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BBC – Chinese “incentives”

In today’s (3rd June 2021) BBC “live” newsfeed, they had an item about the Chinese vaccine progress and some “incentives” they are using to tackle those annoying citizens that need “encouragement”. Here is the link, but in case it disappears, here is a screenshot…

The claim here is that there is one isolated outbreak with “more than 100 people being treated for Covid-19”, along with the claim that “huge uptake of the vaccine means that patients have largely exhibited little or no symptoms”. So what are the “patients” being treated for, if they have little or no symptoms? What do you treat? Imagine the following conversation…

Doctor: Hello, how can I help?
Patient: I need some treatment please. I’ve been vaccinated against Disease X, and so although I’m immune I think I have it and require treatment.
Doctor: Erm, OK well normally when you’re vaccinated and subsequently immune to a disease, you don’t get the disease. That’s what immune means.
Patient: Yes I know, but in this very specific case regardless of all that, I think I have it and so I need treatment please.
Doctor: Well OK then, what are your symptoms?
Patient: Oh I don’t have any symptoms.
Doctor: You don’t have any symptoms?
Patient: No.
Doctor: *picks up phone* Can you bring a straight-jacket in please, and call security.

And then we come to the “encouragement” bit. The Chinese Government is producing music videos to help convince the reluctant citizens to take their injection. You know when a world-shattering pandemic that is mercilessly slaughtering millions is on the rampage when Governments are making songs and videos to get people to accept the “cure”.

And what about those lucky lucky people in Hong Kong? Free drinks and a free HK$10m apartment? Amazing.