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AstraZeneca Cures Death

Doing the rounds today the 11th October 2021 is the big news that AstraZeneca have solved a problem that has troubled humanity for quite some time, that being death.

Reported by pretty much every media outlet going, and in almost word for word breathless excitement is the “New antibody treatment that ‘both prevents and treats COVID-19′” announcement about a new drug called AZD7442 from the wonderful AstraZeneca.

A modern Journalist keyboard

An obvious example of syndicated news where a puff piece has been spoon-fed to diligent copy-pasters and regurgitated almost verbatim is bad enough and tells you much about what passes for “journalism” these days. The trouble is that a few of the drones performing more enthusiastic re-factorings of this Big Pharma promotional script got a bit carried away with how truly amazing it is, including our friends at the BBC.

According to Michelle Roberts, Health editor at BBC News online, the new therapy is so amazing that:

…a single dose cut the risk of severe Covid-19 or death from any cause by 50%, compared with a placebo.

BBC Live Report

Just in case that Live link becomes inaccessible, here is the report in all it’s glory…

This new “therapy” can cut the risk of “death from any cause” by 50% from “a single dose”. How truly exciting. Two doses then and that’s 100% of death gone. That’s science folks. Oh and great, award-winning journalism that is only possible with millions of pounds of public money stolen by the TV license scam and taxes in general.

This is obviously just patent nonsense, but sometimes you just have to laugh at the desperation on show.