We live in a corrupted system. The way to tackle corruption is to first acknowledge it exists. Only then is it possible to come up with ways of dealing with it, but don't make the mistake of believing the system can or will uncorrupt itself.

Just Random Coincidence

I shall expand on all these topics at a later date, but for now there are some noteworthy things happening, alongside the obvious COVID charade.

On the 1st July 2020 as the COVID hype-train got up to speed the World Economic Forum (yes, them again) published an article titled “How to vaccinate your organization against a cyber pandemic” because why wouldn’t you use the alleged world’s deadliest pandemic allegedly causing millions of deaths as part of your latest marketing campaign?

The article discusses how the “COVID-19 pandemic has changed both the physical world and the digital space”, and then explains how this has had the seemingly regrettable side-effect of creating “daunting cybersecurity challenges for which few were ready or equipped to face”. On the 8th July 2020 they conducted the first Cyber Polygon exercise, a new innovation from the omnipresent WEF (World Economic Forum) where all kinds of organisations get together for some “training” on how to deal with this new threat, the “Cyber Pandemic”. Think of it as an Event 201 for cybersecurity. Probably just a random coincidence though.

The WEF’s Centre for Cybersecurity, according to the article is “leading the global response to address systemic cybersecurity challenges and improve digital trust.” and is doing this with three priorities, which are:

  • Strengthening Global Cooperation
  • Understanding Future Networks and Technology
  • Building Cyber Resilience

None of those should be a surprise, as hearing Globalists wanting to strengthen “global cooperation” is standard fare, and the other two are about pushing their future digitalisation of everything agenda (AKA the 4th Industrial Revolution, another WEF dream) and the securing of that future to make it unassailable and permanent. The WEF is also a signatory of the Paris Call for Trust and Security in Cyberspace which was something set up on the 12th November 2018. This is some kind of international agreement, randomly coincidentally along the same lines as the Paris Agreement, the climate thing where loads of countries sign up to support some nonsense idea that just leads humanity further down the road to global totalitarian Government.

The Paris Call has a rather large number of “supporters”, 1,213 in all at the time of writing this, including countries, public authorities, private sector companies and organisations they are each calling a “Civil Society”, which we’d usually refer to as Non-Profit Organisations and/or NGOs.

Meanwhile, just by random coincidence, another organisation has sprung up into existence, “The Council for Inclusive Capitalism with The Vatican”. Yes, that’s correct, with The Vatican. Their website strapline is the most predictable thing ever, “Making the world fairer, more inclusive, and sustainable”. Naturally. They have set themselves up as the “guardians” and “stewards” along with their “allies”, of this new, fairer, more inclusive capitalism. They have a page where they list those guardians but for some strange reason the link to it from their own home-page results in a “content not found” error. Never fear, the useful Wayback Machine has a snapshot of the page from a few days ago.

You certainly know you’re in safe and trustworthy hands that will shepherd the flock of humanity out of the horrid old capitalism that has led to all the inequality, corruption and injustice we see, into the new utopian inclusive capitalism by those people, organisations and corporations that created all that inequality, corruption and injustice in the first place. The likes of the Rothschilds led Inclusive Capital Partners, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Ford Foundation, Visa, Mastercard, BP, the Bank of America, Allianz, Johnson and Johnson, Merck and Mark Carney, the Group of Thirty member, ex Goldman Sachs exec and ex Bank of England Governor now heading up various United Nations Agenda 2030 schemes have all been part of why and how we have ended up exactly where we are now. After 100+ years of those very groups pushing Governments, business, finances and ultimately all of humanity down the path that led us right here, we are supposed to just submit to their guardianship and let them “solve” all the problems they deliberately created.

What looks like the upcoming “cyber-pandemic” that the WEF’s Cyber Polygon is a preparation for, is the next step after the “COVID pandemic” that Event 201 was a preparation for. Just by random coincidence if you look at the logo for Event 201…

…it actually says “Event 21” with an orange globe stuck in the middle. The WEF produced a video in January 2021 talking about the imminent threat of a “cyber-attack with COVID-like characteristics”…

This is another effort to destabilise and ruin the last vestiges of independence from these megalomaniac wannabe rulers of the world that will allow their scheduled “global currency” and “digital revolution” to happen on time. If you are wondering how it can be said this is all scheduled, then here’s one more random coincidence for you. The international weekly newspaper The Economist back in January 1988 (33 years ago) featured this cover image:

Just some things to think about for the Coincidence Theorists out there.