We live in a corrupted system. The way to tackle corruption is to first acknowledge it exists. Only then is it possible to come up with ways of dealing with it, but don't make the mistake of believing the system can or will uncorrupt itself.

Media Lies, Again.

There have been many large pro-freedom protests in London this year, each one with more attending than the last. The mainstream media have either not reported on them at all, certainly with no coverage at the event, and only reported when the Metropolitan Police have been able to incite a scuffle and cause a scene. Having witnessed the Police’s blatant aggression and outright violence towards perfectly peaceful people often just standing chatting in Hyde Park for example, with the obvious intent on inciting a riot and antagonising the rest of the crowd to be able to deploy the hundreds of fully kitted-up riot squads they had on standby, they usually get their 30 seconds of footage to be able to represent the peaceful protests by tens of thousands of people as a handful of violent thugs and ignore the rest of the day.

That has been the media and Police tactic up to now. Yesterday though things changed. Saturday the 26th June 2021 was the biggest freedom rally yet. It has been fairly well promoted but because the Government and MSM don’t want the average citizen to know, you’d need to know where to look. The new tactic utilised by the Government in the UK was to organise their own event, and get the media to falsely represent the actual freedom rally as being part of the obviously politically driven tiny event they organised.

There was well over a million people at the real freedom rally yesterday. There were perhaps a thousand or so people at the “People’s Assembly”, that recruited as many politically connected protest groups as possible to create a presence that was then made to look like a much bigger crowd. If you have any doubts as to whether the “People’s Assembly” was a politically organised group, they have a Facebook page that lists them as a “non-profit organisation” (naturally) with these people among their “signatories”:

Tony Benn President, Coalition of Resistance
Len McCluskey General secretary, Unite the Union
Mark Serwotka General secretary, PCS
Christine Blower General secretary, NUT
Michelle Stanistreet General secretary, NUJ
Manuel Cortez General secretary, TSSA
Dave Prentis General secretary, Unison
Billy Hayes General secretary, CWU
Bob Crow General secretary, RMT
Mick Whelan General secretary, Aslef
Kevin Courtney Deputy general secretary, NUT
Paul Mackney Former general secretary Natfhe (now UCU)
Vicky Baars NUS union development
Kevin Donnelly Trade Union Council JCC
Caroline Lucas MP
Katy Clark MP
Jeremy Corbyn MP
John McDonnell MP
Murad Qureshi London assembly member
Dawn Butler Former Labour minister for young citizens and youth engagement
Tariq Ali Author
John Pilger Journalist
Ken Loach Filmmaker
Owen Jones Writer
James Meadway Senior economist, New Economics Foundation
Wendy Savage & John Lipetz Keep our NHS Public
Merry Cross Disabled People Against the Cuts
John Hendy QC Co-chair, People’s Charter
John Hilary Director, War on Want
Sam Fairbairn National secretary, Coalition of Resistance
Imran Khan Solicitor, co-chair, People’s Charter
Rachael Newton People’s Charter
Romayne Phoenix Chair, Coalition of Resistance
Zita Holbourne Co-chair, Black activists rising against the cuts
Clare Solomon Vice-chair, Coalition of Resistance
Andrew Burgin Vice-chair, Coalition of Resistance
Colin Hampton Co-ordinator, National Unemployed Workers Centres Combine
Anita Wright Secretary, National Association of Women
Joginder Bains Association of Indian Women
Shang Gahonia Indian Workers Association
Carolyn Jones Director, Institute of Employment Rights
Lindsey German Convenor, Stop the War Coalition
Kate Hudson General secretary, CND
Bruce Kent Peace campaigner
Lee Hall Playwright
Roger Lloyd Pack Actor
Josie Long Comedian
Iain Banks Author
Arthur Smith Comedian
Roy Bailey Folk singer
Francesca Martinez Comedian
John Rees Counterfire editorial board
Natalie Bennett Leader of the Green Party England and Wales
Fred Leplat Socialist Resistance
Robert Griffiths General secretary, Communist Party of Britain
Bill Greenshields Chair, Communist Party of Britain
Richard Bagley Editor, Morning Star


So four Members of Parliament, more than a dozen top Union officials, some mainstream media journalists like Owen Jones of The Guardian and the General Secretary and the Chair (mustn’t say Chairman I presume) of the Communist Party of Britain amongst many other self-proclaimed Left-Wing political group representatives and media types should tell you this is hardly some grass-roots “People’s Assembly”. They also co-opted groups like Kill the Bill, BLM and Extinction Rebellion to join the “Assembly”. They had a huge TV screen set up in Parliament Square for the likes of Jeremy Corbyn and the other attention seekers to stand up and lecture their own Police protected echo chamber about freedom of speech. The irony.

