We live in a corrupted system. The way to tackle corruption is to first acknowledge it exists. Only then is it possible to come up with ways of dealing with it, but don't make the mistake of believing the system can or will uncorrupt itself.

Not planning to but also planning to

On the 16th June 2021 the Guardian published an article titled “Vaccine advisers not planning to back Covid jabs for children, says UK minister” which seems quite clear and unambiguous.

Of course what should be clear from all the other statements that begin with the words “we have no plans to…” it will be exactly what they are planning.

Fast forward less than two months and taking a look at the NHS Jobs website, there are multiple jobs advertised for “Registered Health Professionals” related to “School Nursing”, jobs that are for a company called “Vaccination UK Ltd”. Here is a screenshot of some of them…

The company, Vaccination UK Ltd is registered at Companies House. Three of the directors are Danish, two of them apparently live in England and they have all been associated with the company for a few years. The fourth director is more interesting. Matthew Russell Tillett was appointed as director and chief financial officer (CFO) on the 9th July 2021, less than a month ago. His correspondence address is listed as Citydoc Medical Limited, 133 Creek Road, London, United Kingdom, SE8 3BU.

Tillett is director and/or CFO of 12 companies in fact, 11 of which run from the same address. 133 Creek Road, London is a rented office building. Tillett joined those 11 companies all within the last month, 7 of them he joined on the 9th July 2021, and 4 of them he joined on the 13th July 2021. He must be very busy.

Vaccination UK Ltd has a website where it appears they present themselves as providers of travel related health tests and vaccines. This fits with the names of some of the other 11 companies Tillett is involved with. They of course have COVID-19 related services, and will happily sell you one of five different COVID tests, ranging in price from £70 up to and beyond £165.

They do also sell vaccines, all sorts but obviously not COVID “vaccines”. Not yet. But what does this lot have to do with NHS jobs for Health Professionals working in schools? Well according to the full advert for one of those jobs, Vaccination UK Limited is the actual employer but for some reason this is considered an NHS job and is advertised on the NHS jobs website. The advert goes on to say that:

Vaccination UK are a dynamic and rapidly expanding company who have been commissioned by NHS England since 2015 to provide school aged immunisations, including Influenza, to pupils across numerous counties and Boroughs in England

So this is public money, paying a private company for employment services via a Government approved supplier. A reasonable question is why don’t the NHS employ these people directly? Another reasonable question is that as according to the job advert, part of the job is to “Promote and deliver the childhood immunisation programme” and also to “undertake Gillick Competency Assessment for relevant pupils according to VUK policy and advise and immunise these pupils accordingly, in order to ensure that they are protected in a timely manner”, is this going to include COVID “vaccines” at any point in the near future?

Using Gillick Competency is how they are going to push this onto kids without any parental consent or even knowledge. Using a law that was introduced to protect children to side-line parents and allow children to be pressured into accepting an experimental gene-therapy injection that will permanently change them with no long-term safety data or even a credible risk meaning it could be justified is pure evil.

These adverts don’t state specifically that they will be administering the COVID injections, but the Government’s track record on not doing the things it says it has no plans to do is as bad as it gets. The companies like Vaccination UK who quickly and opportunistically leapt on the COVID testing bandwagon and who now have the NHS being their recruiters, all paid for with public money will do whatever they are asked to do by the Government as they are their paymasters.

Children have been the most badly impacted, least considered and most disenfranchised group in this whole scam, just like they always are. We need to step up and protect our children from a Government that is well on the way to enslaving everyone, and creating a future where the only choice is Hobson’s choice, if we survive it at all.