subscription wall. Nothing on the BBC after searching for “Jeren Miles”. You might think that some random paedophile isn’t likely to attract much media attention, but Jeren A. Miles is not just some random person.

He was (before he was fired) a manager of Global Community Development at Meta, the parent company of Facebook. A fairly high profile position of one of the most influential and ethically questionable tech companies in the world makes Jeren Miles and his escapades newsworthy, unless you’re the BBC of course which spends most of its time (and public funding) pushing woke narratives, promoting Government tyranny and protecting paedophiles so it is unsurprising to find a complete absence of reporting by the “most trusted news source” according to a survey of just 1,032 adults in 2020 conducted by our old friends Ipsos MORI, an interesting company who’s name is Latin for “they die”.

According to the Office for National Statistics the adult population in the UK in 2020 was 52,383,965 so it might be questionable just how representative 0.0019% of the adult population is when inferring something so broad a statement as “BBC most trusted news source”, but this is the state of things these days… meaningless statistics based on miniscule sample sizes, questionable data and obfuscated details are all standard practice as people have been largely conditioned to just accept the claims at face value. It’s all Science you see.

So, back to Jeren Miles. This is a big deal and is the obvious motivation for the extremely limited coverage. There’s lots of “allegedlys” being bandied about, because, you know, innocent until proven guilty and all that. Except he’s already admitted to the grooming aspect, on video…

The media are at pains to point out he hasn’t admitted to actually having sex or molesting a 13 year old boy, just that he had graphic conversations with someone he believed at the time to be a 13 year old boy and arranged meetings including providing his hotel address and room number.

It seems that UK ex-deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg will have his work cut out for him after getting promoted from VP of Global Affairs and Communications recently to President of Global Affairs as reported by TechCrunch on the same day as Miles was soliciting sex from a 13 year old boy, the 16th February 2022.

Good old Clegg who in case anyone forgot was the guy who promised to not increase students tuition fees, and then when the opportunity came to be David Cameron’s sidekick he did precisely that. Someone with those kinds of morals (i.e. non-existent) will likely fit in well at Meta, as TechCrunch states:

Zuckerberg said Clegg would be key to helping Meta chart the choppy waters of a fast changing regulatory landscape.


Of course.

Whether Jeren Miles actually faces any real consequences for his “alleged” actions remains to be seen. The fact that there is barely any mainstream coverage of this speaks volumes.