There was, despite plenty of money and promotion from actual Government Ministers and clearly well-connected political organisations and massive Unions, at most a couple of thousand people in Parliament Square. As the actual freedom march was going past, and was obviously prevented from entering Parliament Square by barriers and a line of Police, that’s when the BBC took their aerial shots for their video to splice in with other close up clips of the People’s Assembly to make it look like it’s all part of the same thing, and so you can’t actually see the size of the People’s Assembly crowd on its own which was tiny in comparison. The following are stills from the video on the page linked above:

The top 3 images are clearly the “People’s Assembly” group heading towards their cosy spot on the Government’s front lawn with the “Kill the Bill” gang getting protection from the actual freedom march provided by “The Bill”. These kinds of people do suffer with a pathological self-awareness deficiency so this is not a surprise.

The bottom 3 images are the aerial views that are intended to look like the people in the densely packed street (i.e. the actual freedom protest, and just a small part of it at that) is part of the sparsely populated green area of Parliament Square with it’s big TV and Socialist Worker Party stand.

The BBC even had someone “at the scene” according to this article, which is a first as they’ve not bothered for any of the other protests that even way back in March 2021 were attended by 50,000 or more people, at least 20 times more than this puppet show the BBC decided to attend and report on yesterday.

This was highly predictable. There was no way they were going to be able to ignore yesterday’s actual freedom rally, as there are many more people out and about now who would see more than a million people making their way through the streets of Westminster and then wonder why there was no reports at all by the likes of the BBC. There were also way too many people who are now wise to the aggressive and inciteful tactics of the Police, and so a new way to deal with this was required. So the not-at-all grassroots People’s Assembly led by Members of Parliament, massive political organisations and writers for mainstream media got themselves organised on the exact same day and the BBC obliged by making it look like the million+ actual freedom fighters were part of this obviously Left-Wing State sponsored push for the next pendulum swing and fade from Blue to Red.

Of course there won’t be any major shift when this Blue to Red transition happens, like there never is which ever direction the colours change. We will be told that the Heartless Tories™ will be chased away by the Party For The People™, and for as long as that is effective in pushing for more centralisation and consolidation of power and control they will stay there. As soon as that position becomes untenable we’ll see various criticisms of that, where only a switch to Real Conservative Values™ will save us all from the Tax & Spend Socialists™ and on and on it goes, back and forth.

This is the tactic the State uses to sail into the headwind of public opinion. The Government always wants to do things the population does not want. So aside from the false flag style create-problem/offer-solution method Governments often use to be able to bring in legislation that would otherwise be politically unsellable, the constant shift from Left to Right, then back to Left is another more indirect method that works like “tacking”, which is…

…a sailing maneuver by which a sailing vessel, whose desired course is into the wind, turns its bow toward and through the wind so that the direction from which the wind blows changes from one side of the boat to the other, allowing progress in the desired direction.


This should be obvious, it’s been going on for as long as voting has been a thing which is well over 100 years. Unfortunately the indoctrination that this is the only way to do things, democracy is the Holy Grail of socio-economic management at a national or even international level and to question it makes you “literally Hitler” has been devastatingly effective. Not many people ever question the validity of the whole thing. You get arguments about methods of vote counting, arguments about who should and who shouldn’t vote, arguments about which sales pitch or coloured tie should get the vote but rarely do you see public discussion about the obviously broken-by-design nature of the political system itself. The second one does get initiated it’s usually quickly shut down with lots of screeching about “threats to democracy” and how anyone daring to question the patently obvious failure of the system to represent those it claims to is just a Nazi.

Those kinds of non-arguments are cultured and then disseminated by the State and its allies, the MSM. We just need to opt out of this nonsense and stop listening to the people who clearly have our worst interests at heart, despite any rhetoric to the contrary. Talk is cheap, but their actions of the last century have been anything but cheap and especially the last 18 months. It has cost us almost everything and before it’s all gone forever we need to take a stand.