We live in a corrupted system. The way to tackle corruption is to first acknowledge it exists. Only then is it possible to come up with ways of dealing with it, but don't make the mistake of believing the system can or will uncorrupt itself.

And on it goes…

Today, the 1st August 2021 the Daily Mail published an article titled “ALL over-50s will get Covid booster shots by autumn: People who got AstraZeneca ‘are set to be given a Pfizer jab’ in new vaccine drive because it is more effective against Indian variant”.

In the article it mentions that a typically nameless senior Government source said “those who received the AstraZeneca vaccine would ‘be getting an mRNA booster'”, because it seems like it is very important to get mRNA into as many people as possible.

There is mention of a “UK Government-backed study published earlier this year found that mixing and matching Covid vaccines may result in higher protection against the virus.”, because nothing says independent and legitimate science like a “UK Government-backed study”. No link to the study of course because who wants to read that?

It was presumably conducted by the regular Government collaborator Oxford University as it is mentioned that “the Oxford University researchers said the findings strongly suggested the approach could enhance immunity.”

In those last two quotes we see those all important weasel-words again. That the study found mixing and matching “may” result in higher protection, and the findings strongly suggested it “could” enhance immunity. This is not science, not evidence and certainly not proof of anything other than more dishonest and fraudulent pseudo-science at play, paid for by the taxpayers via Government “backing”.

Handily for the Government, the article highlights that the “booster roll-out will coincide with the annual influenza inoculation programme, which health officials said will be vital this winter amid warnings of a difficult flu season.” which sounds like a familiar story. Last year we heard repeated dire warnings of the upcoming “huge threat” of the “twindemic” which never happened.

The Chief Science Office for the UK Government, Sir Patrick Vallance recently authored an article published on the Government website titled “How the world should prepare for the next pandemic” which was published on the 2nd June 2021. In this article Vallance writes:

In preparation for the upcoming G7 summit, the prime minister asked me to bring together experts from industry, academia, governments and organisations like the WHO and the Wellcome Trust to look at how we might accelerate the discovery, development and deployment of vaccines, therapeutics and diagnostics. This partnership will recommend practical steps that the international community can take to make it possible to meet the 100-day ambition.


It is clear that the Government wants to just keep injecting people, and getting those people who survive to keep paying for it. The public is being bombarded by advertising on TV and radio claiming that you should get your “jab”, but also that you should act like you haven’t, i.e. keep social-distancing and wearing masks.

The BBC has an article from February 2021 titled “Can you still transmit Covid-19 after vaccination?” that starts off with the line “There’s no evidence that any of the current Covid-19 vaccines can completely stop people from being infected”, then a story about mumps, which is intended to set the stage for the apparently recent revelation that “most vaccines don’t fully protect against infection, even if they can block symptoms from appearing.” with a link to a study about Marek disease (MD) in chickens that is supposed to prove that even “leaky” vaccines can reduce virulence.

What is important to note from this study is where it states that “management of MD led to development of the first widely used anti-cancer vaccine, the related live turkey herpesvirus Meleagrid alphaherpesvirus 1, commonly referred to as herpesvirus of turkeys (HVT)” and how “vaccination of all commercial poultry has been routine since the 1970s” but that:

…there have been several jumps in MDV virulence each causing more severe symptoms and reducing the symptom-blocking effects of existing vaccines. Several generations of vaccines have been developed to combat this increased virulence, all of which are leaky and may in fact have contributed to continuing virulence evolution.


Naturally at no point does the obvious occur to the “scientists” that these “vaccines”, their development and usage contributing to and exacerbating the problems should indicate these experiments should be stopped, and the reason is because “scientists” like these make their living out of this kind of work, and a cessation of these “vaccines” and subsequent studies would mean they’d have to find another way of earning a living. That is compounded by the fact that the manufacturers of these “vaccines” will be making a fortune and so they are not going to be very receptive to the idea that the new industry they just created needs to end.

Just like it didn’t occur that the keeping of chickens in unhygienic commercial chicken farm environments was making them ill and a better, healthier way of keeping chickens should be sought. Nope. Just invent a “vaccine” that ends up making the situation even worse, but at least some people make some big bucks and some white-coated lab dwellers can earn a living studying the effects and picking the worst option to “fix” it, by not fixing it at all.

We are not going to see Governments or State-backed Science admit they got it wrong. Partly because the intentions were not to help in the first place, and partly because there’s too much money flying around that is invested in the “vaccine industry”. They want to get mRNA into everyone, the AstraZeneca was only there because it was cheaper and easier to produce in large enough numbers quickly enough to get as many people “jabbed” in 2021 to allow the debate over “vaccine passports” and “health passes” to exist. The claim is that over 38,000,000 people in the UK are now “double jabbed”, and so that allows them the chance to apply pressure to the smaller group of adults who have sensibly chosen to not participate in this world-scale experiment, over an alleged disease with a 99%+ survival rate.

The BBC does it’s part in the propaganda and fearmongering by finishing it’s article off with the line that tell us to “act as though we haven’t been vaccinated, even if we have.” but don’t question the point of getting “vaccinated” if we’re supposed to act like we haven’t because it it doesn’t even stop transmission. The line that gets parroted by every establishment mouthpiece is that by having your “jab” you are protecting yourself and others. This is obviously a blatant lie if all it does is allegedly reduce your symptoms which is entirely unprovable. If having the “jab” only reduces your symptoms, then you only have your own welfare to consider.

It is complete doublethink to believe that having an injection that “may” reduce your symptoms only, somehow protects others, especially if you also believe asymptomatic transmission is a thing. It isn’t a thing but it appears most people who believe enough State propaganda to have their symptom-reducing gene-therapy injections would also believe the notion of asymptomatic spread.

For as long as people are prepared to believe multiple entirely contradictory things, they are an easy mark for the Government and Big Pharma. Once you can convince people to hold two evidentially opposite views simultaneously you can convince them of anything, including the need for more lockdowns, masks forever and vaccine passports that will supposedly keep them safe despite not proving anything related to reduced transmission.